Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Car Related Issue

Melody has had another fender bender...this is her 4th. None of the accidents have been serious, she has scraped the car against a wall/barrier twice, had a taxi hit her just before we left for summer and now she's reversed into a taxi...ugh!

So now our car sounds like some souped up muscle car. I can live with it. I don't know that Liam realizes that fender bender has created any other issues other than a slightly cracked bumper. I think I'll just hold off on telling time.

I went in to give the final pitch on my professional development to my boss and I was just handed the procard and told to go ahead and book it. I left my boss with the program info just because it was already in my hand, but it's good to know that I can do something like this that is probably tangentially relevant to my job, but could really be helpful in other areas down the line. I start the program at the end of September! I've been doing lots of online courses and reading to try and prepare. I'm hoping this will go well and my hard work will pay off in something I can apply in various areas in and out of work.

The school runs are crazy, but I think I can swing some early mornings/later stays at work to ensure I get to drop off the girls at least a couple times a week. So far I'm not impressed by the communication at Z's school. It's only the first week, so I'll have to see how it goes. And to think I was so excited to get her in there. Now comes the parental doubt about whether or not I made the right choice!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beginning of a New School Year

So the Debt Bomb ended up just being a gentle smack in the face. The starter motor needed to be worked on and that was it. The mechanics kept saying how lucky we were. Oh trust me, we know!

Boo had her first day at new nursery for the school year. She had fun and the teacher asked me if she knew how to read. She's only 2.5, so I looked at her a little bit funny and said, "I don't think so..." They said she would pull out a book, sit down and read out loud to herself. So cute, I hope she flourishes while no longer under the shadow of her big sister.

Z starts "Big School" tomorrow. I'm freaking out a little bit and of course I didn't have her try on her uniform until today after work...yeah, so of course they didn't fit! A moment of panic, quick google search for the location and call to make sure they were open. 30 minutes later I was back home with much roomier exchanged uniforms.

Work is good, I think I'll be able to use my professional development funds to take a programming course. That will be awesome, fun and challenging. I've always wanted to learn and why not get paid to do it. I just feel like knowing at least the basics of programming will be immensely helpful in the future. My interests have always leaned toward the tech, so I'm sure that I'll find some applications in the future. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Long long time ago

It seems like I had a blog. I haven't been keeping up with much of anything as far as blogging goes. We've been in summer mode, enjoying the lightened traffic, incredibly stiflingly humid heat and freaking financial crotch kicks that just keep on coming.

We arrived back from vacation and it took about a week to get back to any semblance of normalcy. Then came summer camp for the girls.  A HUGE presentation for me with about 4 days notice and a lot of running around to get things ready for September. I still haven't even seen if Z's uniforms will fit for school, ballet or soccer...

Then we found out our nanny used the phone while we were away. Generally it's not a big deal, but it was to the tune of about $1000. So that's awesome. Boo is switching daycare's to be closer to Z's school, there goes our $450 deposit on old nursery, coupled with first terms nursery tuition and registration fees and Liam's new master program tuition. Ok, so at that point we're like ok this sucks, but we'll be ok. Eating from the pantry and not eating out for lunch, which is what we've been doing for all of August.

Then comes the, what could be a huge debt bomb described below, which means that I'll be making minimum loan payments this month, which was a bummer. I'm not sure with interest if I'll finally bring my law school loans under six figures this month, which was a milestone I've been looking forward for a while. It's definitely not the end of the world, it just means I'll be pushing out those 2nd job apps even more.

Now to the debt bomb. On our way to a friend's BBQ today the car starts making a strange sound. Hmmm that's weird, well we're one light/5 min from our friend's house,  we'll check it out when we get there...then the car shuts off. I mean it's hot here. I'm talking 115F, super sunny and humid. The car won't turn on, it's getting hotter by the minute, we call our friend's house and they send someone to pick us up. Meanwhile I'm standing on the side of the road with the girls, people are being super nice though. Someone even had chilled water that they handed to me and the girls.

It was probably only 15 minutes, but it was HOT! And at noon the girls were trying to stand in my nonexistent shadow. Our friends showed, pushed the car through the light and off to the side of the road. We had a great time at the BBQ and took a taxi back. Now we're off to dinner at another friend's house. I'm so glad we didn't plan anything for tomorrow. I'm just going to lay down and veg.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things are pretty boring

I've been gone for over a month and it's all the same old stuff. It's Ramadan, which means most places are closed during the day, the roads are deserted (Yes!), the girls are in summer camp and there's a shortened work day. All in all, Ramadan is pretty cool from a non-observing standpoint. Liam gets out of work earlier, which means he's taking the girls to the pool pretty much every afternoon.

Liam got this HUGE certification that he's been studying for forever, which is such a relief. He's now looking at possibly starting a masters program. Also, in August he'll start networking and seeing what other opportunities might be out there. I'm so excited for him because he's awesome and really deserves to be appreciated for all of the hard work he does!

We leave for our US trip pretty soon and I'm so looking forward to it. We have so many thing to do/see/eat while we are there. I've put myself on a pretty good budget, which is made easier by the fact that I bought pretty much a years worth of clothes for me and the girls when I was back on my business trip. I do need to buy bathing suits for everyone and Liam needs work shirts. Other than that, we'll probably stock up on more kids gifts for parties in the new school year and craft stuff we can't get over here.

The girls are so excited about getting on a plane. They have their backpacks. Are already picking out their snacks and I'm getting my lists and itinerary together. I'm trying to decide if I should laminate the itinerary :) We're packing light going out, so that we can load up coming in. It's a whole lot cheaper to pay for excess baggage than ship things over here. Hooray for work reimbursements.!

Still doing that second job hunt, which has so far been pretty blah. I haven't really been going balls to the wall the past month or so. I think I'm going to leave it until after our trip and pick things back up in August. I will be meeting with someone that I was connected with through a friend, while I'm Stateside, but that's about it.

I also randomly met someone who went to my alma mater who works in compliance at a company nearby. I happened to be wearing my alma mater tshirt at Z's soccer end of year party and she came up to me. So we're going to get together in August. I think that will be a fun conversation, she seems nice. I doubt there will be tons to talk about anytime soon, unless a 2nd job pans out.

Life =

  • wake up, get everyone ready for school/work
  • drive to work
  • work
  • pick up the girls/drive home
  • 1 hour playtime with the girls
  • dinner
  • 1 hour playtime/dance party/puzzle time with the girls when Liam gets home
  • bed
  • Rinse repeat
Enjoying the little moments, trying to piece together long term plans, window house hunting. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Concert trip and I hate my voice!

We're heading out to a concert tomorrow. I'm super excited and I can tell I'm getting older because I'm lamenting the fact that they don't have seats. General Admission, ugh. I have a feeling we're going to have a great time, get some good food and drinks and then head back home to the kiddos.

At work I'm doing screencast tutorials and I have come to hate my voice. You don't realize how hard it is to speak until we're being recorded and using text to speech for closed captioning! I had one 15 second clip take me 5 tries to actually get it right. And I usually have a 30 minute window to record in the mornings before everyone shows up at work and starts making noise. I could record at home, but then I would have to remote into my desktop and that never works properly.

3 more job interviews this week. I created an online resume and it seems to have gotten some attention. I just randomly applied to these companies that didn't even have positions posted and got a response within 24 hours. I was seriously surprised. Two went really well, one was for a super technical company and I'm surprised I even got a call back. That call was only about 7 minutes long...I feel like the queen of remote work searching.

Z is learning about being a good big sister and can't wait to start big kid school in September. Boo is all about asking everyone if they like whatever they are doing, "You like it mommy/daddy/Z?" I also may have made a mistake in telling them about our trip in July.  But it's so fun talking to them about all of the fun things we will be doing, beach, zoos, parks, shows, etc. I can't wait to see them with their little Zoo Backpacks in the airport. They will be so freaking cute! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jet Lag and Playing Catch Up

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I spent mine trying not to pass out on the couch with the girls. Liam has a big exam coming up this weekend, so things have been crazy. We will celebrate next weekend with Justin Timberlake!

My conference course was awesome and taught me just enough to know that I know nothing! It was amazing to see how the pros do it and daunting as well. Next year, I'll try and bring the family along because being away from the girls for 10 days sucked. It was nice being Stateside. I went crazy with Amazon shopping and my 3 bags were filled to the brim. Z and Boo now have clothes and shoes to last her at least the next 18 months. I loved walking around the city and am almost convinced that if we both sell kidneys we could actually afford a downpayment on a house in one of the not so nice areas of town, just for a chance at city living. I've never loved walking and public transportation more. I also had my first food truck food, yay lobster roll!

Summer heat is here, which means car cookies and burning myself on seat belts are a thing now. I'm starting some serious networking on the 2nd job front and really trying to make something happen by the end of the year. Whether it's consulting/freelance or a full time second job, I will make it happen and all of this will help with my loan goals. Don't think end of next year will happen, but shooting for June 2016. I'm 27% there, I will kill them. I will destroy them, make them cry and never come back ever ever again.

We're excited for summer vacation. My family is gearing up, scheduling vacation days and getting ready for us to leave them in our dust if they aren't up and ready to go when we are. So far, zoos, children's museums, beach visits and parks are all on our itinerary. Thinking of the walking alone is making me giddy. It's going to be tiring and a little crazy, but pretty much everyone in my office will be gone for about 3 weeks when I get back, so I'll be able to take it easy. So looking forward to it. Only 8 weeks to go!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh Balls

I didn't get the job. :( Super sad and even a little pissed, particularly after 5 interviews! Definitely a there goes my super duper pay off everything schedule. Now back to work doing things I should have been doing in the past, which was looking for other remote opportunities and networking anyway I can.  I've already had a few skype chats with people at different companies through friends.

Job Numero Uno is still going well. I had a stellar performance review, part of it was based on handling contracts, which isn't as scary as everyone thinks it is. I just forward them to the General Counsel from the departments at my job and then send them back to the departments after the review. But for some reason, contract instills fear in the heart of everyone!

I'm heading out for a work trip next week for 10 days (course and conference). I'm going to miss the girls, but I'm super excited about the flight, the course, the speakers at the conference and heading to all of my favorite eateries! But I can feel that missing the girls is really going to hit me hard while I'm away. My family is going to come down for an evening visit/drop off all of the stuff I've bought on Amazon. I get 3 bags and trust me, they are all going to be seriously freaking full!!!

We're also planning our east coast journey when we are back Stateside. Zoos, children's museums, beaches, and heading out for walks whenever we want are the name of the game. The girls are super pumped about the trip and really love flying. This year Boo is old enough to use a Zoo Backpack with her own treats in it. She will also be able to have a set of headphones for the AV system or iPad. We generally stuff their backpacks with crayons, stickers, blanket, snacks, the headphones and a change of clothes. It helps keep things organized and gives the girls their little bit of packing fun. They even know how to take off their shoes at the airport and put them in the trays. It's so cute! It's going to be a great trip!!