Saturday, May 23, 2009

Close Encounters

I'm sitting here watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I have seen it many times before, but for some reason this time it just didn't seem to make sense. Why the hell didn't the aliens just drop the people off in the middle of nowhere? Why not in Time Square? Why did they have to play their little game of repeat after me? I love movies, I mean love them. A great weekend for me and Li is going to see whatever is the new movie opening that weekend at 10am. The only thing I have ever said that I would get in my house were I to for some reason be on Cribs would be a movie theater. Not just a huge screen and a couch, I want to true movie theater experience. Nicer chairs, but I want a cup holder, little concession stand...weird I know. There really is something about listening and watching a movie in the dark, with your soda, candy (goobers for me!) with a rocking sound system.

But back to the whole movie thing and Close Encounters, why in any movie do they let people do things everyone knows they shouldn't. Is it that fact that they think, put in those kinds of situations people wouldn't be able to think straight? Or can they just not imagine better alternatives to people running upstairs away from the bad guy, investigate that creepy noise, or not beating the crap out of someone with anything you can get your hands on in a life or death fight.

And the whole damsel in distress thing is so over done. Has anyone who's reading ever seen Red Eye? In general I think it's an ok movie, but the one thing I love in the end is when she gets her field hockey stick and decides she's going to beat the hell out of him. Since I've never been in a psycho killer fight kind of situation I can't tell what I would actually do, but I think if I had a knife, lamp, champagne bottle in my grasp and they weren't armed with a gun, we would definitely have to rumble. On that note, I have to check movie times and see if Terminator: Salvation is playing today.

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