Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First post of soon to be many...hopefully

So I'm beginning this whole blog thing again. I started one when I moved out to the Gulf. It lasted for about 6 months. I really want to keep up with the blog to help all of those friends and family keep up with my life when so much will be going on. I also want to chronicle my time in law school and look back on it one day, perhaps with fondness for those crazy times of all-nighters and way too much caffeine.

This summer I have begun two big endeavors, 1) reading as much as I can about law school (this has included weeks of blog reading, forum snooping and just general googling about what to expect) and 2) learning French, well starting it back up again. I take it four hours a week. This time is well spent because that fact that I'm technically working doesn't mean much work it actually getting done. The fact that my current place of work has an attendance rate of about 10% I would say the fact that I actually show, which makes me feel less guilty.

I have decided that I will set a few goals for myself as I begin on this journey:

1) Learn as much as I can during my time at school. This will probably be my last time undertaking this kind of intellectual undertaking. I'm finally ready to enjoy it (I hope).

2) Not lose sight of the big picture. I have an amazing husband. I am leaving him behind to better our future. Every time I think about slacking off I need to realize why we are choosing to live the next 3 years of our lives apart. I want to become a lawyer and he wants to support my dream.

3) Do what works for me. I will be positive about my study habits, take on people suggestions and evaluate, but not get caught up in the game. I have made it this far,
I have got to have some smarts.

4) Reconnect with old friends and make some new friends Stateside.

Everyone I have told about coming to law school has been really supportive. They have also been impressed that after deferring all these years I'm finally doing it. I just wanted to make sure that I wanted to be back in the classroom. Beginning after I graduated from undergrad didn't give me enough perspective. I was really burnt out and couldn't imagine beginning it all over again and 100x worse in 3 months. So I took a year off and that year turned into two. Boy, am I glad I took that time off. Not only did it give me a well needed academic rest after 16 years of non-stop schooling, but I met my husband. I couldn't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't met him. Liam and I have been married for a little over a month at this point. We will be together for a little over 4 months when I begin school and we begin the countdown until we see each other again over Thanksgiving break. We both know it will be hard and have been preparing for it since we started dating. As long as skype doesn't crash and every other form of tele-communications remains intact, we'll be more than ok. If it doesn't than I would say we'll all have a lot more to worry about!

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog and am clearly starting to read from the start! I am glad I found this post, because burnt out is what I am feeling and thinking of taking some time off... Can't wait to read more!