Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The future of TV

I'll just start out by say I probably watched 5 hours of TV a day as a kid. I would watch about 2 hours before leaving for school and then at least 3 after school. I wasn't a slacker, I made honor roll, student of the month all of that stuff, but I absolutely LOVED (and still do) TV. My routine was pretty consistent and I feel that I am actually better adjusted because of it. In HS I did track & field, and participated in just about every club in my high school. Check my yearbook, if you don't believe me, but there are very few shows that people remember that I don't. I even remember shows that were canceled before I was born. But nothing really gets people to bond and laugh like discussing your favorite tv shows from your childhood, Welcome Back Kotter, Boy Meets World, The Cosby Show, Step by Step, Jem and the Holograms, etc.

My plan if I haven't already mentioned it is to return to living abroad after graduating. One of the things I think about as being a struggle is that my children will be disconnected from their American and Irish counterparts in not really knowing how to engage people in the memories of their childhood as far as TV. Maybe I'm just making such a big deal about it because it was such a big deal to me. They won't have the same experiences of coming home and watching a certain cartoon, maybe on DVD, maybe via Slingbox, but now in the same ways I guess everyone can share a lot of the same childhood experiences when it comes to mass consumption culture. I guess technology will make it easier to bridge those gaps and create those connections.

Onto the whole law school thing. Not much has changed, I'm on a waitlist for an apartment near school. I'm still looking for a job and I'm enjoying my time in the heat with the hubby before I'm back in the States. We only have 1 free weekend in the next month and a half. We're using that to drive to Dubai to go to Ikea. Yay IKEA. I'm really looking forward to a Borgunoman coffee table!

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