Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I never had idea how much went into blogging

Not that it's been a strain on me, but I am amazed how much work people put into their blogs. Sometimes it makes them unreadable, just from the irritating, graphics or color choices and sometimes it makes you feel like you have been friends with people for years. Maybe the fact that I have found a lot of these blogs years after they have begun has helped. Instead of waiting it out over their lack of posts or other empty spells, I am able to read 3 years worth of posts at once and get a feel for their life over a long period of time. Or maybe that's just me talking out of my ass!

My legal preparation so far, other than reading blogs: I ordered E&E online for all of my 1L classes. I thought it was a good idea, because most of them were under $15, I wouldn't have to remember to do it later and I have money now. I won't later, so might as well spend it while you have it. I read Law School Confidential. I thought it seemed like an ok survey of first year and there were some things that I will definitely do. I have held off on reading OneL because of all the horrifying things I have heard. Perhaps I will read it after I am finished and laugh at all the things that were completely blown out of proportion.

One of the reasons I'll be happy to head to law school is it will probably be one of the last times I'm living in the US full time. My husband and I have really come to enjoy the expat life and plan to try to make one for ourselves outside of our respective countries, he's Irish. I'm not exactly sure how I'll be able to pull off beginning my legal career outside of the US, but I'm pretty determined. So back to the whole living in the US again...things I can't wait to get back to:

• Being able to see my family semi-regularly (and at this point it just means more than twice a year)

• Going to the movies without 13 cell phones going off and people not leaving the theater to have a full blown conversation (I know this one depends on what theater, but I am not against saying something to someone in a theater, it’s a bit trickier when you don’t speak the same language)

• Walking into a grocery store and KNOWING they will have milk, eggs, meat and my personal favorite (Cinnamon PopTarts!!!)

• Walking in general. Being in the middle of the desert isn’t necessarily hospitable to walking around, but the fact that there are no sidewalks and people practically gunning for those found walking on the streets tends to keep most people confined to their cars

• Going out to dinner at a normal restaurant and having a drink. I’m not talking about getting blitzed over a burger, just a nice glass of wine or bottle of beer with your meal. Unless you’re eating at one of the large and very expensive hotels, liquor is only sold to the individual

• Chicken Pomadori sandwich and cheddar broccoli soup at Corner Bakery!!!! I could have put this first, but I don’t think my family would have appreciated it :P

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