Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terminator Salvation and my movie viewing experience so far this summer

My ratings for the movies I have seen so far this summer (not actually the summer, but beginning of the "blockbuster" season):

1. Star Trek
2. Terminator: Salvation
3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Star Trek

I have watched Star Trek over the years. I am generally a Next Generation girl, but I liked Deep Space Nine, Voyager and even Enterprise. The one that I couldn't stand was the original series. maybe it was just too far ahead of my time, maybe this will revoke my sci-fi street cred, but I really can't stand Shatner in it. His delivery is too much and he makes me want to yak, but now back to the good stuff. Of the three blockbusters I've seen so far it was the best! Chris Pine played a man on a mission with just enough arrogance that someone might possess when they know they are right. Sylar aka Zachary Quinto plays conflicted so well. We have seen this conflict in Heroes and now Trek, my only question is whether or not he's going to be able to transition to rom-coms or any other non-semi-psycho character.

It was an amazing reimagining that departed from the original in a way that doesn't seen sacrilegious or unwelcome. It's just setting the stage for a rocking good time of films that I hope J.J. Abrams has a role in. And don't screw up the third films as many series seem to do. Keep it simple, don't get too crazy and try to introduce too much and it should be a great ride. This film also starred a fav from my next favorite film, Anton Yelchin.

Terminator: Salvation

I have always been a Terminator fan. I visited Universal Studios when I was about 12 or so. We went on the Terminator Experience, where you're sitting in a theater for a live action film type thing and actors begin running around all over the place. I bought a T2 necklace that was a metal pendant with Arnold's face as a half metal, half skin. I wore it every single day. That is until I graduated to RENT dogtags at 14. This shows you the level of my Terminator and sci-fi love. I just wanted to establish my love for the genre before I put in any criticism.

I liked the film. I really liked it. I hope that now they have laid the groundwork there will only be more character development, broader plot and more information about where the resistance is when Kyle Reese is sent back in time. That said, Kyle Reese was a well played character. He was cute and sweet, idealistic as only a teen can be in a time of great death and despair. He seems like he will be a good foil for Connor's hardened character. I'm interested to see how this relationship will play out in future films.

The Terminators that they introduced were also amazing. The one that attacks at the gas station was really disturbing. The noises it emitted were so scary, fun, and all together rockin'. I also liked the look of the T-600s where you could see that they (Skynet) wanted to make a humanoid model. They just slapped some "skin" and clothes on them and didn't realize how much all of the gears and motors would shred through all that they made. Not yet streamlined, but still killing machines. No infiltrators, but certainly effective. I'm excited for more to be introduced, so I'll know how to kill them once they all become self aware and I'm munching on coyotes with the hubby.

and finally,

1. Too many characters that didn't get their proper due.
2. Too much of a love story. He's Wolverine, I want blood, I want fights, I want some seriously bad ass bad assness, not your whining!

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