Saturday, June 6, 2009

Apartment Hunting

Looking for an apartment in the city. I have finally settled on a place. It's not the best neighborhood in the world, but it's not too far from school. Only about a 10 minute walk. I was looking at a place that was a 5 minute walk, it ended up being about $300 more a month. If I have a take a cab home every night, I will do it and I will be fine. I'm generally good with walking and being aware of my surrounding and not drawing attention to myself. I don't even know how bad of a neighborhood it actually is, I'm just going on broad generalizations. So, I'll fill out all the paperwork and get my apartment set up. One great thing it, my current rent will be a little more than $100 less than I had budgeted on spending. This means $100 more to spend on food, fun and me in general. Not too shabby.

I just really hope that the neighborhood it ok. I'm not so worried about myself, well I am, but it's more Liam. He's very protective and wouldn't want me to live in a place that he felt was unsafe. There is also the whole me possibly being preggers. Would you want your pregnant wife walking through a bad neighborhood while carrying your child? Probably not. 10 minutes isn't much and I mean really how can you go from good to terrible in only 10 minutes. It's close to public transportation and it will save us a shitload over the next year. Here's to hoping!

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