Friday, June 19, 2009


I know it's nowhere near that time, well maybe for Christmas in July. I was listening to a tv commercial that was playing the fiasco Christmas song from the Family Stone. You know you know that one. Anyway...I just got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I really do love Christmas. I love going to malls and walking around, I don't tend to buy too much. I love baking cookies and Christmas cupcakes. I love all the decorations, wearing hats, gloves and pretty coats. Being around my family and waking up on Christmas Day, I usually wake up before any of the little kids. A Christmas Story for 24 hours, what's not to love.

This year will be the first time I have that awkward meshing the families thing happening. My hubby will be joining me in NJ for Christmas this year. Everyone's houses are super full, so we'll be staying in a hotel, which won't exactly bring in those super comfy family feelings, but it will be nice to be with him, so no complaints on that end. We'll just have to get up super early and go on over to my mom's house a la the old Folger's commercials. Oh woolly scarfs, how I have missed you!

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