Saturday, June 13, 2009


I worked in a bakery the summer between sophomore and junior year in HS. It was a good job, the baked goods were a definite perk. The one thing that I loved the most about the bakery was their cupcakes. They were amazing. Just the right kind of icing, fluffy cake, but not too airy. They were prefect. That bakery called Danser's has since closed down. My family got all of our birthday cakes from there for over 30 years. Having an extended family as large as mine it was about 2 cakes a month.

To show you how hung up by this I am, it was about 5 years ago and I'm still talking about this. That being said, ever since it's closing I have been looking for the perfect cupcake. Since I'll be be moving to the city, I thought I would check out their cupcake options. I have visited a local cupcakery. I thought they were good. A bit sugary for me, but good. At $2.75 per I doubt I'll be having many. Danser's beautiful creations only put me back $.75 or if I splurged for a Cookie Monster cupcake that came with a cookie.

Hmmm, talking about cupcakes makes me want to bake some. Unfortunately, our stove is broken and everything we put in it just burns. I have long been away from baking, which I do love. Once I'm back in the US, I'll be able to do it to keep myself sane while studying. Hopefully...

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