Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remember when....

I was always complaining about not hearing anything from my school, well they are finally listening. I got my class schedule and my email log in information. Since I'm in the evening program I knew what times in general I would be having classes, but it's nice to know exactly what days I'll be doing what. I can also plan for travel now that I know what Fridays I'll be working and which ones I'll have free. In addition, I finally have my law email address, so I can see if there is anything important coming that way. There hasn't been anything in my email account so far, but there will be.

It's exciting to finally feel like everything is beginning. E&E Torts is still fun and my HTJ says that the thought process needed for his class so far is totally my thought process. Talk about a booster. Trying to get everything in order. Finally sent in my immunization information, after going all the way to Dublin for the TB test. I am mailing, faxing and emailing copies of the form to that freaking office. No one is going to keep me from registering, gosh dern it! :P

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