Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trying to find a job

There isn't really much more I can say about that than that. I'm trying to find a job. So far I have applied to 11. I only got one email back from that person and she seemed really confused about the fact that I am currently living outside of the country, but I will be returning in August. It seems she thought I was just applying to jobs for the fun of it and didn't really intend to actually take the job. Although my situation is very clearly spelled out in my coverletter. So much for those getting read...

On another note, it seems that Liam and I will be doing a bit more traveling than we intended this summer. His mother has brain and lung cancer. After about 6 months of chemo she has taken a little bit of a downward turn. Since that is the case we both intend to fly to Dublin in the next couple of weeks and visit. If we didn't go now it would be more than 6 months before we would go back again. It will also be a chance for us to visit with his sister, who lives in Australia, but will be in Dublin for a few weeks. So that's a bummer, but we'll be strong for each other and wish for the best.

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