Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interview #2

Interview #2 went pretty well. I think it went better than Interview #1, it helped that I was only talking to one person in this interview. Interview #2 seemed to convey that while my responsibilities would probably be the same at Job 1, I wouldn't have the same intense amount of work all the time. They put it at about 70% chill and 30% hectic. I can deal with that. T

Job 2 also seems a bit more willing to allow me to work my own schedule as long as stuff gets done. Things will be crazy before big conferences, but that's to be expected. I think I would like both jobs, maybe Job 2 a little more, just because it appears to be a bit more relaxed, but I think both would be a good fit. Only time will tell...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things are finally falling into place

It seems like all that worrying was for naught. Things are actually beginning to work out

  1. Apartment: signed the lease last week. All I have to do is call, set up my utilities and I'll be good to go! Oh and I need furniture.
  2. Job: I had an interview while I was on vacation and I'll have another tomorrow. I think both places are interested in me and I'm interested in working in both departments.
  3. Summer employment: I was just informed that I have a position with a firm next summer!!! Woot, woot, I'm so glad. I contacted them to ask about applying for next summer and they let me know that if I applied in the Spring they would most likely be able to accommodate me, no prob. Not sure if it pays, but it will be work in a law firm.
  4. Calming the F down: This vacation has been for calming my nerves and anxiety about starting school. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not as OCD as before.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Job Interview

Ok, so I had a job interview while on vacation. And people said I was crazy to bring my computer along on vacation. I got an email about a job; they were interested in me. I emailed back, explained my situation about not being in the country and all. Phone interview...seemed to go well. Not really that awkward for me, who knows for them. Maybe they were just willing my to STFU for most of it, but they seemed happy with my answers. They proceeded to tell me that it was essentially mindless admin work and asked if I minded that. Well no, if you're paying me I'll staple until the cows come home. And then about the pay, did I see the pay, did I realize how low it was. Yes, I saw that pay and I realize that broken down by hour, I would be making essentially $1.50 more than I did as a work study during undergrad. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the tuition savings of $40k my first year. I'll also get free healthcare and keep my 401k and all my other benefits. It helps that I have saved a years worth of rent and Hubby will be subsidising my food/books/all that.

Now it's just waiting to hear back and find out if I'm going to be packing my bags the minute I land back home to fly to the US or if I'll be able to stick with my plan of leaving in 4 weeks. I hope I get at least 3 weeks. Tickets are probably going to be hard to come by and I want Hubby to be able to fly over with me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'll post pictures later. We flew into Rome on Friday and went to the Vatican. I was surprised by how not boring it was. I just remember my first trip to the Louvre when I was 12 and how I did not appreciate it at all. Not the story with the Vatican. Our tour guide was great, she was from Indiana. has been living in Italy for 3 years and giving tours for 2. It was fascinating, all of the statues, paintings, bathtubs. It was 4 hours of great fun and incredible heat. We almost didn't even make it on the tour. We have about 2 min until the tour is supposed to leave and we find out we're on the complete opposite side of the Vatican. Hubby and I hoof it and end up getting there just as they are about to set off.

So 4 hours later, we are soaked with sweat, a little delirious, from little or no sleep, grab a quick bite to eat and we're back in the hotel to crash. We left for Pisa at 10AM yesterday. Saw the leaning tower, it leans, saw everyone doing that pose, Hubby made me do it, so now we have that picture that everyone else who has been to Pisa has.

Now we are in Barga. A small town in Tuscany, the most Scottish town in Italy I have been told. It's been really nice so far, we have a great room, have been drinking good wine and are now just trying to get more good food.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Ansty

I always get this way when something big is about to happen and I don't know every bit of information I could possibly know. I want law school to begin. I want to know how hard it will be, i want to know how much I will be studying, I want to know what my outline will look like. There are so many things I want to know. I can only image what will happen to me once I'm pregnant! I'm going to want to know what my kids looks like during month 1.

I'll just have to apply a bit of patience. I really do need to work on that. One a more sour note, tuition is due!!! It would be big and scary if I were actually paying for it, which I'm not. At least my first semester is paid for using benefits from my job. My second semester all depends on whether or not I find a job back on campus. I might have a lead, a friend of mine who thinks he has found me a position. I'm really really hoping he has because at this point after for applying to over 15 jobs I was beginning to lose hope. Hopefully at least one of the jobs will come through and I'll be good to go. If not, I'll be participating in a lot of the activities that are going on during the day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

BBQ: Recap

We had an amazing BBQ. It went so well. Everyone had a great time, some people played on the Wii and everyone was very pleased with the food. The potato salad, which I only got the last scraping spoonful of was the biggest hit of the night. Hubby thought all you needed was mayo, chives and potatoes. Then we started throwing in other stuff, like chopped eggs, onions, and mustard powder. I think that's what did it. I didn't even get to taste it while we were making it there was so much to do. Our last guests left at 4am. We then stayed in bed until 1pm on Friday. It was a good time and it only took us about an hour to clean the house after. The major undertaking was washing the dishes and mopping the floor. We don't get to do it often, but when we do we do it up right! Perhaps a more in depth assessment once I'm completely recovered.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Having a BBQ

Today we're having a BBQ. It's partly for Hubby's birthday, partly a post-4th of July. We're really not sure who is going to show up, so we're prepping for 25 knowing that only 10 might show. It's so hot out the majority of the fun is going to be in the house with the grilling outside.

We've got the Wii, Taboo, decks of cards and Catch Phrase. Almost all of the IKEA furniture has been assembled. Just the TV stand and microwave stand need to be put together. It should only take about 20 min or so, so we'll leave that until this evening. Our menu for tonight is:
  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Chicken wings (made 3 different ways)
  • Shrimp
  • Baked Beans (Bush's Vegetarian we bought every can in the country, literally 20 at a time)
  • Corn
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Regular Salad
  • Cake
It's going to be a good time. I think that should feed everyone. In case we have a lot more food than people, we have doggy bags. It's very seldom that people come over to our house on the weekend. Pretty much all of our mutual friends live in one compound. So having everyone come over here with their kids and such just doesn't really make sense. This might also be the reason that we don't keep our house as tidy as everyone elses. We just seem to have more stuff than everyone else. I have no idea why we have so much stuff. We'll see how it goes and I think it will go well. I'll leave work early to help out with the rest of the arrangements.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Decided!

I'm moving into the place I first reserved. It's only $40 more than it would have been to move into the other place. I feel so much better now. It's a weight off my shoulders, I was getting really, really nervous about the neighborhood. Now I have a great place in a better location. 3 blocks to great bars, restaurants and movie theater.

Something I have vowed to do is go to the movies once a week. I love the movies and it's a great escape for me. I have my movie schedule pretty much together and I'm very excited to be able to sit in a theater where people actually appreciate the movies and don't have full blown conversations on their phone. At least in the US you can get a manger and they can actually do something about it and not just get yelled at by other patrons.

So to recap, pretty much have new apartment in better location for an extra $480 for the entire year, I don't have to put down a security deposit or the $600 amenities fee! I have also clicked with another incoming 1L who I have been chatting with via message boards and now facebook. She seems really cool and hopefully it will help me branch out my of section, since she's in another one. It's a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I'm trying to decide if I want to lose $700 in order to change apartment buildings. One is about 5 blocks from school, in a little bit of a shady part of town and I'll be walking there at 10pm at night. The other is 2 blocks from campus going in the other direction, in a nicer part of town and will cost $100 more per month. I applied there earlier this year, but they were too expensive. Now they are running a special for 2 months off, which would bring them to within $100 bucks of my previous place. I'm really torn.

The place I have already deposited at would also require a security deposit which the other doesn't. That's $1700 I would save in the short/long run. I really like the place that's more expensive, that was my first place to look at. I keep getting a bad feeling about the new place, like me getting mugged while walking to school. I think I might change just for my own sanity, so I stop worrying about being in classes late and worried about walking home. I'm also afraid that once I get there and actually see the neighborhood I'll think it's no big deal. Decisions, decisions!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More pictures of the car

So this is what the car looked like for our 9 hours driving back. See how I couldn't even put the seat all the way up. Nothing broke and we didn't lose anything. Quite an accomplishment.

P.S. HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!

Driving Through Saudi Arabia

Technically I didn't actually drive through, I was the passenger, due to that whole women not being allow to drive there. So I threw a scarf over my head, making myself look completely ridiculous, but it was necessary to enter the country. And why in the world would we go through such a hassle that included driving through Saudi, GOING TO IKEA!!!! Oh it was so exciting. There is a great big ole IKEA in Dubai, there is also one in Abu Dhabi, but they pretty much just get everything from Dubai anyway.

This was our plan: 12 hours of driving roundtrip, 3 hours of shopping, 1 day.

What it turned into: 17 hours of driving. We left the house at 2:15am yesterday, we arrived at 12:05 this morning. Only 5 minutes off of completing our trip in the same day. Hubby did most of the driving. I decided to drive on the way back while trying to find the single road that links about 3 countries in the region. Hubby thought we were on it. We were not. On the way in, after border controls (many annoying ones), it was a straight shot. I told him to get on that road again on the way back out. He thought we were on it. Turns out we weren't. There I am driving into what seemed like rush hour traffic in Adu Dhabi in his huge car that I never drive! Talk about tense. He called a friend from there and we were talked out, after he took control of driving. So I only drove for about 2 hours, 1 hour of which was in the wrong direction, but it WASN'T MY FAULT. Let's just say it was one of those moments where neither one of you says anything because if you do, someone might end up missing a limb. We stayed quiet and in a few min it was back to the radio and laughing at how stupid we were to try and do this in one day. After that we both decided that the only thing worse than doing it all in one shot would have been splitting it in two. It was better when we were delirious.

Onto IKEA:

We arrived in IKEA at 9:45 our time. Hubby slept in the car for about 2 hours before we ventured out. Mainly it was to find me a bathroom, I was bursting. We went and had dinner at Au Bon Pain and their Cheddar Broccoli soup was amazing! Generally over here, it says one thing and tastes like a completely different thing, not just the soup, but all chain store food. It's like they cooked it by just reading a translation of the menu description. Anyway good food, so we begin our IKEAing. And we're delirious. I mean like, doubled over, tears pouring out of our faces giddy. I'm sure people thought we were drunk. Every time we passed a nice big sofa or bed, all we wanted to do is sleep. We just wanted to lay down and have a good 5 hours and then begin again. That didn't happen and hopefully we didn't buy anything too hideous. Pushing around those carts is fun when we can't see straight. It's just a warning for families to not let grandma wander in the middle of all of the aisles when she has no business being there in the first place The putting together process of some of the stuff begins today. We're working on separate pieces unless the other asks for help. We know how to keep ourselves sane.

K.S.A. (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

You could tell even before getting to the border control that you were in Saudi. It looks like sh*t. There was garbage all over the roads. No lights on the roads and just a general feeling of disarray. One great thing about Saudi was I didn't have to get out of the car at border control. We did however have to drive to about 5 different locations to do something one person could have done at one. We had to get a paper, then have someone stamp that paper, then have someone else take that paper and give us another paper that we drove to another booth where he stamped our paper and then a final person to take our paper. Yeah, annoying I know, but it only took about 20 min and I didn't have to leave Hubby, so it's cool. Driving through Saudi felt very Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but they do get fog there. Like real live fog!!! The road was long, straight and really boring, but boring is good in Saudi.
Ok, so border control #2 same scenario as before, but only 5 steps, then progress to U.A.E border. They take the paper we got from Saudi and then we had to get out of the car, go into a building fill out a car and get our irises scanned. Back in the car, paper in hand, which we hand off to another booth and he tells us we need to buy insurance to drive in the U.A.E. There are 3 rickety looking stands and they are clamoring for hubby's attention to buy some insurance, $30 later, we're on our way to another booth, where they can now stamp our paper. Yay, stamps!!!

Then the real driving began. 6 hours in the U.A.E. You know what happens after than IKEA.

This is what the car looked like. Not too much on the top, but I couldn't put the seat up, it was continually in the reclined position because of the huge boxes we had shoved in between the two seats. One good thing was Hubby couldn't see whether or not I was sleeping, so it wasn't as guilt inducing. We came in at the budget I set and the car was packed to the brim. About 100 zip ties kept the packages on the roof and I'm not exaggerating, Hubby did a great job! It might have been 80 zipties, but it was certainly a crap load. Today, we begin putting everything together. I'll put up pictures of the process!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I finally got my class schedule! It's so exciting. I mean I knew I was going to be in class for 2-4 hours every night, but I wasn't sure which nights it would be 2 and which nights it would be 4. So now I know. I also have every other Friday off, which will make for great times to travel to see Liam for a long weekend. What rocks is the fact that I now have 3 or so more hours to study on Fridays before I can actually take the night off. I am quite meticulous about schedules and such, if you couldn't already tell.

Fun thing I'm going to do once I get to school is have my books unbound and rebound with spiral binding. Al la this:

I think this is a great idea. I won't have to worry about keeping the books open and I can just do this with a 3rd of the books at a time, making them much more manageable. It's all getting so exciting! Class schedules, book binding, oh me oh my so much going on.