Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I'm trying to decide if I want to lose $700 in order to change apartment buildings. One is about 5 blocks from school, in a little bit of a shady part of town and I'll be walking there at 10pm at night. The other is 2 blocks from campus going in the other direction, in a nicer part of town and will cost $100 more per month. I applied there earlier this year, but they were too expensive. Now they are running a special for 2 months off, which would bring them to within $100 bucks of my previous place. I'm really torn.

The place I have already deposited at would also require a security deposit which the other doesn't. That's $1700 I would save in the short/long run. I really like the place that's more expensive, that was my first place to look at. I keep getting a bad feeling about the new place, like me getting mugged while walking to school. I think I might change just for my own sanity, so I stop worrying about being in classes late and worried about walking home. I'm also afraid that once I get there and actually see the neighborhood I'll think it's no big deal. Decisions, decisions!!

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