Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Ansty

I always get this way when something big is about to happen and I don't know every bit of information I could possibly know. I want law school to begin. I want to know how hard it will be, i want to know how much I will be studying, I want to know what my outline will look like. There are so many things I want to know. I can only image what will happen to me once I'm pregnant! I'm going to want to know what my kids looks like during month 1.

I'll just have to apply a bit of patience. I really do need to work on that. One a more sour note, tuition is due!!! It would be big and scary if I were actually paying for it, which I'm not. At least my first semester is paid for using benefits from my job. My second semester all depends on whether or not I find a job back on campus. I might have a lead, a friend of mine who thinks he has found me a position. I'm really really hoping he has because at this point after for applying to over 15 jobs I was beginning to lose hope. Hopefully at least one of the jobs will come through and I'll be good to go. If not, I'll be participating in a lot of the activities that are going on during the day.

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