Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'll post pictures later. We flew into Rome on Friday and went to the Vatican. I was surprised by how not boring it was. I just remember my first trip to the Louvre when I was 12 and how I did not appreciate it at all. Not the story with the Vatican. Our tour guide was great, she was from Indiana. has been living in Italy for 3 years and giving tours for 2. It was fascinating, all of the statues, paintings, bathtubs. It was 4 hours of great fun and incredible heat. We almost didn't even make it on the tour. We have about 2 min until the tour is supposed to leave and we find out we're on the complete opposite side of the Vatican. Hubby and I hoof it and end up getting there just as they are about to set off.

So 4 hours later, we are soaked with sweat, a little delirious, from little or no sleep, grab a quick bite to eat and we're back in the hotel to crash. We left for Pisa at 10AM yesterday. Saw the leaning tower, it leans, saw everyone doing that pose, Hubby made me do it, so now we have that picture that everyone else who has been to Pisa has.

Now we are in Barga. A small town in Tuscany, the most Scottish town in Italy I have been told. It's been really nice so far, we have a great room, have been drinking good wine and are now just trying to get more good food.

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