Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Decided!

I'm moving into the place I first reserved. It's only $40 more than it would have been to move into the other place. I feel so much better now. It's a weight off my shoulders, I was getting really, really nervous about the neighborhood. Now I have a great place in a better location. 3 blocks to great bars, restaurants and movie theater.

Something I have vowed to do is go to the movies once a week. I love the movies and it's a great escape for me. I have my movie schedule pretty much together and I'm very excited to be able to sit in a theater where people actually appreciate the movies and don't have full blown conversations on their phone. At least in the US you can get a manger and they can actually do something about it and not just get yelled at by other patrons.

So to recap, pretty much have new apartment in better location for an extra $480 for the entire year, I don't have to put down a security deposit or the $600 amenities fee! I have also clicked with another incoming 1L who I have been chatting with via message boards and now facebook. She seems really cool and hopefully it will help me branch out my of section, since she's in another one. It's a great day!!!

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