Thursday, July 23, 2009

Job Interview

Ok, so I had a job interview while on vacation. And people said I was crazy to bring my computer along on vacation. I got an email about a job; they were interested in me. I emailed back, explained my situation about not being in the country and all. Phone interview...seemed to go well. Not really that awkward for me, who knows for them. Maybe they were just willing my to STFU for most of it, but they seemed happy with my answers. They proceeded to tell me that it was essentially mindless admin work and asked if I minded that. Well no, if you're paying me I'll staple until the cows come home. And then about the pay, did I see the pay, did I realize how low it was. Yes, I saw that pay and I realize that broken down by hour, I would be making essentially $1.50 more than I did as a work study during undergrad. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it for the tuition savings of $40k my first year. I'll also get free healthcare and keep my 401k and all my other benefits. It helps that I have saved a years worth of rent and Hubby will be subsidising my food/books/all that.

Now it's just waiting to hear back and find out if I'm going to be packing my bags the minute I land back home to fly to the US or if I'll be able to stick with my plan of leaving in 4 weeks. I hope I get at least 3 weeks. Tickets are probably going to be hard to come by and I want Hubby to be able to fly over with me!

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