Monday, August 31, 2009

Classes Begin Today!!!

I seem to be going back and forth in my emotions about starting. On the one hand I am so excited to be here and starting classes. On the other hand I feel this kind of ridiculous anxiety and fear about beginning on this journey. It all happening so quickly. I know that about 6 weeks ago I was willing myself to this point and now that it's hear I'm freaking out. So predictable. I'll post after my classes, not during! I'm trying out handwriting, but I'll bring the computer just in case I think I need it.

Tonight's my long night, it's always great to have a dreaded day on a Monday, thus increasing your anxiety about starting a new week. Only 15 more weeks until the end of the semester.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost done with the new apartment

We're almost done with the new apartment. All we need is a chair for the living room, bed, nightstand and a couple of end tables. Oh and the cable company needs to come and fix what they screwed up! We have no cable, but I made sure to call and get credited for the 5 days we have been without cable. Unfortunately, we will not have cable in time for True Blood, but there is always On Demand.

That being said, here are the promised pictures of the boxes we used. This is almost all of the boxes except the one for my office chair and the lamps we bought. It doesn't look like much because I broke almost all of the boxes last night. It took a long time, trust me. But here is what is all amounted to when broken down.

The weekend will be fairly leisurely. We need to buy my new computer, some towels, sheets and order the bed and we're good to go for the most part. I also bought all of my books for the semester. It ended up costing $200 less than I expected and it was only 8 books. I was a little surprised, but it was a happy surprise. Tomorrow morning I will do the reading assignments I have for Monday and then everything will be on track.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oriented, Done and Done

Well that was pretty painless. 5 hours, in and out and it was all done. 2 of my professors spoke to us and went over a little information for us. We had some dinner and then that was it, ta ta. I'm so glad because we spent the entire day putting together all of the furniture that we bought the day before yesterday.

After 6 hours of building, getting the cable installed (after running out and buying a TV, who knew you needed one to get the cable installed), having the internet installed and unpacking some stuff. Now it's all about getting all the cardboard out of the freaking apartment. We have filled an entire room in the apartment with cardboard and I don't mean just on the floor, I mean up to the ceiling! I'll take a picture if I can.

All in all it's been a super busy week. We still have 2 more days of it left when we head up to the northeast to visit Liam's family. Once we get back we will have 3 days of nothing that we NEED to do and can finally begin to do some sightseeing. After that, we'll be good until I start work and classes, then it's nose to the grind stone.

I also realized how much these evening classes are going to kick my but, not the actual classes, which I'm sure will be hard, but being up so late. I'm a morning person, like up at 5-6am everyday. Sleeping in is 7am. I'm generally in bed at 9pm, so having class until 9 is going to be hard. I noticed how easily I can zone out and not listen. A couple of times I had to snap myself out of my mental lists I like to make and actually pay attention. I'm actually thinking about taking notes by hand instead of on the computer. I'll bring the computer and see which I like better.

On and did I tell you I walk into the orientation room and the WHOLE FREAKING ROOM is filled with people who have their LAPTOPS. What didn't I bring to orientation? My laptop. I think there were 4 of us without laptops. After seeing this, I didn't freaking out, I didn't try to leave the classroom discreetly, I walked in and took my seat. I didn't actually feel self conscious about it after the first initial shock, so what's a big step in the right direction.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I can only dream

I can't wait until I can say what Cee has said over at Starting to Melt! Only 3 years and that will be me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Official

I've had my first law school dream. I dreamt I was at my grandmothers house, which is in a totally different state than Law School. I woke up and realized that I didn't have anything I needed for class. I asked my grandfather for a pen and paper and decided I was going to go. Then I realized I didn't have any of my books. I thought ok, I'll just pick up my books on the way to class. Then I remembered that my professors had assigned reading and I wouldn't have time to read and get to class on time. My profs instructions said be prepared to recite and discuss the information, so I decide that staying home it better than going in unprepared. So I miss my first day of classes. Talk about a bad dream!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

We're leaving today, in about 30 minutes. It's a little over 14 hours to get back. I still can't believe it's actually happening. I'm pretty much numb. Leaving behind such a great supportive group of people is really hard, but what makes it better is knowing I'll be coming back. I don't really have much to say and I'll probably be without an internet connection for a couple of days. I'll be trying to post when I can. I'll be sure to take pictures of the new place once we have it all set up.

I'm all packed and Liam is taking forever. I don't think he realizes I'm the one moving, while he is only visiting!

At least I don't have to deal with traffic and creepy guys (well not yet anyway) that seems to be driving Hate is takes courage crazy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This just sucks

I sure hope I have a better 1L birthday than this guy, poor Rat Bastard 1L :(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wise To Heed Advice That is Wisely Heeded

No Reins Girl talks about some advice she has read from Fearfully Optimistic. In a nutshell the advice is to make sure you don't lose yourself and cut yourself off from everyone while you're in school. I completely and totally agree. While I don't think I'll be taking weekend trips with the girls to Vegas anytime soon, I will make a conscious effort to reconnect with my friends in the city.

It's weird, pretty much everyone left right after we graduated from undergrad, but now everyone is coming back. Whether it's grad school or a job, people have all come back to the place where we all met. Liam is also adamant that I have some chill time. He has said there might be a kind of P.S. I Love You stealth set up to get my out of the house if need be. Spa days and dinners out with the girls have been threatened if I get too stressed. It's not really an incentive to stay unstressed, but we won't tell him that now will we.

I really can't decide if I'm a person who holds onto stress or can just let it go. I think it really depends on the situation. The wedding was stressful. because it was in our house and we were doing all the running around and planning work. No bridesmaids, mom, or anyone else around to help out. That was stressful, but it wasn't like I couldn't sleep night after night. I have never had a night I couldn't sleep. And once I'm asleep forget about it. I'm a log, I'm done, the house had better be on fire.

During the day sometimes I get a bit frazzled, but that's usually inside. On the outside I just look determined and ready to knock some sh*t out. At least that's what I have been told. I think this next year will be stressful, but as long as I can get a good nights sleep I know it will all be better in the morning. My brain will sort through all that I need to do and everyday will be a new day to tackle all that's coming my way.

It's Not All Bad

I know this has been a place for my bitching recently, but it's not all doom and gloom. Maybe the separation from Liam will be a good thing. Here are my following reasons for thinking this way.

We really love each other and the separation will help to remind us of that on a daily basis. Phone calls will be cherished, as will texts and emails. Seeing each other will be such a treat, we'll both be able to leave the regular stresses of our lives. On my side that will be school and on his side it will be a demanding job.

If Liam had decided to move over here, he would be leaving a job he really enjoys for who knows what in the US. Perhaps if the economy wasn't in the position it's in now things would be different, but that would just breed frustration and resentment. I will also be following through with a goal that I set before meeting Liam and won't have to worry about resenting him because I never got to follow through with going to law school.

No one wants to feel neglected or that no one is paying them attention. If he moved, I would be working 9-5, then going to class from 5-9 and then coming home and studying. Weekends will be reserved for studying as well. Liam has our friends over here who will make sure he's taken care of and I don't have to worry about him sitting alone in our house without a job, no friends and in a new city. And I'm sure we would totally have a situation like the one Legally Certifiable had in no time!

It might not be the ideal situation, but it will work for us.

Monday, August 17, 2009

It Looms on the Horizon

ORIENTATION!!!! It's coming up a lot sooner than I thought. Over at Divine Details the, she talks about the schedule and first year classes. This is one of the times when being an evening/part time students is awesome. Orientation is 5 hours on one evening and that's it; hands dusted. While I would enjoy more time to get to know my fellow students, I don't need to spend 4 days in lectures when obviously they could put it all in 5 hours.

My schedule is certainly not as varied as anyone else's. MTWR in the evening and every other Friday. Those are going to be long days. I haven't gotten my work schedule yet, but I'm guessing it will be 8:30am-5:00pm. Add in my 1hr phone call to Liam every morning at 6am and going to the gym at 7am. That doesn't leave much time for studying. I guess I won't be able to take 1 half day off during the weekend after all. Well we'll see once I'm in the thick of it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

She's back!

One of my favorite bloggers, Butterflyfish, is back and she's even referencing my wedding song. Well about that, it wasn't technically our wedding song. Jason Mraz's "Lucky" was our agreed upon first song. Since we had our reception in our house, we used iPods as DJs. It worked great, until Liam thought we chose Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." That will forever be the story we will have to tell when people ask about our wedding song. But now we have two and what's so bad about that.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm a big organizer. It's something I really love to do. This can be a good thing when everything is a mess and a terrible thing when you're trying to get things done and get sidetracked by it. Over at Fearfully Optimistic Getting Things Done is all the rage. I like the idea of action items, maximizing time and keeping things organized. I think these are essential especially when working and going to school and keeping a long distance marriage on the right track. Starting this new chapter in my life means using new tools to help keep everything running smoothly.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Year from now

I have found these kinds of posts from Similarly Situated to be the most helpful. The reflections on the first year and what it has meant to them. I have noticed that there don't appear to be too many blog where people chronicle their first year. Either they start and then are never heard from again or they start at the end of 1L. There are plenty of people I know who have said it is brutal, but in looking back they have find memories. I am a bit worried that this will just turn into a gripping area for all of my dislikes about law school, but I hope to keep it positive.

Positive visualization can be a powerful thing and I intend to go into this new situation with a lot of positivity. One of the big things stressed at Similarly is doing things outside of school. Since I will be working it's a little hard to imagine that being easy in anyway shape or form. I'll be working 9-5, if not 5:30. Then I'll have classes at late every night. This leaves a window of about 2 hours every night to study. And then the weekends. Now I'm not totally crazy to think I will have the weekend off, but I would like at least half a day on a weekend. I want time to go to my french classes and a fun recreational activity. Liam and I will be trying out Krav Maga during his two weeks in the city. That should be fun. I'll also be going to spinning classes 3xwk at a gym nearby at 7am.

I'm a morning person. Trust me, Liam would certainly back me up on that one. I am up at 6 or 7am everyday no matter what. If we have had a late night, if we have had a party, I'm up 7am doing whatever and totally wide awake. I think this is a good reason for me to study in the mornings. I should be able to squeeze in an hour or so of reading in the morning. I'm actually a lot better at all of this stuff in the morning. Maybe I'll rethink those 2 hours after class and just stick to that time for going over notes and eating and then save all the real heavy reading for the mornings. We'll see how that all works out once I'm actually in the thick of it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HTML Question

Does anyone out there know how I can get my little picture behind my title to go across the whole page? It makes me sad that it's to tiny :'(

Budget? What's a budget?

I am trying to think of things that I need to accomplish before I begin living in the city. One of those things is create a budget. The thing is I really have no idea how to start one. Being in the Gulf can really skew your perception on cost. For one thing, the only thing you pay for is food. My car, housing, utilities and travel have been paid for over the past 2 years.

It's not uncommon for me to spend $7 on a box of Cheerios or $5 for a small tub of Country Crock. While I realize that sounds completely ridiculous, look at it this way. You're living in the country that is completely different from most of what you have ever experienced in your life. You're working in a new job, with new people in a place where creature comforts can really be something that keeps people in the country longer. When you come home from a crazy day dealing with things you don't understand because you weren't brought up in this culture and things seem totally out of wack, what do you want to eat? Do you want to eat some immitation plastic tasting cheese or some yummy craft? Do you want Oreos or Moreos? I have gone for the name brand.

Food aside, I have been very frugal in my time here. Well not when it comes to travel, but if you're going to splurge that's where you have to do it. Other than clothes Liam has forced me to buy, I haven't bought an article of clothing in 10 months. I don't buy shoes, purses, belts, jewlery or anything like that. I almost never put anything on my credit card. I don't really know how much more I can cut out. I figure I'll probably eat out for lunch 2xwk, go out for drinks 2xmonth, and go to the movies 1xwk (it's my indulgence). I plan to spend maybe $50/wk. I saw this idea in a post somewhere, but now I can't find it again. You just buy 10 items when you go to the store. I think that would be really good for me. Keep it simple, fresh and cheap.

I think the really big bills are going to be tv and cell phone. I'm getting a Blackberry!! I have just decided. I'm getting a Blackberry Tour to be exact.
Isn't it pretty. So that's going to run me about $150 a month with the data plan and unlimited everything. After the first month away from Liam I'll see if I actually need all that unlimited, but I would rather pay one month of $150, than get a bill for $1000 because I went over texting or something.

I think my tv and internet will only be about $70, which is great. We'll also be Slingboxing it, so Liam and I can watch TV together. Since I'll be in school/work most of the time I'm sure that I won't be watching too much, which is why it's so much more important to have DVR. Now I don't have to fret about not keep up with my shows. I can also watching things off the Slingbox on my Blackberry, how sweet is that. With all the work/school work/traveling I'll be doing I think it will be imperative. I also means I can use Google Voice/Skype to speak to Liam anytime I want. We can text or talk at any point and that is certainly worth $150.

Oh yeah this was supposed to be a post about a budget. See my dilemma. Well maybe you don't, but I do. I'm not someone who just runs around spending money on anything and everything, I spend on very little, so how do I budget what little I spend? I think I might invest in gift cards. This way I can put all the money I want to spend on the movies on a movie gift card. Not going to be able to spend that anywhere else because I can't. Someone mentioned the envelope system to me and I think that could be helpful as well. You put the amount of money you want to spend on a certain item in an envelope when you get paid and then you can only take money out of that envelope for that item. Any left money over at the end of the month can be put in a slush fund envelope for something really cool like a vacation or car. I think it could be helpful.

I'm going to give it a try and I hope my lackadaisical attitude about money over the past 2 year doesn't bite me in the ASS!

Will I Fit in?

The countdown is officially beginning now what I actually have a job and will have healthcare in a month. I was hoped I wouldn't have to start right as I arrived and guess what? I don't. I asked to start on the 27th hoping, but said I would prefer the 1st. They said sure no prob, they just put in the earlier start date because they had to. I have officially learned my lesson about asking. You won't get it unless you ask, they aren't going to give you anything unless you ask for it!

Now the true trepidation is actually happening. Orientation begins in less than 2 weeks! I am freaking out. Useless Dicta pretty much hit the nail on the head as she remembers all the anxiety at her 1L Orientation. I know I have done all this before, you know making friends, new school, new level of school work, but it still freaks me out.

I'm also a little worried that I'm going to be the chick with the husband. Since we have so little time together once we get to the city, we're pretty much going to be together 24/7. I want him to come to all the events, but I'm drawing the line at classes. Trust me, I thought about it. We've already started all the planning for our time in the city. Lots to visit and explore! But I know it's all going to end too soon for me and then I'll be the sobbing chick in Torts class as Hubby's on the way to the airport. I'm sure that will be my name Sobbing Girl for the next 3 years.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have a job!!

Well I know I have a job right now, but I'll have one once I get back to the US. I can commiserate with Proto Attorney about that being bittersweet. I have a job. They want me to start there in 8 days, that's 3 whole days before I arrive back in the country. I'm going to have to negotiate that and try to get a bit of leeway. I also want to have a little bit of time to spend with Liam.

He's never been to anywhere south of NY in the US and I want to show him the museums, walk around a bit. I hope to start a week after I get back. If I can't I'll at least get a couple of days. I also have over 30 days of vacation days saved up and I'll dip into that if I have to! I can't wait to explore the city again and get everything set up with Liam. We have rented to Uhaul, gotten directions to IKEA and Target and booked our hotel.

On the school front, assignments might have been posted for some classes. Assignments for my classes haven't been posted. I'm hoping that this means I won't get any. Here's to hoping!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have been wondering ever since I got married, would my life be like a sitcom? It seems like there is always the pesky neighbor, the husband getting into all kinds of mischief, the evil in-laws and such. Although I have only been married for 4 months, I guess I can't say I'm an expert so far. But there is certainly something I have noticed. While some of that is based on how people's lives are, most of it is just based on people who have had lots of stuff go wrong. No one wants to watch a show about great neighbors, a loving husband and wife and amazing in-laws.

Lag Liv has mentioned her in-law troubles. I feel like these are the kinds of things that you hear about most of the time. Well meaning people who drive you insane! I have to admit this made me very nervous when it came to meeting my in-laws. You hear so many horror stories, but so far they have been great. Maybe it helps that we live thousands of miles away and no one really expects us to stop by or vice versa. That might be something that helps. I think it's also the college roommate scenario. You don't generally hear the stories about people who lived together in harmony their freshman year, didn't really hang out with each other too much, but respected each other's space. No you hear the stories about the roommate who sits in the dark the entire writing out a manifesto in their blood in your sheets. So to put a story out there about great in-laws, they are my in-laws. They are adorable, although they might buy enough fruit to feed a small army when we swing into town because for some reason they have it in their head that we are in danger of getting scurvy out here, and are just happy we are happy. You can't really ask for more than that.

They will be especially important for allowing us to use the family cabin in the country in Ireland for our trysts once I start school. And I'm sure the fridge will be stocked with enough fruit to keep us going for months to come.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just heard a song that made my want to write about this topic. Do you know what BSG stands for? If you do, isn't it amazing. I am so sad it's over and have an Adama sized hole in my heart. If you don't know what id stand for, let me start with this it is a TV Show that won a Peabody award in 2006, Emmys in 2007 & 2008 for Special Effects, it was also nominated for multiple Emmys for directing and writing. Time named it one of the 100 best tv shows of all time. It is a show that chronicles the human spirit overcoming a horrible genocide and stricking out to find the origins of their civilization. It's Battlestar Galactica. I know what you're thinking, done, end closing window.

This is what 5 of my friends thought before they watched the miniseries. Now I'm not saying you need to watch all 4 season, just watch the miniseries. The miniseries is truly amazing. I'm saying this knowing that ususally when someone builds something up it falls short of expectations. Totally and completely not. It's a great show, with compelling characters, a great plot and some really kick ass special effects. Bulldog episode aside, the whole series is really and truly my favorite ever. So there, you beat it out of me!


Can someone please explain to me why the huge multi-vitamin I have been taking for the past 4 days has now decided to try to kill me whenever I try to swallow it. I haven choking, gagging, spitting. WTF? Why am I now forced to chew it wrapped in turkey bacon like I'm a tiny dog, being tricked into taking its meds. It's annoy, it's not tasty, it's pissing me off. I need real chewable ones that don't make me want to barf, if I'm not long going to be able to swallow these damn things. And yes I do know I just wrote a whole post about not being able to swallow. Deal with it.


Coping with my separation anxiety is taking it's toll. I know this is supposed to be about law school, but I feel as though this separation is going to play a big part in how well I do. We have come up with time charts for our calling schedule. An hour and a half a day is what we will get on weekdays and maybe 2 hours on weekends, well on Saturdays. I'm trying to make sure Liam will be busy while I'm away in the evenings. He is contemplating Tae kwon do and I wholly support that. He might even take German and French, so we can begin to speak it together.

Liam and I survived for 37 and 22 year, respectively, without each other. We functioned, went to work, hung out with friends, lived completely separate lives, but thinking about not seeing each other, even for 6 weeks is rough. Technology is certainly on our side. Google Voice, Skype, Blackberrys, Vontage. We will be using all of those to hope us through. One good thing separation anxitey is it's keeping me from dreading school.

I tallied up all of the books I will need save a possible 4 for classes I don't know yet. It was a lot less than I expected. So far the total is $388. Including other books that I would need at most of would be $500. Considering I didn't buy any books my last 2 years of undergrad, I think that's a fair trade. I'm too lazy to look online or haggle, so I'm going to go new from the bookstore for this first semester. I will also be getting them unbound and rebound because I am trying to avoid the rolly bag like the plague. We'll see how long that lasts.

New developments, most of my senior year roommates will be coming up to our party! That will be so fun. I can't wait to see everyone again. It's been over a year for most of them. I hope they don't think I'm no fun now that I'm married!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Night on the Couch

I just spent the night sleeping on the couch. Don't worry, though, Liam was there as well. We had a bit of a party last night. A woman I know does catering and made us some rocking Mexican food. Quesadillas, Fajitas, fresh guacamole, tomato concoction, and steak and ale pie. All in perfect harmony. We had everyone over, everyone played the Wii. The Wii Fit is always such a fan favorite.

After which people started to leave and bid us adieu. At about 1am the last person left. We had been doing cleaning throughout the night, so we didn't have much more to do and decided to crash on the couch. Liam mentioned this was the earliest one of our parties had ended. Generally between 3am and 4am, is our last call. Figuring that we had a bit more left in us, Liam made himself another drink and I turned on the TV. Cut to 5am this morning and we're both in essentially the same position, me snuggled into Liam with his arm around me. Dawn of the Dead was on. Liam went back to sleep, I didn't.

I can never get back to sleep right away after waking up. I'll be taking a long nap this afternoon, after some mexican leftovers of course!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Job #2 fell through. They were my best chance and now it's gone. It really sucks. They said their first choice needed a decision last week, so they gave it to them. They were super super nice about letting me down and pretty much pledged that they would help me find another job. So Job #1 sent an email asking what my plans where for returning! I have been very upfront with everyone and pretty much telling them I'm not coming back before August 20th if I don't have a job. I'm not going to move back to the city, lose time with my hubby, be out of a job and lose my health insurance on the chance that I find a job. Not going to happen.

What really sucks is, if I were in the city think I would have a job. People seem really weary about phone interviews. I understand this, but when you keep asking me when I plan on coming back after I have already told you, it makes me think I don't really want to work for you. I mean really. I can't lose over 2 weeks of a paycheck on the outside chance in that two weeks you give me a job. I'll hit the ground running once I get to the city and that's how I like it. Well, if I don't find a job, I'll get paid out some good money, a big chunk of which will go to health insurance. I'll also have more time to study and go to the gym. I'm trying to look on the bright side. That being said, Liam was really supportive last night when I was super depressed about not getting the job. Grilled cheese is always a good pick me up!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Moving surveyors are coming to the house today to see what I'm going to be shipping back. I came over here with 2 suitcases, 1 human sized duffel bag and a European backpackers backpack. I didn't ship over a single thing. This time around, I'll be traveling with Liam. We will be arriving in US, taking a taxi to the train station, getting a train to NJ and then checking into a hotel and going to our welcome home/reception on Saturday. We don't want to have to lug everything around. I'll being clothes I will wear for the first 2 weeks. I'll probably just end up buying a lot of stuff, because I don't have much in the way of actual work clothes. I have worn jeans and flip flops to work for the past 2 years.

This is the plan. Ship pretty much everything I have, including clothes that I won't be wearing for 2 weeks. I can have all of that shipped to our apartment, it should arrive in 3 weeks or so. I'll pack my books/exams I printed out/normal type toiletries. I am taking one little cabinet that holds all my girlie stuff, so Liam isn't subjected to it.

When it has come to packing in the past, I've always been pretty chill. I pack less than Liam always. For the most part, I figure if I forget something I can just buy it there. This is especially true when I am going to the States. I will also want to leave some stuff here, so that I don't just to schlep everything back over with me. Hmmm, I might need to rethink this whole packing thing...

One another note, as we get closer to going back to the US, I get more and more excited. I also get more and more emotional about Liam leaving. The 3 week marker seemed to be my breaking point of excitement to sadness. I am so excited about leaving, but becoming really emotional about the separation. We'll be apart for only 6 weeks at a time for the most part. Generally the separation will be between 5 and 3 weeks, so not too bad. I just hope I'm busy enough to keep me from just saying f' it and wanting to leave. He won't let me do that, so I'm just going to have to kick some major freaking ass my first year, make a journal, take a leave of absence, come back rearing to go and then it will all seem like a distant memory. Like "remember when we spent almost 3 years apart, only seeing each other once every 6 weeks." And then Liam will turn to me and say "oh yeah, that was so long ago, I almost forgot about it."

They are going to talk my ears off!!

About 1.5 years ago I got my sisters an iMac for Christmas. Yeah, I know aren't I an awesome sister. Well they have it now and love it. My one sister has been composing music on Garage Band and has all kinds of machines and equipment hooked up to it. They are already passing me in some parts of the technology department.

Anyway, one of the other reasons I got it was to video chat with my family while I'm over here in the Middle East. We haven't really used it that much because I generally call my mom on her cell. She's always doing things around the house and can't really keep still for long enough to sit in front of a computer for the length of an entire conversation. But yesterday I called and the two littlest ones kept grabbing for the phone. They are 5 and 6. CL is 6 and she's all about everything little girls are into right now: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Zach Efron, High School Musical. MC is 5 and he's totally a boy's boy: dinosaurs, trucks, video games, fights with his little action figures.

So they keep taking the phone from each other and trying to tell me all about their summer and when I'm coming back and will I babysit them and finally my mom just says, "Izzie can you get on the computer, the kids want to video chat with you." I'm not actually sure if they wanted to, or she just wanted them in a stationary location so she could make breakfast.

I turned on the video chat and they were actually able to log on without a phone tutorial from me, which is a huge accomplishment. And the two of them just started at it "Izzie" "Izzie, look at this, look what I got." And they were on a role. Fighting over who could talk, who could sit on the chair, who could show me something. One would get up to get something from their room and then the other would take over. Mom mom said, they are going to talk my ears off once I get there. She suggested that I just take both of them overnight when Liam and I get to our hotel. I put the kibosh on that one, but I think she will still try.

Another development from our conversation and the last video chat we had is that MC and CL keep calling Liam Mr. Incredible. I mean Liam isn't a hard name, but they keep saying when you and Mr. Incredible get here, can you take us to blah blah blah. The first time they saw Liam on the video chat my little bro just shouted Mr. Incredible. My mom says it's because Liam was wearing a suit and tie and that's what he wears in the beginning of the movie. I also think it has something to do with the fact that Liam has a large upper body. Like very broad shoulders, a little bit of a belly, but he's also 6' 3". He is by far the tallest person in his family. Even taller than his twin. Hell, I'm taller than everyone in his family and I'm 5'6"! Less than 3 weeks and I will be flying back to the US with Mr. Incdedible and having a grand ole time, before IT begins!!!

Note: Second Rd interview this week for a job. Keeping my fingers crossed.