Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Year from now

I have found these kinds of posts from Similarly Situated to be the most helpful. The reflections on the first year and what it has meant to them. I have noticed that there don't appear to be too many blog where people chronicle their first year. Either they start and then are never heard from again or they start at the end of 1L. There are plenty of people I know who have said it is brutal, but in looking back they have find memories. I am a bit worried that this will just turn into a gripping area for all of my dislikes about law school, but I hope to keep it positive.

Positive visualization can be a powerful thing and I intend to go into this new situation with a lot of positivity. One of the big things stressed at Similarly is doing things outside of school. Since I will be working it's a little hard to imagine that being easy in anyway shape or form. I'll be working 9-5, if not 5:30. Then I'll have classes at late every night. This leaves a window of about 2 hours every night to study. And then the weekends. Now I'm not totally crazy to think I will have the weekend off, but I would like at least half a day on a weekend. I want time to go to my french classes and a fun recreational activity. Liam and I will be trying out Krav Maga during his two weeks in the city. That should be fun. I'll also be going to spinning classes 3xwk at a gym nearby at 7am.

I'm a morning person. Trust me, Liam would certainly back me up on that one. I am up at 6 or 7am everyday no matter what. If we have had a late night, if we have had a party, I'm up 7am doing whatever and totally wide awake. I think this is a good reason for me to study in the mornings. I should be able to squeeze in an hour or so of reading in the morning. I'm actually a lot better at all of this stuff in the morning. Maybe I'll rethink those 2 hours after class and just stick to that time for going over notes and eating and then save all the real heavy reading for the mornings. We'll see how that all works out once I'm actually in the thick of it.

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