Friday, August 28, 2009

Almost done with the new apartment

We're almost done with the new apartment. All we need is a chair for the living room, bed, nightstand and a couple of end tables. Oh and the cable company needs to come and fix what they screwed up! We have no cable, but I made sure to call and get credited for the 5 days we have been without cable. Unfortunately, we will not have cable in time for True Blood, but there is always On Demand.

That being said, here are the promised pictures of the boxes we used. This is almost all of the boxes except the one for my office chair and the lamps we bought. It doesn't look like much because I broke almost all of the boxes last night. It took a long time, trust me. But here is what is all amounted to when broken down.

The weekend will be fairly leisurely. We need to buy my new computer, some towels, sheets and order the bed and we're good to go for the most part. I also bought all of my books for the semester. It ended up costing $200 less than I expected and it was only 8 books. I was a little surprised, but it was a happy surprise. Tomorrow morning I will do the reading assignments I have for Monday and then everything will be on track.

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