Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Job #2 fell through. They were my best chance and now it's gone. It really sucks. They said their first choice needed a decision last week, so they gave it to them. They were super super nice about letting me down and pretty much pledged that they would help me find another job. So Job #1 sent an email asking what my plans where for returning! I have been very upfront with everyone and pretty much telling them I'm not coming back before August 20th if I don't have a job. I'm not going to move back to the city, lose time with my hubby, be out of a job and lose my health insurance on the chance that I find a job. Not going to happen.

What really sucks is, if I were in the city think I would have a job. People seem really weary about phone interviews. I understand this, but when you keep asking me when I plan on coming back after I have already told you, it makes me think I don't really want to work for you. I mean really. I can't lose over 2 weeks of a paycheck on the outside chance in that two weeks you give me a job. I'll hit the ground running once I get to the city and that's how I like it. Well, if I don't find a job, I'll get paid out some good money, a big chunk of which will go to health insurance. I'll also have more time to study and go to the gym. I'm trying to look on the bright side. That being said, Liam was really supportive last night when I was super depressed about not getting the job. Grilled cheese is always a good pick me up!

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