Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oriented, Done and Done

Well that was pretty painless. 5 hours, in and out and it was all done. 2 of my professors spoke to us and went over a little information for us. We had some dinner and then that was it, ta ta. I'm so glad because we spent the entire day putting together all of the furniture that we bought the day before yesterday.

After 6 hours of building, getting the cable installed (after running out and buying a TV, who knew you needed one to get the cable installed), having the internet installed and unpacking some stuff. Now it's all about getting all the cardboard out of the freaking apartment. We have filled an entire room in the apartment with cardboard and I don't mean just on the floor, I mean up to the ceiling! I'll take a picture if I can.

All in all it's been a super busy week. We still have 2 more days of it left when we head up to the northeast to visit Liam's family. Once we get back we will have 3 days of nothing that we NEED to do and can finally begin to do some sightseeing. After that, we'll be good until I start work and classes, then it's nose to the grind stone.

I also realized how much these evening classes are going to kick my but, not the actual classes, which I'm sure will be hard, but being up so late. I'm a morning person, like up at 5-6am everyday. Sleeping in is 7am. I'm generally in bed at 9pm, so having class until 9 is going to be hard. I noticed how easily I can zone out and not listen. A couple of times I had to snap myself out of my mental lists I like to make and actually pay attention. I'm actually thinking about taking notes by hand instead of on the computer. I'll bring the computer and see which I like better.

On and did I tell you I walk into the orientation room and the WHOLE FREAKING ROOM is filled with people who have their LAPTOPS. What didn't I bring to orientation? My laptop. I think there were 4 of us without laptops. After seeing this, I didn't freaking out, I didn't try to leave the classroom discreetly, I walked in and took my seat. I didn't actually feel self conscious about it after the first initial shock, so what's a big step in the right direction.

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  1. 1. Notes by hand minimizes the temptation to aim/gchat/blog in class.
    2. I strongly suggest you go to bed as early as you can. No late day caffeine to get through class -- maximize your morning person tendencies by waking up closer to 4:30 and reading then.

    Just my opinion