Monday, August 10, 2009


I have been wondering ever since I got married, would my life be like a sitcom? It seems like there is always the pesky neighbor, the husband getting into all kinds of mischief, the evil in-laws and such. Although I have only been married for 4 months, I guess I can't say I'm an expert so far. But there is certainly something I have noticed. While some of that is based on how people's lives are, most of it is just based on people who have had lots of stuff go wrong. No one wants to watch a show about great neighbors, a loving husband and wife and amazing in-laws.

Lag Liv has mentioned her in-law troubles. I feel like these are the kinds of things that you hear about most of the time. Well meaning people who drive you insane! I have to admit this made me very nervous when it came to meeting my in-laws. You hear so many horror stories, but so far they have been great. Maybe it helps that we live thousands of miles away and no one really expects us to stop by or vice versa. That might be something that helps. I think it's also the college roommate scenario. You don't generally hear the stories about people who lived together in harmony their freshman year, didn't really hang out with each other too much, but respected each other's space. No you hear the stories about the roommate who sits in the dark the entire writing out a manifesto in their blood in your sheets. So to put a story out there about great in-laws, they are my in-laws. They are adorable, although they might buy enough fruit to feed a small army when we swing into town because for some reason they have it in their head that we are in danger of getting scurvy out here, and are just happy we are happy. You can't really ask for more than that.

They will be especially important for allowing us to use the family cabin in the country in Ireland for our trysts once I start school. And I'm sure the fridge will be stocked with enough fruit to keep us going for months to come.

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