Sunday, August 2, 2009

They are going to talk my ears off!!

About 1.5 years ago I got my sisters an iMac for Christmas. Yeah, I know aren't I an awesome sister. Well they have it now and love it. My one sister has been composing music on Garage Band and has all kinds of machines and equipment hooked up to it. They are already passing me in some parts of the technology department.

Anyway, one of the other reasons I got it was to video chat with my family while I'm over here in the Middle East. We haven't really used it that much because I generally call my mom on her cell. She's always doing things around the house and can't really keep still for long enough to sit in front of a computer for the length of an entire conversation. But yesterday I called and the two littlest ones kept grabbing for the phone. They are 5 and 6. CL is 6 and she's all about everything little girls are into right now: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Zach Efron, High School Musical. MC is 5 and he's totally a boy's boy: dinosaurs, trucks, video games, fights with his little action figures.

So they keep taking the phone from each other and trying to tell me all about their summer and when I'm coming back and will I babysit them and finally my mom just says, "Izzie can you get on the computer, the kids want to video chat with you." I'm not actually sure if they wanted to, or she just wanted them in a stationary location so she could make breakfast.

I turned on the video chat and they were actually able to log on without a phone tutorial from me, which is a huge accomplishment. And the two of them just started at it "Izzie" "Izzie, look at this, look what I got." And they were on a role. Fighting over who could talk, who could sit on the chair, who could show me something. One would get up to get something from their room and then the other would take over. Mom mom said, they are going to talk my ears off once I get there. She suggested that I just take both of them overnight when Liam and I get to our hotel. I put the kibosh on that one, but I think she will still try.

Another development from our conversation and the last video chat we had is that MC and CL keep calling Liam Mr. Incredible. I mean Liam isn't a hard name, but they keep saying when you and Mr. Incredible get here, can you take us to blah blah blah. The first time they saw Liam on the video chat my little bro just shouted Mr. Incredible. My mom says it's because Liam was wearing a suit and tie and that's what he wears in the beginning of the movie. I also think it has something to do with the fact that Liam has a large upper body. Like very broad shoulders, a little bit of a belly, but he's also 6' 3". He is by far the tallest person in his family. Even taller than his twin. Hell, I'm taller than everyone in his family and I'm 5'6"! Less than 3 weeks and I will be flying back to the US with Mr. Incdedible and having a grand ole time, before IT begins!!!

Note: Second Rd interview this week for a job. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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