Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wise To Heed Advice That is Wisely Heeded

No Reins Girl talks about some advice she has read from Fearfully Optimistic. In a nutshell the advice is to make sure you don't lose yourself and cut yourself off from everyone while you're in school. I completely and totally agree. While I don't think I'll be taking weekend trips with the girls to Vegas anytime soon, I will make a conscious effort to reconnect with my friends in the city.

It's weird, pretty much everyone left right after we graduated from undergrad, but now everyone is coming back. Whether it's grad school or a job, people have all come back to the place where we all met. Liam is also adamant that I have some chill time. He has said there might be a kind of P.S. I Love You stealth set up to get my out of the house if need be. Spa days and dinners out with the girls have been threatened if I get too stressed. It's not really an incentive to stay unstressed, but we won't tell him that now will we.

I really can't decide if I'm a person who holds onto stress or can just let it go. I think it really depends on the situation. The wedding was stressful. because it was in our house and we were doing all the running around and planning work. No bridesmaids, mom, or anyone else around to help out. That was stressful, but it wasn't like I couldn't sleep night after night. I have never had a night I couldn't sleep. And once I'm asleep forget about it. I'm a log, I'm done, the house had better be on fire.

During the day sometimes I get a bit frazzled, but that's usually inside. On the outside I just look determined and ready to knock some sh*t out. At least that's what I have been told. I think this next year will be stressful, but as long as I can get a good nights sleep I know it will all be better in the morning. My brain will sort through all that I need to do and everyday will be a new day to tackle all that's coming my way.

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