Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Old Favorite TV Show

The Biggest Loser. I am liking this season a lot. There is the one woman on there, Tracy, I think that's her name. She's got crazy eyes, like all the time!! I kind of feel like I'm in my own little version of it, well without actually being really good about the food thing.

So far, I've been going to the trainer 3 times a week for an hour. It's been kicking my butt and I'm actually a lot stronger than I thought. I mean literally stronger than I thought. I can leg press 250 lbs and about 125lbs on the arm machines. I was shocked. I never really thought that my size was any actual strength. Now I'm just working on trimming/slimming down, while gaining more muscle. I just want to be able to fit into my jeans from 2 years ago. I mean I would love to be a size smaller than those jeans, but I'll take what I can get.

Only 6 weeks left until my take home final. It's kind of crazy at this point. 6 weeks! I'm not going to freak, but I need to get to work on my supplements. I began using Law in a Flash, but I haven't really been doing the E&Es as much as I should. I need to actually type everything out and not just do it in my head. I've almost got my study schedule down, but I still need a little tweaking. I'm also going to need to work on my problem solving outline and creating that out of my reading outline. I mean, I'm not sure how I'm going to create it, but I'll be spending a lot of time in the library this weekend.

I have a friend coming into town. Well he's more Liam's friend, but he'll take me to a fancy dinner, so I need to make some time for him. Who doesn't love a free fancy dinner, plus it's his first time in the area, so I don't want to just leave him hanging. In addition to that visit, my family might stop by. And when I say my family, I don't just mean my mom and sisters, I'm talking about mom, sisters, brother, grandparents, cousins. My family doesn't really travel light! I'm going to try and make sure that they are all visiting on the same day, so that I can at least get a little bit of intense study time!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I know it seems a bit early, but I'm thinking about it now because it's going to require a lot of advanced preparation. We're doing Thanksgiving in Ireland this year. I've never done one by myself and Liam had never done one period. Over the past couple of years I did Thanksgivings, maybe every 5 months with my friends, but I was never the orchestrator. I generally showed up and brought my required food item.

I don't want to end up like this woman, but I do want to make a good first Thanksgiving impression for the in-laws. Liam and I will be baking together, but I'm trying to think of the staples. Turkey, green beans (casserole or not), mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, stuffing, pumpkin pie, gravy, cranberry sauce. Am I forgetting anything?

I'm trying to think of ways to get some of this over there w/o checking my bags. I'm pretty sure that's going to be impossible, but does anyone know about traveling with cranberry sauce of pumpkin pie mix? Anyway, it's only a little over a week until we'll be together for just under 36 hours. Crazy I know.

I'm almost back up to date on my class reading, which is good because I have another memo assignment due next week. LRW is kicking my butt, but once I have conquered it, I know I'll be able to produce an amazing writing sample, which will helpfully help me getting a job this summer.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lag Liv has hit on something I have been living with, but haven't written about sleeping w/o Liam. Pre-marriage I slept on the couch when living on my own. It was generally with the TV on. I'm not to choosy about where I can fall asleep. I mean I have fallen asleep standing up, while sending a text message, I can sleep anywhere if I'm sleepy enough.

It's the getting to sleep when I'm not ready to pass out that's the problem. This is where things have gotten a bit tricky. The first few weeks I got away with sleeping on the couch because there wasn't a bed in the apartment and the air mattress had a hole in it. Then the mattress and bed were delivered and put together with the help of my friend Mike. I was then forced to sleep on the bed because a $500 decoration bed in the bedroom would be a bit much.

What is so weird is that sleeping in the bed with someone else generally comes with a bunch of compromises. Sheets, temperature, side of the bed, lights on or off, level of noise in the room are all up in the air until you settle into your pattern and even then things can get dicey. Liam and I have been on the same page with all of those things listed above, although he says I steal the covers, but I think that's bollocks!

So now I take my computer to bed playing a podcast from earlier in the day that I can then use to make the room feel a bit more occupied. Also, I don't have to worry about hearing strange noises in the apartment. It's odd how you get used to things after such a short time, but I don't think I want to get used to this.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ice Cream Truck

Why isn't there an adult equivalent? Or is the actual ice cream truck the adult equivalent? A couple of us were reminiscing in class about how awesome it was when we were younger. Everyone would be playing outside, having a grand old time and then you would hear it. The sound that froze everyone, jump ropes stopped being turned, balls continued across the street with no one running after them.

Everyone was always thinking the same thing...where is IT? You're trying to discern the wind direction, rate of speed, ice cream route. In that moment were were all calculus majors in that moment. And then, it almost seemed like it all happened at once, everyone realized that it was COMING THIS WAY!! That's when the mad dash to get to your house/house of a close friend to beg for money. It had to be urgent enough that the parents wouldn't ask questions or have to try and teach you the lesson of the dollar. Grandparents were always the best because they would seldom ask questions.

Then came the panicked sprint out of the house/off the porch as you see the ice cream truck rocket down your street. Once this happened you joined the stampede of running screaming children that launched themselves down the road at the truck. Was it just me or did the ice cream truck never really seem all that happy about selling ice cream. I mean why didn't they slow the f' down! There would have to be one kid brave enough to launch themselves in front of the ice cream truck (or a parent to came out to the side of the road with their child) causing it to screech to a halt and then the swarm found it's prey. In my neighborhood, we were all very well behaved, no pushing or shoving, once it stopped we all knew we would get our ice cream. If there was a kid who didn't have enough for the treat they wanted then others who had already bought ice cream would chip in. It always made the walk back up the huge hill when you were licking an ice cream cone. Drumsticks, Choco Tacos, Chipwich, ice cream sandwiches, so many choices, so many choices!

While it was always sad those times when the truck passed you by, it was always more than worth that asthma inducing 200 yard dash to get that delicious creamy goodness.

Monday, September 21, 2009


LRW just royally kicked my freaking ass! I've asked for a meeting with the professor. I hope that this won't come back to haunt me. After spending about 6 hours researching and writing, I came up with a big fat annoyingly bad memo that I then had to turn in. I haven't gotten any feedback yet, but I'm guessing it will look like my paper was cut up by Jack the Ripper!

That is all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Totally AGREE!!!

Over at I Don't Wear Skinny Jeans someone has finally said what I have been saying as well as everyone else in my class!!!!! If I hear, whatever works for you, I'm going to start punching myself in the face like Edward Norton a la Fight Club. I don't know what works for me. Get it? I'm new to this whole law school thing. I don't know if I should be outlining while standing on my head, only read while on the toilet, or set my outline on fire a month before exams and inhale the fumes to really ace my exams!

I know people don't want to lead you down the wrong path, but come on. You tell me what you did and then I'll decide if it sounds like it would work for me or it wouldn't work at all. I'm just glad it's not just me and someone else has finally said something about it. Bravo IDWSJ!
I know I'm repeating myself a lot lately...that will happen when you're sleep deprived!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Name Change Dilemma

So you may or may not know that I got married about 6 months ago. I completely and totally intend to take my husband's name. Here's the problem, it's just so freaking hard to get it all done! I couldn't change it before because my residency information was in my maiden name. I would have had to have it all changed, which would have meant going without my passport for months, which is essentially how much time I had left in my stay there. I decided against doing that. Women don't change their names in Arab cultures, so that also put up a few roadblocks of people looking at my like I was loopy.

Now I'm back in the US, totally standard right? Wrong! I can't change anything really until I change my passport. The problem is I keep buying plane tickets. So far I have purchased tickets through December. You can't travel on a passport unless your name is stated exactly as it is written on your passport. I also don't want to buy the tickets in my new name without having the passport in hand. I don't want a situation where I'm sitting around in the airport trying to beg my way out of the country on an emergency passport with my new name on it. It's all a bit iffy, so we'll see how long it will finally take for me to get everything changed. I'm guessing never! Well not completely at least.

As for classes, I finally finally finally got my books unbound. Now I just take small little packets of pages from the books in a binder with me to class everyday. This is soooo much better than lugging those huge books around. Now I don't even have to worry about backpack v. rolly bag. I really didn't realize it before, but the rolly bag really is as bad as people say. I didn't think it was possible. Now this isn't to say that people who need one shouldn't use it. Pregnant women, people with back problems, other issues like that are totally acceptable, but come on, if you don't want to carry all of those books use a locker or find a better backpack.

I have also begun working with a personal trainer, which is unbelievably exciting. She seems really nice now, which is probably because we haven't really started working out, but she's going to help tons. I hadn't weighed myself properly in over a year. I was 10lbs heavier than I thought and almost 30lbs heavier than when I left 2 years ago. That's really really scary. I'm determined not to let my busy schedule be an excuse for an unhealthy lifestyle. One day a week I eat whatever I want, but it's moderation and healthy fruit and veg for me from now on.

Liam's got 9 days off because of Eid. While looking at tox online yesterday we realized that he could have been here for those 9 days for only $750, while leaving from an airport in Dubai. It would have been $2000 to leave from our airport. That really blows, but if he were here, it would have just been another reason for me to not do my work. So he'll be home. We finally got the Slingbox working, so he can control and watch the TV in the apartment from where he is. I believe he's planning a whole CSI: Miami marathon via OnDemand.

The seperation hasn't been so bad for me. I think that my schedule being so packed doesn't really lend itself to wallowing. Liam on the other hand has a lot of down time. He got out of work at 3 and then has the whole rest of the night to himself. He will begin German and Arabic classes once Eid is over. He's also taken to making soups for himself. He was always a much better cook than I was. I'm a recipe cook and love to bake. He's a throw a bunch of things in a pan person and have it taste great. We were made for each other. Only weeks until we see each other again!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wow, that was fast!

That quickly I have begun sucking on the blogging front. Things that have happened:
I went to the VMAs which were amazing! I got to meet Jimmy Fallon, P!nk, Lady Gaga, Jack Black and tons of other people. P!nk blew the lid off that freaking place as did Beyonce and I don't even really like her.

The whole Kanye was as big of a deal in Radio City Music Hall as it was elsewhere. People were really pissed in the venue. Afterward I went to an after party. I didn't get to the hotel until 3:30 am and then had a 4:40 train to catch back to get to work by 8:45. It wasn't a pretty day, not at all. I was so tired I don't even remember leaving the hotel and going to Penn Station. Liam kept me awake in the train station on the phone, so I didn't pass out there!

Now I have tons of work to catch up on and a ridiculous amount of sleep to get. Now it's off to get some serious food.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

As the week comes to a close

I am beginning to think that I am really a slacker. I have my readings done for class. I have my notes written out. I haven't started with supplements yet, but I will this weekend. What makes me think I am a slacker is the fact that I haven't missed any tv shows that I enjoy. Yes I have DVR, but I still take maybe an hour or two a night to watch some tv. Does this mean I'm a slacker? Should I be reading during that chill time? Everyone else is talking about how they are up until 2am every morning studying and I'm asleep by 11, if I talk to Liam 10, if not. Am I seriously understudying here. If I am I'll pick up the pace come Monday.

Note: My section has a gunner. Not only my section, but my small section. That is all.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It this bad

Is it bad that I still enjoy it when a prof lets me out of class early. We were let out an hour early today. Talk about awesome and I didn't get called on! I've read almost everything for my classes this week, retyping my notes is the name of the game. I feel like I'm just reiterating the same things over and over up here.

I stopped by and met with my grant advisor and he gave me some helpful feedback. I only have one other recommendation to secure and I'm good. I'm glad I finished everything before I got there because there would be no way I would be able to get it done now.

On a completely random note, the movie Fear is on right now. I remember watching it when I was in high school. I remember how much I wanted to be Reese Witherspoon, I mean maybe without the whole trying to kill my whole family thing, but I thought it would be really exciting. Talking about growing up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fashion Emergency

So where can a girl find a trendy/cute dress over a size 8 in this place? I am in desperate need of one by next weekend and I'm coming up totally blank. It's really starting to make me a little bit crazy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loooong Weekend

Well not really, it's another fragmented weekend that means little actual rest. I fell asleep on the couch again, which seems to be my M.O. when I'm on my own. I tend to just pass out in front of the TV. I am amazed at how productive I have been, even with my less than traditional sleeping place.

I watched 2 hours of tv, but still complained that I didn't have any time to go to the gym. I think I'm going to have to breakdown and do the personal trainer thing. This was I'll be forced to go because I'm paying for it and hopefully then I'll get into the rhythm of going. I'll start next week. Back to the school work, after half of the day, I caught up on reading from last week and worked through half of my readings for classes next week. I just have to read for 1.5 more classes and then I'm all set for the coming week.

So far, handwriting notes has really worked out well. I need to stick to typing them up after class, but other than that, I most definitely makes me pay attention in class. There will be no gchating while I'm in class. We'll see how next week goes, but so far so good. Not as scary as I thought, but I'm also realizing how freaking little I know about anything legal. I hope that's just the first step in actually becoming a lawyer.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Liam's gone. It has been a really emotional day. I'll be reading tomorrow until I head up north to spend some time with the family. I hope by then my sporadic crying episodes will be over. I've got it all blocked out. Only 8 hours of studying tomorrow and then I'm free to spend 24 hours looking at a single law book.

After my first week, I think things have gone really well. I have understood some things, not understood a majority and felt like this was the right place for me. I have also received some good news about the grant I'm looking into applying for in 2010. My school's advisor has finally gotten back to me and we're meeting next week. I have almost all of the materials that I need to get my application in and the deadline isn't for months, so that's just one more thing to take off my plate.

The new job is working out well. It's fairly slow right now, so now it's just about maximizing my hr lunch breaks to get more school stuff done. This has been a great time for me to step up meetings with various departments and professors that I wouldn't otherwise be able to meet with. Here's to hoping I can keep everything together for just 9 more months.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Playing Hookie

I know it's only the first week, but with the choice of spending 8 more hours with Liam or 4 more hours in class, I chose Liam. I'm not going to class, they video tape them anyway and others have offered to let me copy their notes. I've already started crying about 4 times a day. This is going to be a rough weekend...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow, that didn't take long

Today on my way to class, I forgot my books for class, purse, keys, and any other materials that would have been useful in class other than a pen and notebook. Thankfully, I wasn't called on and I didn't really need anything that I forgot, but it was a little scary. I have noticed how cooperative my section is. I has only been 3 days, but people are really supportive and willing to lend a book/notes/clarification even now.

I have heard this before about the evening section and I'm glad it's true. I also had my first day of work, which was a bit daunting. Things seem like they will go well, everyone is really nice. I had a great conversation with a few people there and it seems like it's actually a fun office. The workday is pretty structured and I don't have to worry about it running late. I don't think I will have time to do school work during the work day, but not needing to think much during the day will make it less draining after work, well at least in theory.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First classes

Last night I had Contracts and LRW. Prof Contracts was very engaging and not scary. Of course he would ask questions and people would answer something that he didn't like, but when they got it wrong, he didn't make them look stupid. Everyone was laughing at certain points and got pretty comfortable.

I was pleasantly pleased that I felt comfortable raising my hand a few times. I didn't get called on, but when I did raise my hand I was going to say the correct answer he finally found. Relief. It was a 2 hour class, but I didn't look at the clock until he called for a 10 minute break! After that was LRW, which I can tell is going to be a struggle. Prof LRW lectured the whole time, which was difficult because it was so late. I had to keep snapping myself to attention when all I wanted to do was put my head down and sleep.

I am glad I decided to hand write my notes. I need to stick to writing them up after class, but that will be easier once Liam heads out. There were more than a few hand note takers and I was happy to see that. I also didn't seem like the entire group was just taking down the dictation of the professor or maybe the people behind me are just really quiet typers. One thing I will have to change is where I sit, thankfully we don't have assigned seats. I found that there are certainly quirks of my classmates. There was a knuckle cracker (like sonic boom cracking), pen clicker, Blackberry checker and pen tapper. I don't want to be anywhere near these people during finals!

After class, I came back home pretty happy. Liam met me downstairs and we went over my classes. I have Civ Pro tonight and everyone's saying be afraid. Even after a good day yesterday, I'm still afraid of this class. We'll see how it goes.