Thursday, September 10, 2009

As the week comes to a close

I am beginning to think that I am really a slacker. I have my readings done for class. I have my notes written out. I haven't started with supplements yet, but I will this weekend. What makes me think I am a slacker is the fact that I haven't missed any tv shows that I enjoy. Yes I have DVR, but I still take maybe an hour or two a night to watch some tv. Does this mean I'm a slacker? Should I be reading during that chill time? Everyone else is talking about how they are up until 2am every morning studying and I'm asleep by 11, if I talk to Liam 10, if not. Am I seriously understudying here. If I am I'll pick up the pace come Monday.

Note: My section has a gunner. Not only my section, but my small section. That is all.

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