Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ice Cream Truck

Why isn't there an adult equivalent? Or is the actual ice cream truck the adult equivalent? A couple of us were reminiscing in class about how awesome it was when we were younger. Everyone would be playing outside, having a grand old time and then you would hear it. The sound that froze everyone, jump ropes stopped being turned, balls continued across the street with no one running after them.

Everyone was always thinking the same thing...where is IT? You're trying to discern the wind direction, rate of speed, ice cream route. In that moment were were all calculus majors in that moment. And then, it almost seemed like it all happened at once, everyone realized that it was COMING THIS WAY!! That's when the mad dash to get to your house/house of a close friend to beg for money. It had to be urgent enough that the parents wouldn't ask questions or have to try and teach you the lesson of the dollar. Grandparents were always the best because they would seldom ask questions.

Then came the panicked sprint out of the house/off the porch as you see the ice cream truck rocket down your street. Once this happened you joined the stampede of running screaming children that launched themselves down the road at the truck. Was it just me or did the ice cream truck never really seem all that happy about selling ice cream. I mean why didn't they slow the f' down! There would have to be one kid brave enough to launch themselves in front of the ice cream truck (or a parent to came out to the side of the road with their child) causing it to screech to a halt and then the swarm found it's prey. In my neighborhood, we were all very well behaved, no pushing or shoving, once it stopped we all knew we would get our ice cream. If there was a kid who didn't have enough for the treat they wanted then others who had already bought ice cream would chip in. It always made the walk back up the huge hill when you were licking an ice cream cone. Drumsticks, Choco Tacos, Chipwich, ice cream sandwiches, so many choices, so many choices!

While it was always sad those times when the truck passed you by, it was always more than worth that asthma inducing 200 yard dash to get that delicious creamy goodness.

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  1. When I was working in the real world, there was an ice cream truck parked beside my building so everyday after lunch I would stop by to get an ice cream.

    It was the bestest.