Friday, September 4, 2009

Liam's gone. It has been a really emotional day. I'll be reading tomorrow until I head up north to spend some time with the family. I hope by then my sporadic crying episodes will be over. I've got it all blocked out. Only 8 hours of studying tomorrow and then I'm free to spend 24 hours looking at a single law book.

After my first week, I think things have gone really well. I have understood some things, not understood a majority and felt like this was the right place for me. I have also received some good news about the grant I'm looking into applying for in 2010. My school's advisor has finally gotten back to me and we're meeting next week. I have almost all of the materials that I need to get my application in and the deadline isn't for months, so that's just one more thing to take off my plate.

The new job is working out well. It's fairly slow right now, so now it's just about maximizing my hr lunch breaks to get more school stuff done. This has been a great time for me to step up meetings with various departments and professors that I wouldn't otherwise be able to meet with. Here's to hoping I can keep everything together for just 9 more months.

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