Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loooong Weekend

Well not really, it's another fragmented weekend that means little actual rest. I fell asleep on the couch again, which seems to be my M.O. when I'm on my own. I tend to just pass out in front of the TV. I am amazed at how productive I have been, even with my less than traditional sleeping place.

I watched 2 hours of tv, but still complained that I didn't have any time to go to the gym. I think I'm going to have to breakdown and do the personal trainer thing. This was I'll be forced to go because I'm paying for it and hopefully then I'll get into the rhythm of going. I'll start next week. Back to the school work, after half of the day, I caught up on reading from last week and worked through half of my readings for classes next week. I just have to read for 1.5 more classes and then I'm all set for the coming week.

So far, handwriting notes has really worked out well. I need to stick to typing them up after class, but other than that, I most definitely makes me pay attention in class. There will be no gchating while I'm in class. We'll see how next week goes, but so far so good. Not as scary as I thought, but I'm also realizing how freaking little I know about anything legal. I hope that's just the first step in actually becoming a lawyer.

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