Friday, September 18, 2009

Name Change Dilemma

So you may or may not know that I got married about 6 months ago. I completely and totally intend to take my husband's name. Here's the problem, it's just so freaking hard to get it all done! I couldn't change it before because my residency information was in my maiden name. I would have had to have it all changed, which would have meant going without my passport for months, which is essentially how much time I had left in my stay there. I decided against doing that. Women don't change their names in Arab cultures, so that also put up a few roadblocks of people looking at my like I was loopy.

Now I'm back in the US, totally standard right? Wrong! I can't change anything really until I change my passport. The problem is I keep buying plane tickets. So far I have purchased tickets through December. You can't travel on a passport unless your name is stated exactly as it is written on your passport. I also don't want to buy the tickets in my new name without having the passport in hand. I don't want a situation where I'm sitting around in the airport trying to beg my way out of the country on an emergency passport with my new name on it. It's all a bit iffy, so we'll see how long it will finally take for me to get everything changed. I'm guessing never! Well not completely at least.

As for classes, I finally finally finally got my books unbound. Now I just take small little packets of pages from the books in a binder with me to class everyday. This is soooo much better than lugging those huge books around. Now I don't even have to worry about backpack v. rolly bag. I really didn't realize it before, but the rolly bag really is as bad as people say. I didn't think it was possible. Now this isn't to say that people who need one shouldn't use it. Pregnant women, people with back problems, other issues like that are totally acceptable, but come on, if you don't want to carry all of those books use a locker or find a better backpack.

I have also begun working with a personal trainer, which is unbelievably exciting. She seems really nice now, which is probably because we haven't really started working out, but she's going to help tons. I hadn't weighed myself properly in over a year. I was 10lbs heavier than I thought and almost 30lbs heavier than when I left 2 years ago. That's really really scary. I'm determined not to let my busy schedule be an excuse for an unhealthy lifestyle. One day a week I eat whatever I want, but it's moderation and healthy fruit and veg for me from now on.

Liam's got 9 days off because of Eid. While looking at tox online yesterday we realized that he could have been here for those 9 days for only $750, while leaving from an airport in Dubai. It would have been $2000 to leave from our airport. That really blows, but if he were here, it would have just been another reason for me to not do my work. So he'll be home. We finally got the Slingbox working, so he can control and watch the TV in the apartment from where he is. I believe he's planning a whole CSI: Miami marathon via OnDemand.

The seperation hasn't been so bad for me. I think that my schedule being so packed doesn't really lend itself to wallowing. Liam on the other hand has a lot of down time. He got out of work at 3 and then has the whole rest of the night to himself. He will begin German and Arabic classes once Eid is over. He's also taken to making soups for himself. He was always a much better cook than I was. I'm a recipe cook and love to bake. He's a throw a bunch of things in a pan person and have it taste great. We were made for each other. Only weeks until we see each other again!

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  1. Oh book binding...what a brilliant idea.