Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow, that didn't take long

Today on my way to class, I forgot my books for class, purse, keys, and any other materials that would have been useful in class other than a pen and notebook. Thankfully, I wasn't called on and I didn't really need anything that I forgot, but it was a little scary. I have noticed how cooperative my section is. I has only been 3 days, but people are really supportive and willing to lend a book/notes/clarification even now.

I have heard this before about the evening section and I'm glad it's true. I also had my first day of work, which was a bit daunting. Things seem like they will go well, everyone is really nice. I had a great conversation with a few people there and it seems like it's actually a fun office. The workday is pretty structured and I don't have to worry about it running late. I don't think I will have time to do school work during the work day, but not needing to think much during the day will make it less draining after work, well at least in theory.


  1. Haha -- I said the same thing myself today when I overslept by 20 minutes. Still made it to work on time, got CF to school on time, and got respectable breakfast & lunches together. Still to hav eit all fall apart by day three? Oh well, try again tomorrow :-)

  2. I'm especially glad people aren't turning out to be jerks in law school. But finals haven't started, either.