Monday, October 19, 2009

Am I the only person w/o a study group?

I sort of feel like I might be alone, but I'm not sure. For 1, I have never had a non-dysfunctional study group. Maybe I'm giving off vibes that I don't want one. Perhaps it's more like dating than I thought. 2, I have no idea when I'd find the time. I'm a little worried that the people who don't have full times jobs in my program are spending 6 hours a day in these study groups learning all of the tricks of law school and that will inevitably put me at the bottom of the curve and my law career will end before it ever began!

I'm prone to overreaction, couldn't you tell! One of the other reasons having a study group would be had is, we could only meet on weekends. I can't imagine sitting in a room with people after a 15 hour day and have my brain work as a functioning organ. We'll see, perhaps I'll poke around and see what other people in the section are doing. And if they are in a study group, I would like to borrow their time machine!


  1. I don't have a study group either. But everyone else seems to be in one! Then again, I don't want a study group. For now.

  2. I tried a study group for like a day. Disaster. In the end, I usually studied on my own or with one trusted friend. And I didn't work with her til second semester 1L. When I say trusted, I mean she and I would both hard core attack practice exams and compare answers, making sure we both got the same points. We'd also occasionally fill in holes in eachother's outline. But we usually did stuff like that via instant messenger or email. We tended to meet to review practice exams in person and only occasionlly.