Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it bad that I want the semester over already!?

I really really want it to be December 20th. It's not because of classes, it's not because I'm sick and tired of school, it's because I want to get over this freaking stress and hysteria that seems to be brewing about finals! I just want to be in it and over it, so it's not this big scary date looming ahead. Once I'm in it and out of it, then I'll know. It won't be this big secret that has everyone shaking in their boots.

8 weeks from now I'll be on the other side and probably a heck of a lot happier! Even if I think I bombed, I'm sure I'll be ok enough to make it through the next semester. Then I'll hopefully have a year off to re-evaluate. What I do plan on doing is watching Glee tonight and getting to bed early. Head colds are not fun. Falling asleep at my desk is not fun. Knowing I'll be in classes until 9pm tonight is certainly not fun, but hey, I've gotta do, what I've gotta do.

For those of you in the middle of your application cycle, good luck. I probably won't be too helpful with any information about applying. Maybe I'll post something later, but probably not. I was a bit of an anomaly. Applying to more than 20 schools, taking the LSAT twice and getting into a boat load of them, some with money some without and ultimately choosing the one I knew was best for me. Go with your gut and if you can't, think it through thoroughly, especially in today's legal climate.

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