Friday, October 30, 2009

Time to Budget

Over at Better Together LEO brings up a very good point about budgeting. Since moving back and starting school I have realized, just how much money I spent while I was away. Traveling with Liam certainly added to our expenses. but we were also always out at brunches, balls, and bars. Jeez the Bs are expensive. I would estimate that I spend (other than bills) about $300/mo. I spend $50 of groceries every week. I could probably bring that down, but I don't want to clip coupons. Every time I go to the store, I take out $20 in extra cash. That generally keeps me for a long while.

It helps that I don't do ANYTHING other than go to work and study. I don't go to bars anymore, I bought special half price movie tickets through my school at the beginning of the semester. $30 for a semester's worth of movies. I smuggle in my own food to keep that cost down. The bills are quite expensive, well my rent is quite expensive, but that all comes out of my rent fund that I accrued over the years. Utilities aren't kicking my butt because I only spend 3 hours a day in my apartment when I'm not sleeping. I didn't realize how much I could save by never being in my apartment. 1/2 a sandwich for lunch and dinner sets me back more than I could like, about $8/day. I do pack my lunch most of the time, but other times I can't, so I suck it up. I have contributed my max toward my 401(k) and Roth IRA this year, so I can't really think of what else I should be doing.

Maybe I should just blow it all and get a Black Card.

Someone at work mentioned that their cousin works for Amex, so they try the card out at certain establishments to make sure that Black Card customers receive the treatment they are supposed to. For over $7,500 in FEES the first year, I would hope that they had better make you feel pretty special. I'm talking carrying you around on a litter and feeding you grapes. Oh you pay $7,500 and you still have to charge $250,000/year on it. That's ridiculous, but I have to admit the card it pretty! I can't even imagine spending $250,000/year on a charge card, let alone that much money in a whole year! I'm pretty happy with spending my $50/wk on groceries. I'm much more likely to get a rush from finding a great deal, than blowing a shit ton of money. Maybe that's why my family always put gift cards in my birthday cards instead of money. They knew if they gave me money, I would just save it. I'm sure glad I started out that with that mind frame than those chick on my Super Sweet 16. I couldn't imagine how life would be with such a sense of entitlement at only 15 years old. I'm pretty sure they will all get punched in the face at least once in their life. That should be the where are they now show. "Where Were They Knocked Down a Peg."

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