Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pictures of our new Home

Liam's in the process of moving all of our belongings from our current villa into our new one. Our current place came furnished, which was nice, but it will be good to be able to furnish the new place to our specifications. We're going to break up the big main room downstairs into two rooms. One will be larger and in the front and we're going to put up a wall in the back to make that our den area. Liam's going to travel to IKEA in a month or so to buy the bulk of the furniture.

I'm so excited!!! We plan on living here for a good long while. We will also be house #5 in the compound in our group of friends. We're next door neighbors to everyone, so that's great! Here are some pictures Liam took.

The outside of the house. We will put up a shade, like the one you can see right over the wall later next year. Once the heat picks up it's a must do, if you want to sit outside that is. We already have lawn furniture to put out front. We may also get the bricks up front pulled up and plant some grass. So many ideas!

Front room. TV may go here or it will just be a sitting room.

That back area is where we would put up the wall, right in line with the second pillar. This could then a den with double doors into the larger spaces. It would make heating the room a lot easier in the winter. There isn't any central heat only space heaters. Heating a room as large as this would be nearly impossible! We're also getting the chandeliers taken down and replacing them with more modern lighting.

The kitchen! My favorite. We need to buy a fridge and stove. We already have a dryer, so Liam's out to buy the washer and everything else next week. The pantry is also off to the left. We will have to take the kitchen door off to make sure we'll have easy access, but it will also make sure the kitchen is open to the rest of the downstairs. Who doesn't love the smell is delicious food wafting throughout the house. We're also having industrial cleaners coming in and making sure this place is spotless before we move in.

The dishwasher's going, so we can slot the washing machine in there. If we didn't take it out we would have to put the washing in the little in-laws suite in the back of the house. You can see the door that that one, through the window of the kitchen. I would much rather wash my dishes by hand that have to trudge my clothes in and out of the house every time I needed to was a load.

I don't have any pictures of the upstairs yet. Liam only took pictures of the closet space to reassure me. I'm not quite sure why...he has WAY more clothes and shoes than I do!

All in all it's a great house. It's bigger than our current one and costs less per month. It has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, plus the in-laws suite in the back. It's more than enough space for us to grow into over the years. I'm so excited to get there in December and see the place in person. I know Liam's going to do a great job decorating.

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  1. Nice pictures! Your house looks really good, the white light colors brighten it greatly. Good luck with getting used to living there. December is here before you even realize.

    Best regards,