Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 Great Things about today

  1. I get to see Liam this evening.
  2. We will be going to see AVATAR!!!!
  3. Christmas is in 2 days.
This is the first year that has flown by for me. Well maybe not the whole year, but at least the last 5 months. It seems like I just got to law school and now I'm done with one semester. This means either 5 more semesters or 6 more depending on whether or not I transfer to the full time program. So many decisions to be made in the new year.

Although I haven't gotten my grades back, I have to say that looking back at this semester it really wasn't thhhhhaaaat bad. I know for a while I was a bit crazy and all about quitting, but looking back it was doable. Maybe this is only because I'm done now and have 3 weeks off...yeah that's probably it.

So I survived the craziness. The exams were had, but I didn't break down and cry or anything. I didn't freak out when I saw a question on an exam that had nothing to do with anything that we had discussed in class at all. I just looked at it, tried to give my best guess and write down everything I could possibly think of. Even if I'm at the bottom of the curve, I'm still cool with that.

Contracts was my favorite class this past semester. I'm looking forward to Torts and Property next semester, especially torts, Civ Pro & LRW not so much. I love my LRW prof, but it isn't a fun class at all. I'm looking forward to this time off, heading back home with the hubby for a couple of weeks to see the new house and all of our friends. There will be lots of drinking, cooking, baking, swimming and other awesomeness!

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