Monday, December 21, 2009

I like the snow again

Work is closed today because of the weather. Yeah snow! After my 7 hour (it's usually 2) trip back in the US, I was cursing the snow my whole slushy way back to the apartment. Due to work being closed the snow and I are back on good terms.

I have used this time to study. Doing flashcards with Liam. I hold up the back to the camera and he lets me know if I'm answering my questions correctly. I'm planning on about 4-5 hours of studying today and then heading out to dinner with a friend I have only seen about 3 times all semester. I'm looking forward to Christmas. I have bought all the presents, well most of them, only a few gift cards to get. I'll do all of that on Tuesday, so much to get done!

Liam arrives on Wednesday evening and I'll be able to get it done. And then comes the best part of him finally getting here...AVATAR!! We're going to see Avatar about 2 hours after he lands. I'm so excited, we're both excited. We're both fighting the urge to just drop everything and go and see it by ourselves. I think the trailers have had me excited for about a year now. I looks amazing and I've heard great things. I'll report back once we see it. And then it's Christmas!

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