Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm back

Liam's mom passed away on Tuesday. Everyone was there with her and got to say their goodbyes. She spent over a year fighting brain and lung cancer and gave it everything she had. I was glad I got to meet her and spend time with her. I was as proud to have her as my mother-in law as she was proud to have me as a her daughter-in-law.

My introduction to the entire clan could have been under better circumstances, but this seems to be the only time everyone ever gets together. Pauline was one of 16 from a good Irish Catholic family. There were more cousins and aunts than I could count, but it was good to have everyone there. The family helped to keep most things going and keeping everyone occupied. Things have settled in a bit more, but we'll be looking in and keeping tabs on my father-in-law more now.

All of my exams have been rescheduled and it all begins on Wednesday.


  1. Condolences.

    It puts the frenzy of exams in proper perspective.

  2. My sympathies. One of 16--wow!!