Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh My

(Christmas Tree in the new house)

Christmas has come and gone. Now the search for the perfect post-Christmas sale is on. While Liam and I are not big into crazy shopping sprees, there are a few things we need and bargins, they are a calling.

There will be many changes in the new year, but we'll have to wait on announcing those for a while to make sure some things actually pan out. I am excited to find out about grades, but not overly anxious. And tomorrow we leave to go HOME!!!! I can't wait to see the new house up close in personal...

This post is continued from where I left off a couple of days ago. I am now here in the new house, laying on the sofa bed, the only piece of furniture that we have downstairs, other than a rocking chair.

So far, we have purchased a dining room table and chairs and a sofa set. Score! 20% off everything. Next up is hanging curtains, right now we have those Chinese room divider things propped up against the windows. Classy! Living next door to all of our friends has been really great, but also very drunky inducing. All of the wives are off, well don't work and some of the hubbies are also not working for the holiday. Everyone is enjoying drinking into the wee hours of the night and talking about ridiculous topics, such as the differences between American, English, and Scottish words for things: robe, dressing gown, goobie (something like that) Unfortunately, Liam is working, so late nights are only until 10pm or so, but NYE should be quite interesting.

It's going to be a fancy dress (costume) party. We're trying to improvise a costume on a very limited supply of mardi gras masks, blankets and flip flops. I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 Great Things about today

  1. I get to see Liam this evening.
  2. We will be going to see AVATAR!!!!
  3. Christmas is in 2 days.
This is the first year that has flown by for me. Well maybe not the whole year, but at least the last 5 months. It seems like I just got to law school and now I'm done with one semester. This means either 5 more semesters or 6 more depending on whether or not I transfer to the full time program. So many decisions to be made in the new year.

Although I haven't gotten my grades back, I have to say that looking back at this semester it really wasn't thhhhhaaaat bad. I know for a while I was a bit crazy and all about quitting, but looking back it was doable. Maybe this is only because I'm done now and have 3 weeks off...yeah that's probably it.

So I survived the craziness. The exams were had, but I didn't break down and cry or anything. I didn't freak out when I saw a question on an exam that had nothing to do with anything that we had discussed in class at all. I just looked at it, tried to give my best guess and write down everything I could possibly think of. Even if I'm at the bottom of the curve, I'm still cool with that.

Contracts was my favorite class this past semester. I'm looking forward to Torts and Property next semester, especially torts, Civ Pro & LRW not so much. I love my LRW prof, but it isn't a fun class at all. I'm looking forward to this time off, heading back home with the hubby for a couple of weeks to see the new house and all of our friends. There will be lots of drinking, cooking, baking, swimming and other awesomeness!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I like the snow again

Work is closed today because of the weather. Yeah snow! After my 7 hour (it's usually 2) trip back in the US, I was cursing the snow my whole slushy way back to the apartment. Due to work being closed the snow and I are back on good terms.

I have used this time to study. Doing flashcards with Liam. I hold up the back to the camera and he lets me know if I'm answering my questions correctly. I'm planning on about 4-5 hours of studying today and then heading out to dinner with a friend I have only seen about 3 times all semester. I'm looking forward to Christmas. I have bought all the presents, well most of them, only a few gift cards to get. I'll do all of that on Tuesday, so much to get done!

Liam arrives on Wednesday evening and I'll be able to get it done. And then comes the best part of him finally getting here...AVATAR!! We're going to see Avatar about 2 hours after he lands. I'm so excited, we're both excited. We're both fighting the urge to just drop everything and go and see it by ourselves. I think the trailers have had me excited for about a year now. I looks amazing and I've heard great things. I'll report back once we see it. And then it's Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's snowing like crazy out. It just keeps coming down, I mean boatloads an hour. It's only getting worse. I hope I can get back to school tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The family I haven't seen since August

I'll be heading to NJ this weekend. This means I'll be studying in a house full of children under 10. I did a lot of studying pre-Ireland for Contracts because that was supposed to be my first exam. I feel ok with getting only 3 or 4 hours of studying per day over the weekend. I think I may be a bit too relaxed about this whole exam thing after taking the first one. But if I had choose between being too chill and being like this:

I choose chill. Liam gets here in a week! Then there is absolutely nothing to do for a little over 2 weeks. Well, I'll be applying for summer positions. And I still need to find out what my plan is for the next few years. Must begin to sort out life now that the first semester of 1L is almost over! 7 days an counting until it's official.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's been a week

I just finished my Con Law exam. It was the first of the season. I felt pretty prepared for most of it and completely unprepared for one question. I kind of exploded everything I could think of on the subject onto the paper. I have my other exam next week. I'm looking forward to it all being over and I'm happy that I've finally experienced my first law school exam.

Thankfully I'm not having a panic attack about not knowing everything I should have, but that's life. Someone has to be in the bottom 10%. I'm much more zen about this than I thought I would be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm back

Liam's mom passed away on Tuesday. Everyone was there with her and got to say their goodbyes. She spent over a year fighting brain and lung cancer and gave it everything she had. I was glad I got to meet her and spend time with her. I was as proud to have her as my mother-in law as she was proud to have me as a her daughter-in-law.

My introduction to the entire clan could have been under better circumstances, but this seems to be the only time everyone ever gets together. Pauline was one of 16 from a good Irish Catholic family. There were more cousins and aunts than I could count, but it was good to have everyone there. The family helped to keep most things going and keeping everyone occupied. Things have settled in a bit more, but we'll be looking in and keeping tabs on my father-in-law more now.

All of my exams have been rescheduled and it all begins on Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Emergency

I haven't been around for a while. I flew back from Dublin on Sunday and I'm now flying back out. Liam's mother is not doing well at all. Everyone is flying in today, I'll be getting in tomorrow morning. I have exams next week and really couldn't even care less.