Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So many unfinished posts

I have more draft posts from the last week than I have had since I started the blog. Z is so adorable that getting by on no sleep has been almost ok. We're planning a big Christmas/New Years dinner on Thursday because our Ritz brunch was a disappointment. They have let so many people RSVP for the brunch that they no longer seem to have room for the tons of food they had a couple of years ago. Food like mashed potatoes, stuffing, non-raw roast beef, and any type of sushi other than California rolls were all missing. At least there was plenty of champagne and the weather was nice.

In other news, I'm flying out 4 days ahead of Liam because every flight from the 3rd-12th is fully booked. This means I'm flying with Z ALONE for over 14 hours. I'm not looking forward to that. It also means that we have 4 fewer days to get her visa put into her passport, so she can leave the country. We applied for and have gotten everything as quickly as possible. Her birth certificate took a week from our date of discharge, the passport took 2 weeks and we have no idea how long the visa will take. If it isn't done by the 3rd we have no idea what we will do. Do I fly and leave Z with Liam for 4 days? Do we just cancel the trip? No idea, but we're hoping for the best! This does mean 4 more days with my family before Liam arrives, so that takes a bit of the rush out of our travels. Z's getting her first passport stamp, which is exciting. Poor kid has some pretty freaky travel paper photos. Between the visa pic and the passport one it's like a freaky face melted baby has replaced Z for all pictures. It's really freaking hard to get a baby to stare into the camera and photoshopping out Liam's hands just makes them look all the freakier. These will certainly come in handy once she gets older!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting back to "normal"

Not that I know what that is now. I'm typing this with Z strapped into the baby bjorn. I'm much better at touch typing than I thought I was. After a bit of an overwhelmingly tiring few days culminating in me, laying next to Liam while Z whined in the Pack N Play, crying, Z had a great night. Liam took her for a walk and fed her, which gave me a chance to get more than 1.5 hours of sleep. I got 3 hours and then Z had a nice long sleep at night. She slept for 4 hours straight last night, which was amazing! And then she took a 3 hour nap during the day. Other than waking up soaking through my shirts, pillows and sheets, I can't really complain. I would rather wake up leaking than not wake up because I haven't been able to sleep for 2 days.

With Z safely in the Bjorn I decided to get back to "normal." This included, laundry, washing up a few dishes and baking! I just made brownies from the box, but it's the first baking I've done since she has been born. I think she enjoyed it. Her sleeping while I worked away was my interpretation of her loving it.

On a less exciting note, Z is going to be vaccinated today. I'm not looking forward to it. All of those people against vaccines always seemed crazy to me. I'm not against the vaccines because I think they are going to be harmful to her, it's just that the thought of her getting an injection makes me sad. I know the vaccines will protect her from a lot of horrible diseases, but I have to say I might cry. There is also the scary TB vaccine she has to get, which will leave a scar. Since we live in a TB zone it's one that you don't usually have to get in the States. Liam and I were a little against it at first and then we went to drop my mom and grandmom off at the airport. Walking through the airport and knowing that a huge portion of the people had probably not been vaccinated against many common ailments sent us running. Getting on a plane in a few weeks has hardened our resolve. I'll just have to grit my teeth and bear it. At least she won't remember it. :'(

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Exams are over!!

I didn't think this day would come, but I finished my exams! So many people didn't know how I could do it and honestly, at times I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. All I have to complete is my final paper. My professor has given me an extension, so it's not due for another month or so. I plan on finishing it earlier, but I'm glad that I don't have to worry about rushing through it.

My exams actually went a lot better than I thought they would. There were a couple of questions that stumped me, but I had pushed through and feel I did well enough on the rest of them to think I might have actually pulled off a halfway decent grade. It might have also just been a sign that I missed every major point and I'll be very upset when I get my grades in Jan.

I still can't believe how much things have changed in just over 2 weeks. I'm sitting in bed, laptop propped up on the Boppy, laying next to my darling little girl and husband. It's really crazy to think that I'm a mom now. It still sounds weird. I'm a MOM!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can you tell I had a baby?

My posts have certainly been less frequent. I have an exam tomorrow and it's going to be a bloodbath. I mean it's going to be terrible and there isn't much I can do about it at this point. Thankfully I'm doing much better. Hives are long gone, soreness is mostly gone. I only need 4 mortin a day instead of 8. I know I won't mind Z being awake for all but 2 hours at night when I'm not trying to study throughout the day. But she's still so adorable. I can't get over smelling her when she fall asleep on my chest.

I'm looking forward to the weekend when our adjusted sleep schedule is no longer in effect. Liam sleeps upstairs during the week and I'm downstairs on the bed we have down there. He comes down at 4 to give me a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep before he heads off to work at 6. It isn't ideal, but it seems I'm better able to function without as much sleep as Liam.

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm glad we put the tree up early. My mom and gran brought over some presents for us, which are pretty much the only ones under the tree. Liam keeps asking what kind of push present I would like and I keep telling him nothing. It has to be hard to shop for me because I really don't want anything. Maybe some iTunes giftcards. I don't wear jewelry, like shopping, or have any other kinds of likes that are easy to shop for. Liam has a couple of things from me for Christmas as he's a bit easier to read. If it has something to do with photography or cooking, he's all for it. Both of those are checked off. I don't need anything, especially this year. Well maybe a magic pill to get Z to sleep during the night. Other than that, my aversion to clutter keeps me from wanting more things. I'm most looking forward to watching Tron, having a cider, and going to Christmas brunch.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Isn't going as well as I hoped. I'm still going to be taking my exams next week, but it's going to be a sh*tshow. I don't know if I'm overdoing it or what, but it seems that what little energy I was running on is slowly falling apart. Covered in hives, unable to sit for long periods or time, nausea and dizziness is the name of the game now. I have been banished to bed by Liam and pumping as much as I can to keep Z happy. At least I don't have a fever or anything like that...yet. I'm planning on not leaving the house except for my exams until Christmas, or at least until I'm feeling at least 95%. Unfortunately my mom and grandmom leave tomorrow, just as I start really heading downhill. Of course! Going to go back to sleep and try to absorb my course information via osmosis. I don't have any hopes for this semester, passing is all that I'm shooting for. Oy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A picture

(picture self destructed!)
Here is a long awaited pic of the little one on her birthday! If only she slept this peacefully at night. Trying to juggle studying, feeding her, feeding me, changing her and getting in a shower every once in a while. Talk about exhausting, but she's too cute for words!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

She has arrived!

The full birth post will be a bit longer, but she, yes SHE has finally arrived. We're just home from the hospital and it has been a whirlwind past 4 days. Zigs is doing well. She came in at about 6.5 lbs, so the doctor who told us she was going to be HUGE was full of it. She's adorable and so tiny. It's hard to remember how tiny they are in the beginning. I learned a number of things from this experience so far:
1) Nurses who tell you that the contractions you're having aren't really that bad, while you're shaking and trying to concentrate on breathing are a**holes!
2) Anesthesiologists are amazing, amazing, amazing people and any fear of an epidural goes away once you're in the thick of it
3) Functioning on 40 min-1.5 hour chunks of sleep over multiple days is possible and will continue for quite some time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lots to be thankful for

Today is the first Thanksgiving I'm not celebrating or preparing to celebrate tomorrow. We will be celebrating next Thursday once my mom and grandmom arrive. It was really weird to not wake up with the house smelling of cooking food, watching the parade and calling around to see what time everyone is coming over. Liam and I did Thanksgiving in Dublin last year for his family. We celebrated on Friday, so everyone would be able to make it. It was our first one together and it was also the last time that the entire family was together before Liam's mom passed away. The day was a little emotional for us both because of that.

I rang up my family and wished them all a Happy Turkey Day. My grandmother was cooking away and my mom was trying to avoid her while making the only thing she can, deviled eggs. They are both very excited to be coming and trying to get all the last minute things together. I'm still hoping for an arrival before they get here, but that is looking less and less likely. That said, I think I'm having a few contractions here and there, but nothing steady. It's been happening for the past 24 hours. A lot of pressure and a bit of pain every so often accompanied by my stomach becoming like a rock. I haven't told Liam yet because he would start to worry or certainly jump up to start the car every time I moved a muscle. Here's to hoping this kid makes his/her arrival in the next day or so. It would be very nice to greet my mom and gran with their granddaughter/great granddaughter on Saturday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Party

Our wine and cheese party was quite a success and thankfully over by midnight. The parties of our other neighbors have been known to go on until the wee hours of the morning, i.e. 6am. The stinky cheese was thrown out and the still yummy cheese is safely ziplocked in our fridge. One of the great things about having a party is the pre-party cleaning. The house looks great now. It also helped that everyone was outside because they all smoke. Such a bummer, but staying downwind is a specialty of mine. That and the fact that everyone is pretty good about making sure I'm not in their direct line of smoking fire. It should be interesting once the baby arrives and these smokers are told to air out and wash up before coming over.

I enjoyed some yummy sparkling apple cider and water from my most amazing water bottle. Liam is constantly trying to steal it from me. I bought it because I really like the Camelbak brand and the bottle just seemed more durable. But I certainly feel like I drink way way way more water from this water bottle than any other water bottle I've ever had. Maybe it's just more fun because you have to bit the valve to get anything out of it. Who knows, but it's keeping me hydrated!

The fbook, gchat messages, and emails asking if the baby has arrived are starting to arrive. Being out of the country gives me the advantage of not having people call, so I can be selective in my responses. That said, I don't know why people think I wouldn't post an update on fbook/Liam post on his/send out an email when s/he arrives. We're not going to keep the baby's arrival a secret!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Listening to Classes

I have to say I'm much better at taking notes on my classes when I'm just listening to the class recordings as opposed to being in class. I have no idea why, but hopefully it will help me. Everyone else in the compound is BBQing and playing in the pool and I'm at home listening to lectures. Sadface, but it's for a good cause! Liam hasn't abandoned me, he's out power washing the front of the house.

We're having people over for wine and cheese tonight. This means cleaning on top of studying. Last night we went out to a great Belgian restaurant with a bunch of our friends. Other than the smokey environment it was a very nice night. I even splurged and got dessert (delicious Belgian waffle w/ ice cream and chocolate syrup). I also had a glass of wine, which was divine. I do miss wine. We still have our celebratory bottles of champagne waiting for the baby to arrive. It's the same type we had on our wedding day! The baby may not want to make an appearance, but I'm sure going to enjoy these little things. After dinner, we all went to our neighbors, talked, ate chocolate, chips, and hung out until 1am or so. It was a chill night and though I paid for it at about 4am when the heartburn kicked in, it was so worth it.

My mother and grandmother will be arriving in a week or so and that's exciting. While I'm hoping I'll be driving with Liam to the airport to pick them up with our new little bundle, I'm making peace with the fact that this may not happen. My aunt had a C-section yesterday and had a healthy little girl. My uncle only posted 2 pictures on fbook, but I'm hoping he'll post more. Everyone is having babies!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Post: Liam's Critique of (500) Days of Summer

Since Liam doesn't have a blog of his own and he just needed to get this out, I'm allowing him a guest post movie review. He gets a bit worked up about this movie, but I still love him! I give the floor to him:

(500) Days of Summer... Seen it 3 Times with Izzie,-Rented it off iTunes, once on the plane back from the States and now again on the TV. Great Actors, Amazing Soundtrack, but one thing bugs me, i F@#king hate the character of Summer!!! And in particular one scene in the movie, makes me want to drown a kitten . So here goes, what is with Summer (Zoey Deschanel- Loved hr in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...) inviting Tom(Joesph Gordon Levitt- Excellent in the dance sequence, he hit the whole "next day" ) around to a party at her place the following weekend after dancing with him at the wedding and falling sleep on his shoulder.

He turns up thinking that the sparkle will be rekindled and BOOM!!! It is her engagement party!! Totally out of order!! She is there with the man she loves, a concept that she told Tom does not exist Actually an evil move on her behalf. did he deserve it? Hell he didn't, but, like always thinking of herself, she didn't give one thought of his feelings in the whole relationship. He loved her, a blindman could see it, she lured him in like a Black Widow to a fly on the train up to the wedding and at the wedding itself. Now, I have been told, on some occasion I don't think of other peoples felings, and upon reflection, correct. But we are talking about, in my case, not supersizing a CheeseBurger meal Fries' and Coke.

Summer didn't think inviting her ex along to her engagement party would not cause an issue? She a Mentalist? a bottle short of a six-pack? you just don't do sh*t like that.....
Finally, there is the scene at the end when he is sitting on his favorite Parkbench, reflecting on Life, Summer robs his coolplace to hang out. Summer splits with him, does the "friends" line, lures him as mentioned above, then not satisfied with ripping his Heart out, robs his spot....

Venting over. Back to watching The Simpsons with Italian subtitles...

P.S. I would never hurt a kitten...

A wee bit of a scare

I'll preface the story with an everything is fine. We went to the hospital yesterday afternoon because I hadn't felt the baby move for a long time during the day. I had eaten, drank something cold, rocked on my fitness ball and everything. I was getting nothing after laying down on my left side, giving the baby a few pokes and having Liam talk to my belly. Usually any of these three is enough to get a bit of a reaction and still nothing. Once tears started rolling down my cheeks, Liam said that's it, we're going to the ER. I just followed along, trying not to think of anything bad. What really freaked me out was the night before we had gone for a long walk, maybe a mile or so. We came home, ate dinner, watched tv and then went to bed. One I was laying down the baby had a serious movement extravaganza that woke Liam up at one point. We were both laughing about it at the time, but on the drive to the hospital all I was thinking was one thing and I can't even bring myself to type it.

We arrived at the ER and they told us to go to the OBGYN clinic b/c they were still open. They are closed for the rest of the week starting today for Eid. We told them what was going on, they brought me in, took my blood pressure (which was sky high I'm sure), had Liam fill out paperwork and strapped me to the fetal heart monitor. The second she found the heartbeat, I couldn't stop myself from letting a few tears out. I had been so so so worried. Liam was so calm cool and collected. Once we heard it, we both just listened and didn't even talk for a good 15 min. It was actually the best monitoring we've ever gotten. Usually the baby is asleep the whole time and they make me eat or drink something to get the baby going. Not this time, the heart rate showed the baby awake, it also showed me that all this can happen without the baby moving. We went in to meet with the doctor. She said everything looked good, the baby had moved a lot further down in my pelvis, no dilation, but softening, and the walking probably tired the baby out. Talk about being relieved!

We have to head to the ER (b/c the OB clinic is closed) for monitoring today and then meet with her again on Saturday. She then casually mentions that we could be induced on Saturday if I felt like it. I think I probably looked a lot more freaked out when I first walked in than I thought and she doesn't want me stressing out. Now that I know things are fine, the baby has less room to move and isn't showing any signed of distress I'm so much more calm. While I have been saying that I want to have this baby, you know yesterday, I don't think I want to go the induction route. After calming down, knowing that the baby is ok and being able to think it over, we're going to try and wait this thing out naturally. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. I'm sure it only gets worse once they arrive, but we're all happy and healthy for now. Well not Liam, after his calm cool and collectedness was no longer needed, he had a crazy adrenaline crash, followed by a stuffy nose and a little cough. Looks like I'll be taking care of my big baby until our little one arrives!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This needs to happen sooner rather than later

I didn't think it would happen, but I'm over it. I'm over being pregnant. The baby is full term, progressing right on schedule. I know that s/he will be fine. I just want him/her to get out! In addition to heartburn, you can add nausea and insomnia to the mix. I know the whole no sleep thing will be just as bad once the baby gets here, but at least there will be a baby to look at and feed/change/play with/sleep outside of my body. Liam has taken to bringing me 3am bowls of ice cream, as that seems to be the only thing that will keep the heartburn at bay in addition to my antacid pills and tums. I'm uncomfortable, getting up, rolling over, and standing up are all challenges and it may seem selfish, but I kind of want my body back. I know that breastfeeding won't exactly make me completely autonomous, but at least I'll be able to move around, not feel like every meal is a gastrointestinal challenge test. I know that my pregnancy has been relatively easy, there isn't much that I should be complaining about, but I'm certainly ready to meet the baby. My mother is taking a lot of pleasure in my questions about starting labour. I was only 4 days early (my mom's first) and my grandmom had my mom (her first) 11 days early. Here's hoping I follow in their footsteps and we will be meeting this baby soon. I am doubtful since I haven't had any Braxton-Hicks contractions that I have been able to feel. Can you tell that this is pretty much occupying my every waking moment? As for exams and all that, I'm chugging along, plodding is more like it, but making some progress.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Studying/Pregnancy Issues

My first exam is a little under a month away. Of course all of this is up to Z's arrival, but that's what I'm using to motivate me. It's not really working. It was for about 2 days and now I'm back to wanting to sleep again. Z's clothes are all over the living room. We were going to split them up by the size on the label until we realized a Carter's 3m is twice the size of a Target 3m. None of the sizes actually match up. So we're eyeballing it and trying to group them together. In addition packing my hospital bag seems to be taking forever. And by taking forever, I mean I just haven't gotten a bag and put anything into it.

I think I'm trying to postpone the inevitable. Our last doctor's appointment has me a little concerned. We went over my birth plan. Most people have said that they are useless, including my mother, but my doctor wanted us to bring one in. I'm not really a stickler for much. I didn't have any crazy requests, I just wanted to be sure that Liam/my mom/grandmom could be there, I could listen to music, move around if I wanted, hold the baby right after, things like that. I am also not opposed to an epidural although the thought of the needle in my spine makes me cringe. Once I'm actually in labour I don't think I'll care about a huge needle in my back, but right now it freaks me out to no end. I just said that I didn't want to see the needle at all, if I were to get one. Then it was time for my doctor to weight in and she tried to convince me that the recovery from a C-section was easier than regular birth. Now I've never given birth, but as the oldest of 15 grandchildren, I have seen plenty of moms recovering from childbirth. NONE would ever say that a C-section is an easier recovery. It looks like I'm going to be sitting at home until I feel like I'm going to split in half until I go to the hospital, so they don't try to force a C-section on me. If it is necessary for my safety or that of the baby of course I would get one, but if it's so that the hospital can clear out the delivery room a bit quicker I'm not budging! And with that I need to get studying!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

P.S. Hospital Bag

We haven't packed one yet, but any suggestions on what we should bring? The hospital is only 10 mins away, so it isn't like Liam couldn't run back and get something, but it would be nice to have everything there. The standard stay is 3 days for regular delivery and 5 for C-section. I'm thinking comfy old pjs, computer, ipod, chargers, pregnancy ball, slippers, socks, nursing bras, zipper front sweatshirt, toiletries, baby hospital leaving outfit. Does this seem like a good list?

Tax isn't so scary anymore

I haven't looked at the exams yet, but just going through all of the stuff I missed has made it a lot less scary. The prof is crazy organized, so it entails a lot of flipping through regulations, statutes, casebook and outlines, but it makes it a lot easier to follow. I've been highlighting, underlining and tabbing up my books like crazy. My outline/notes packet is already about 100 pages long and I'm not sure how the hell I'm going to chop it down. The amount of statutes and regulations are enough to fill an outline of more than 200 pages. All that said, it's fairly easy to follow. I'm sure I'll screw up all of the math calculations, but the theory and reasons behind it actually seems to be sticking. I'm making progress a little behind the pace I set for myself, but I feel like I was being overly ambitious.

In addition to everything going on my father in law flew in last night. We picked him up at the airport at 3am. We got back to the house at 4am. Talk about delirious. Liam and I are a bit loopy today and I got a freaking nap after getting up to make Liam breakfast before he went to work at 6am. And he can't even nap after work because we have a doctor's appointment. I'm thinking he's going to pass out tonight! But I don't feel too bad, he's got tomorrow off as well as all of next week. He'll also be playing a full round of golf with his dad twice in the next 4 days. I think he's ok with the sacrifice of no sleep for a night. They boys being away at the golf club will also give me more time to study. It will be at least 8 hours (golf+meal+drinks) of uninterrupted time to get my stuff done.

Or I'll spend it baking more bread, which isn't even a good excuse because we have a bread machine! We are no longer buying our bread. We're only baking it in the house. The bread here is terrible. I don't know wtf they do with it, but it isn't the best. We made our first loaf and that was it. We baked a loaf for one of our neighbors and they went out and bought a bread machine the next day. It would seem that none of could fully grasp how sucky it was until we had something good.

After I'm through my Tax catch up it will be time for Corps. And then hopefully it will be time for baby! Liam has been talking to my belly every night and trying to coax Z out. Sometimes he's sweet, other times stern and sometimes he just pokes him/her. I really can't wait to see our baby in his arms. I don't think he's going to want to put him/her down. If only the baby knew how excited we were to meet him/her! Another doctor's appointment today where we will do who knows what. I have to do the fetal monitoring again and I'll come prepared with apple juice and a nice slice of whole wheat bread. I don't think I have had any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet, which worries me. I don't want to be late. I really really really don't. I just hope Liam doesn't pass out and whack his head off of the exam table at the appointment. Back to studying! It seems that my second semester burst of energy is happening now and I'm taking advantage of it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Today is the first day I'm really ready to have the baby. I could sleep last night. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep, interrupted hours at that. My heartburn is out of control. Sleeping while sitting up isn't my idea of fun. I figured that this morning would be better. Boy was I wrong. I had a slice of whole wheat toast that has been attacking me for the past 8 hours. I took some pepcid and I have been popping tums. Nothing is working. My mom told me that she lost a bunch of weight in the last few weeks of her pregnancies because she refused to eat because it wasn't worth it. I thought she was being a bit dramatic. Now I know, it's not worth it. I haven't had anything to eat all day other than the toast and I'm not actually looking forward to eating anything else. Liam will make me eat when he gets home from work, but if it were up to me I would eat NOTHING. Sleeping during the day seems to be a lot easier, sitting up completely straight. The naps are the only things that have kept me from going batty. It's hard to feel crappy when you're asleep. So I have been sleeping for about 50% of the day.

I'm not even feeling that hungry. I have been able to accomplish about 1% of what I wanted to for today, which is open the document I'm supposed to be proofing to turn in today. There is still laundry to do, reading to get through, and writing to start. I don't think it's going to happen, but I remain optimistic. I'm so glad I'm not in classes. I can't imagine it would be able to make it there anyway, but the thought of lugging my books around, going up and down the stairs, getting to and from school and all of that just makes me want to nap more. Will they induce me just because I'm grumpy?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby still there and the studying begins!

I have safely made it home. The airline didn't bat an eyelash at me getting on the plane and I don't think anyone even knew I was pregnant. I spent a good amount of time watching movies, walking around and trying to sleep. All in all not a bad flight. I've certainly been on worse.

Today, I spent a total of 5 hours at the hospital. The first .5 were spent waiting for my new doctor, 1.5 having the fetal heartbeat monitored and 20 minutes being seen by the doctor. The 1.5 of fetal monitoring isn't entirely the hospital's fault. Liam was in with me and the baby wasn't moving much. The nurse asked him to go to the cafeteria and get me some juice and bread to get the baby more active. He said ok and then left for about 40 minutes. I thought perhaps he got lost, had gone home to get us food, or he was in a car crash. The nurse asked me again what his name was and she went into the waiting room to call for him. He was there, sitting and reading the paper. He was apparently confused by the nurses accent and thought she was just making a general recommendation about making sure I ate and drank enough in the mornings and thought he was being kicked out of the room! He sat out there for 40 minutes!! Needless to say, we had a laugh at it. I wasn't in a rush and neither was he, so we just chalked it up to one of those things we can laugh about and we already have.

The second 2 were waiting for another ultrasound, 15 minutes getting the ultrasound and 15 waiting for them to give us the report. That one was less fun and didn't end in laughs, only annoyance. But we won't have to do that again. Our next meeting with the doctor is next week. She's great and practiced at a big hospital in the US. I know the hospital she was at before and it was a great one and we have heard nothing but amazing things about her, so I'm pumped she's my doctor. Next visit we'll be going over the birth plan and other incidentals.

Tomorrow begins the study schedule I set out for myself. I have a lot of class to catch up on and review. I'm still hoping the baby arrives early, so that definitely gives me an incentive to get my shit together!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

After a fun filled weekend of exams, going to the Rally to Restore Sanity and a packed train trip after, I'm completely and totally ready to get out of here! I took my brother and sisters trick or treating and I have to say it's nowhere near as awesome as it was when I was young. Almost no one was home , if they were home they were pretending they weren't. After about 30 houses only 10 or so gave out candy. When I was younger every house had candy, we could go out for hours and fill half a pillow case. The dream...to fill the entire thing was unfortunately never achieved, but it was sure fun to try. Now I can't even look forward to stealing my own kids' candy because apparently no one is giving any out anymore!

This week should be interesting and it will include a little bit of exam prep in an area I feel totally unprepared for, packing, handling last minute paperwork (like my visa) and I'm good to go. Liam had his big presentation/panel of questions and feels like he got railroaded. I wish I were there to make him feel better, but he can retake it in a few months if he does, in fact, fail. I don't think he did, but it's better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I will be doing this when it comes to my grades for this semester. We're looking forward to meeting our little one in only a few weeks and I'll be doing everything in my power to make this baby come before my actual due date. I'm talking spicy food, bumpy roads and every other old wives tale, other than castor oil, I can muster. Z, you hear that, we want to meet you soon. Just give us about a week more until you make your big debut! (pretending to have a little control makes us feel better! :P)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dreams have arrived

I had my first pregnancy dream. I walked into my grandmother's kitchen and there were 3 tiny babies the size of newborn puppies wrapped in a towel on top of the toaster oven (it wasn't on!). I picked up on of the babies and fed him from a bottle. Yeah, it was a boy. I have no idea what any of this means, but it certainly had me smiling when I woke up. It was a very cute dream baby! It also has me motivated for some serious final exam studying. The hardest part about studying for my two finals is that both profs are doing something different this year. This means that all previous exams are pretty much worthless. I'll try to do my best and glean as much information as I can from the exams and make a comprehensive study guide. 1 credit class exams shouldn't be making me crazy and I'm not going to let them!

Liam's big presentation/grill session is coming up on Friday and his studying has been motivating me. I think he's a bit nervous, but he's going to knock this out of the park. It's for a big fancy certification that will look quite nice after his name on his business cards. We're both going to rock it and then have a nice relaxing day next week before it's time to get back to work!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I know I haven't talked about them much this semester, so here's a quick rundown of the classes left this semester:

Corporations is taught by a great professor. He breaks everything down and makes sure people are getting everything. This is particularly helpful fro me because the amount of reading I'm able to get through it pretty dismal. I always thought of corps as huge multinational conglomerates, but learning all of the rules and regulation and then how they do it in DE makes it all seem a lot more accessible. I haven't looked at any past exams and I haven't started outlining yet. All of that fun will begin next week.

Taxation is still incredibly frightening, especially since I can't find my giant tax code book. I know I bought one and I don't want to have to buy another...it might come to that. The professor is incredibly organized. Outlines, reading, everything is meticulously done and this will also be so helpful because I won't be working from scratch when it comes to outlining and the hard study time. I'm less scared than I was, particularly because 1/3 of the class seems to not show up to every class.

I've finished 4 of my other classes. All in all I'm so happy with my class choices this semester, not only because all of the profs have been great, but the pressure is off for the last few weeks of pregnancy. My biggest non-pregnancy related, well as non as it can be is that I'll do all of my studying and outlining and then go to take my exams in January and have to relearn it all again. It will be about 2 months between the end of my studying and outlining and taking the exams. That's a really long time and I'll be sleep deprived. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Freaking Bags

My bags are too big. My two checked bags are way too big. I can take 50 lbs in each bag. I'm transporting an infant car seat, pump, tons of baby clothes, packs of diapers and wipes, baby clothes and clothes that are actually for me. I have tried to weigh them and haven't really been successful. I'm a bit afraid. I'm thinking of bringing an extra duffel bag or something like that to the airport and paying for excess baggage if needed. As my travel time gets closer and closer, of course there are little things popping up. Apparently my license expires in Dec. I haven't had to look at it for the past 8 months because I haven't been drinking. Other than bars or restaurants, I never even use my license. I've been back to visit my family every weekend for the past 8 weekends, including full days on Fridays. Yesterday I get the mail which tells me I need to get it renewed. I'm not here during the week again. I have been here for 2 freaking months and NOW i get the renewal message. It will have to expire and I'll have to renew it in January. Seriously? It couldn't have come 1 day earlier?

2 exams, 1 paper, and a little over a week left. I'm freaking out, in a good way. Once I get home, so much of the preparation that I have been working on will be done. I can start putting things away. We can begin washing everything, picking up last minute items, having relaxing pre-baby time, living in a place for more than 3 days at a time, things like that. So exciting!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adult Diapers? Really?

I have just been advised twice in 2 days that I should buy adult diapers for after delivery. Seriously?! Seriously?! This is not instilling me with a lot of wonderful glowing pictures of new motherhood! Ugh, one more thing to add to my shopping list. And I thought buying tampons was embarrassing...

So, this is what I have learned about the first few weeks of being a mother from what everyone has told me. I will be in a lot of who-ha pain. I will be completely and totally sleep deprived. My boobs are going to hurt and if the latch isn't right, cracked and sore nips. It seems that I should be looking forward to constant leaking and crying. I know everyone is just trying to prepare me, but come on! Perhaps it's just a way of keeping my expectations in perspective. If everyone tells me how horrible it will be and then it's not so horrible, maybe I'll feel like I've lucked out and things are going great.

Maybe I'm just getting the jitters because it's all very quickly approaching. Items to buy: Baby Bjorn, infant seat cover, button down top pjs, slippers, labor ball, and miscellaneous baking stuff. The clock is seriously counting down! I just want to get home, be with my husband, stop living out of a suitcase, having a good 5 hours a day to devote to studying for my classes, begin outlining, wash all of the baby clothes and relax.

Everyone keeps commenting on how well I'm handling everything that's just because I don't have a private place to freak out. I feel bad about complaining at all for some reason I'm the poster child for being able to get through law school while pregnant and living like a nomad. I'm not huge, my extremities are their normal size, I can workout, I'm still going to classes and trying to push through my papers, but boy am I tired. I think the end being so close is getting to me. It ain't as easy as it seems folks!

Monday, October 18, 2010

WTF is the number for then?!

Is the after hours number at the OBGYN just to give you a place to call if you have an issue just to get it out or are they actually supposed to call you back?! Thankfully it seems that the problem has resolved itself, but I mean come on...3 hours later and still nothing. I'll give them a ring in the morning. I guess you have to be in hysterics for them to call you back. Rant over!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So they got me...kind of

My family baby shower happened yesterday, pulled off at my favorite back at my mom's-need a fix-restaurant-Red Lobster. Those biscuits have crack in them. It's the only way I can explain it. My mom surreptitiously got my best friend from high school's phone number by enlisting my little sister to ask to give her a call. There wasn't anything odd about this because my 7 year old sister will routinely ask Tine, why she only visits when I'm home. So I handed off the phone to her without a second thought. Turns out she handed the phone to my mom, who then left a message and her phone number for Tine to call back. Then they worked out all the plans. Not too bad in the sneaky planning there!

My friend, Tine, picked me up for a little baby shopping before lunch. We were supposed to be going to Red Lobster anyway, so that didn't throw me off. But the waiter did nearly ruin everything by not noticing that I was preggers and almost seating us at a regular table. Tine had to give him a whisper and we were headed back to the back area, where my entire family (well not entire, only about 15) were there for the surprise. It was great fun watching my great aunt and grandmother argue over how all of the baby shower games should be corrected and how the prizes should be divied up. My friends were texting me under the table to see if there was going to be a senior citizen throw down.

Having this little get together made me of so happy that I had a destination wedding and planned it myself! I can only imagine the added stress they would have heaped onto the process. After the hellos, there were phone calls to relatives who are always about 2 hours late to everything (they made it 20 min before we left), the ordering of the food, the baby games (one was a word unscramble, my name was a clue and my mom forgot a letter!), then time for gifts. I'm not really a big fan of opening the gifts in front of everyone. For my friend shower there were only about 6 people, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but you don't go against the family unless you want to sleep with the fishes! So I opened presents, the oooohs and aaahhhhs followed. The best present was this one:

I say this because no more than 1 hour earlier Tine and I were in the store and they had this playing in the baby section. I shuddered and told her how it was freaking the crap out of me and be both laughed. But who knows, maybe I'll get used to it, if it works on the baby. Whatever it takes to get them to sleep!

After I wiped the tears from my eyes over the CD, I got to wear my fabulous hat of decorative mess and then there was cake. Yummy delicious cake. Then it was time to go, pack up the car and start writing thank you cards. Only 7 more to go! I refuse to have those things hanging over my head. All in all a great weekend for family and baby, not so great for actual school work. Well that will just have to be addressed tomorrow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


The supplies have started rolling in. Newborn(84-count) and size 1(164-count) diapers. Check. I'm hoping Z will be able to fit into the newborns. Although I have been told we're having a big baby, well only when overseas, I was only 7lbs when I was born and Liam was 6, so here's hoping for history to repeating itself. The stroller/infant seat combo has also arrived. Check. Now I just have to get that seat into my luggage. Should be interesting. In addition to those, the pump, wipes, and our yearly special addition ornament have all arrived. I'm so excited for all of this and still a bit worried that the family hasn't done their baby shower for me yet. My mother insists that these things must be a surprise. The only thing is I have a limited amount of time here and an even more limited amount of suitcase space. She has broached the idea of doing it when I come back next year, but I'm not sure if that was just to throw me off. We shall see, there are only 2 more opportunities to get it in before I head home.

Next up on my shopping list: baking supplies, pumping bags, and maybe some Christmas presents.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Head Down

Me and the baby. I had my doctor's appointment today. Pretty much your standard heartbeat, blood pressure, pee in a cup kind of visit. She said that the baby is head down. Very exciting, especially because now I know when I'm being kicked vs. punched. This kid is also so far up my torso it's crazy. My baby must be having a really great time kicking my sternum. It also explains my crazy heartburn because I can only imagine where my stomach is at this point. I'll start on the Pepcid as soon as I can get some. Also, no food or drinking 2 hours before sleep and using extra pillows to prop me up.

As for me being head down, I'm chugging along. I've hit my second wind when it comes to getting sh*t done! Less than 3 weeks left, 1 doctor's appointment left, 2 exams and 1 paper. This is completely doable and I'm looking forward to accomplishing it. Yay for iron supplements keeping me from napping 3 hours a day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

One Paper Down

One to go. I haven't completely finished it. There is proofreading to do and tidying up, but I have written it. Tomorrow I start on my second paper and really studying for my end of the month classes. This semester has certainly been a lot better than fall of 1L. I'm feeling a bit more like I know what the hell I'm doing. With the exception of tax, all of my classes are interesting or at least give a bit more than black letter law and giant lecture halls. I feel a giant weight has been lifted by knocking this paper out and it only shows me that the next one need not be a complete and total disaster. After this semester I only have one more required class to take and then the rest is sopping up credits. This is a particular achievement given the sickly weekend I'm coming off of. But I can breathe through my nose for the most part again! You don't realise how important that is until you can't do it anymore. After 2 boxes of tissues in 2 days, I'm back on track beating this thing down.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to finding out if Z is head down. I don't know if it's too early to tell or nor yet. Other than paper writing, I spent some time buying baby staples. I got 1 box of newborn diapers and one box of size 1-2. This along with a giant bag of wipes. Liam found a pack and play and has assembled it in our bedroom. He also bought a surprise little vibrating baby chair. He was going to wait until I got home, but he decided to show it to me because I was feeling so down and sickly. It was a nice surprise. Other than that, he's been looking for a good feeding chair. We have a rocking chair, but it kind of sucks. There are a couple of great recliners we have found at the store, but they are a little pricey. They have great big wide arms at the perfect height for resting our arms and are super comfortable. Here's hoping for a great sale before Z comes! I'm taking the night off of school work as a reward for getting my paper finished.

P.S. Tums are doing jack for my freaking heartburn! Nothing brings it on that I can pinpoint and I'm sick and tired of always feeling like I'm going to be puking in my mouth. Sorry for the overshare, but it's just not cool.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I should have taken the class pass fail

I'm taking Tax I. Don't ask me why. Well I know why, it was a 4 credit class that fit into my schedule. We have the option of taking a certain amount of credits pass/fail after the first year. I have 2 credits next semester for a class and I'll need to take 2 in my 3rd year. I might be taking an extra pass/fail class next semester and those credits combined with a 4 credits class this semester would have put me over the limit. So long story short, I couldn't take Tax pass/fail. Big mistake apparently because I don't know of a single person in the class who isn't taking it pass/fail. It's really time to knuckle down when it comes to this class although I do have a lot of time between the end of class and my exam I don't think I'll be getting any better at it over that extra time. On another note, I'm actually making progress on my papers! Not as quickly as I would have wanted, but I factored in a bit of slacker time, so I'm still actually on track. There isn't much of that slacker time built in!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing much...except baby clothes!

There isn't much to report. For some reason I have been rolling onto my back during the night. It freaks me out although the doctor says it's fine. Heartburn is kicking my butt. I do enjoy getting toward the end of my iphone app tracking the pregnancy. Not that many weeks to get through. Now it's all about buying stuff for the baby. We're registered on Amazon and at Target. The selection and prices back home can be crazy, so I'm trying to stock up on some things now. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'll buy a boatload of diapers, but what size do I buy? I don't want to have ones that are too big or have a ton left over that are too small. In addition we're trying to figure out how to get a stroller/infant seat combo and a pack and play over there. There is a great stroller on sale for about $150. Liam has checked at stores over there and comparable ones without a base for the car are about $400. When it comes to a pack and play, here $120, there $300. It's really crazy how much it can cost!

Outside of the gear, I've been slowly building up a clothes supply. We have a lot of onesies, socks and that kind of stuff already. My friends got me some really cool stuff for my shower/bday extravaganza. But this weekend I made a real discovery...I hate to admit it and was really shocked that I found good items, but I went to Walmart. My mom shops, she's like a professional shopper. She was stopping off there and usually I just stay in the car or try to hurry her along, but this time I was drawn to the baby stuff just because it's adorable. I tend to not like the crazy huge conglomerate driving other businesses out of town kind of thing. But $1 Carter brand clothes...sorry mom and pop shop. I bought about 25 items for $32. I got them in newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 month sizes. Baby clothes are crazy expensive and any ways to save will most definitely be embraced. So it looks like I'll be trolling the Walmart clearance racks for clothes until I leave.

Friday, October 1, 2010


My paper topic has been approved. It was actually enthusiastically approved. Now I just need to fulfill the expectations I have set for myself. At this point, I would say I have about 150 sources to look through. The upside is the topic is interesting. The downside is, I have 150 sources to look through. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but I can't say I don't have enough material to make it work. I've pretty much resigned myself to not working on my other classes until later in October because it's just a bit much now.

While I don't relish the idea of studying while close to delivering, it's better than running myself ragged. Well not really running, since I can't do much of that. I'm not very good at running, jogging, or walking. It's not like I can really complain much about this pregnancy. Knock on wood. Compared to a lot of people I know things have been pretty smooth. Other than fatigue, hip issues and heartburn it's been pretty good. I'm more excited to see the baby than ready to get this baby out, but I still have some weeks to go. We'll see if my tune changes. The month before the baby arrives is going to be pretty hectic. We have Liam's father visiting us for a week, a good friend of mine coming for another week and then my mom and grandmom visiting for 2 weeks (hopefully coinciding with the arrival). Between finishing up my papers, silk painting, baking, freezing meals, and decorating for the holidays it's going to be a pretty hectic last month! And I'm so looking forward to it!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Legal Research

I never realized how much a good research plan/knowing where to find things can help you. The law school librarians are amazing. I've started making progress on my BIG paper. And by progress I mean I found about 100 articles and books I need to start reading. It's a start and I'm glad I have a list going. Did you know that there are sites where you can export all of your searches on various legal databases to a site that complies all of them in bibliographical form? I didn't, but that sure seems like a much better solution than keeping 50 tabs open on random Firefox windows. Finding databases, search option and other items on my subject is helpful. Wow, people actually wrote about it. No one has written about my exact topic, double bonus. The parsing must begin soon. I have 4 hours of solid time tomorrow morning to work on one of my papers. And then I have the 3 hours of travel time to my mom's. The thing about not being the driver is, I always fall asleep. It's not the worst thing in the world, but not the best for getting sh*t done. Friday, I'm devoting 5 hours to writing, 2 to sleeping in, and the rest will be spent with the family. I will stick to this schedule. I will not go on perezhilton or any other gossip site. I WILL DO IT! And if I don't, I can't have any treats over the weekend. It will be nothing more than iron supplements, fruits, veggies and whole grain. No ice cream or cake, which would actually be possible this weekend because it isn't someone's birthday. In my family that is really a time to be remembered. It's pretty much always someone's birthday. Yummmm cake!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had one of my few remaining check ups today and found out that I am anemic. Boo! Where did all my iron go? Then I thought about it and I can't even remember the last time I ate red meat! I don't think a meatballs sub from Subway counts. And I'll need iron supplements. I've heard they can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Not looking forward to those repercussions. On the bright side I only gained 5 lbs since my last check up 5 weeks ago. I think my total is so far is +7lbs from the beginning. The doc says it's totally fine and I'm lucky, so no more worries about any of that. I guess another ice cream cone here or there won't be too damaging.

I'm still waiting for all of this free time to appear, but so far it hasn't. Must stop talking to my husband for 3 hours everyday! I'm not even exaggerating. We can just talk about nothing for an entire day and I love that about him. Finding someone you can just sit on a couch with and watch tv with for a weekend is so important in a marriage. It's not all nightclubs, fancy dinners, crazy trips, etc. This will be especially true once the baby arrives. Our kitchen dance parties will have to do. While Liam cooks, he is pretty much the exclusive cook in the house, I sit and keep him company. We each take turns picking a song off iTunes or youtube and if the cooking doesn't require constant attention have a bit of a dance off. There is a sound system in the kitchen. Liam can listen to pretty much any pop/rock/alternative/funk/soul song and know the artist, album and year. I really hope Z inherits that ability or at least an appreciation for music. And will be so embarrassed by his/her parents always dancing in the kitchen. I'm definitely looking forward to that one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Writing Must Commence

I have 37 days to write 55 pages. My huge seminar paper finally has a topic, well kind of a topic. It at least has an idea. I really need to start working on my research and getting that done. My intensive course is finally over after a disastrous presentation. The guy that went before me did an awesome one and my puny powerpoint after his seemed like an afterthought I sneezed out. Oh well, not much that can be done about that. This means I now have 9 new free hours of writing time each day and I have no excuse to fill with tv/slacking/non-school related reading.

But my first chunk of time will be filled with a doctor's appointment. I'm having my 30 week check up next week. It's a bit late, but apparently getting an appointment with my nurse practitioner is like getting tickets to the hottest concert in town. The OBGYN medical practitioners must feel like the rock stars of the hospital if the waiting lists for their appointments are any indication. After this visit, I'll only have 2, maybe 3 more until I leave. I can't believe the end is coming up so soon. It seemed like it was taking forever for about the past 7 months and now I can't believe the end is nearing. I keep thinking about the things I'll miss and the only thing I can think of is feeling Z move. I'm sure once I get a kick to the lungs/ribs/something else equally painful I'll lose that last bit of rose-coloredness and just want this kid out! In the meantime the belly dancing that goes on completely independent of anything I'm doing will just have to be enjoyed. And in a little more than month Liam will get to enjoy it as well. We're halfway through our separation and we only gets closer to being together. That is definitely a motivating factor in getting through it all. Who was the crazy person that came up with this plan?! Oh yeah, it was us.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pain and Good News

My hips are totally f*cked! Well just one side. My trainer thinks I have pulled my hips out of alignment. Awesome! This means I walk a little faster than my grandmom before she had both her knees replaced. I struggle to put on my pants while standing and stairs are something I have to think really really hard about. I'm not opposed to taking the elevator to go up one floor. Yes, I will be that incredibly annoying person. There isn't anything that can be done about it until Z is born because any realignment would pretty much just be thrown out of whack over the next 2 months anyway. So, I'm relegated to the hobbling pregnant majority and hope I'll remember how to walk normally once the little one walks on out.

I have an extension on a presentation I was supposed to do today. Why, do you ask? Because the person who went before me and did their 10-20 minute presentation took 1 hour! It was complete with a game of Jeopardy at the end. Complete with prizes. I lost during final Jeopardy, sooooo pissed about that one. But come on, talk about making the rest of us look bad! The prof has thankfully requested that we keep ours to 10 minutes and I'm glad because I'll be grasping to get that much. 10 minute presentation, followed by writing my paper and that's one class down. I was also informed of my make up final exam date, which is so great. I can now buy my ticket and really start planning my last weeks of babylessness.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready to Travel

On a plane. I'm in need of a vacation. I know I've only been back in the US for about a month, but I also haven't been on a vacation in over a year. Liam and I have traveled to see each other, I've met him at home and he's come to me, but an actual vacation has been elusive. There hasn't been any exploring new destinations, the excitement that comes with checking a destination off of the list or the fun of unexpected changes of plans that come with new adventures. In the nearly 2.5 years we've been together we've been to more almost 10 countries together. And as I was writing this and on phone with Liam he out of nowhere starts telling me that he misses our vacations! Damn, we are in sync. So now we're trying to figure out a good vacation plan around life with a baby. It might just be an overnight in NYC in the new year or maybe a circuitous trip back home from the US stopping in the UK. We will see, but it's nice we're both on the same wave length. I guess it will all depend on how amenable Z is to air travel. It's a pretty huge fact of our lives, vacations or not we're flying at least 5 round trips a year ranging from 40 min-14 hour flights. Having family on 2 separate continents and living on a 3rd sure increases the frequent flier mileage! I'm so glad this Christmas is our stay at home year. Not that we would be able to travel if it weren't, but it takes any pressure or need to explain off the table. Christmas 2011 is with Liam's family and 2012 is with mine. Z is going to be able to navigate airport security like a pro by the time s/he can crawl!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is there such a thing as too much class?

I need some of these classes to end. I'm in class pretty much 9-5 most days. This leaves very little time for me to actually read, outline, eat, whatever. The one class that's been taking up the bulk of my daytime time will be over next week and I'm so excited. I also have to bang out my paper for that one, but once the class is over it will be so much easier.

The week after my ADR class ends, my other big paper class also ends. This will free up about 13 hours of study time/wk. I am ready for that especially because the focus of the classes is getting us to think about paper topics. Class discussions matter when it comes to the grade, but the actual reading we have to do has almost no bearing on the final grade. I kind of wish it did because I actually enjoy the readings although they take up a crazy amount of time.

I've been devoting a much larger portion of my time and energy to the classes that end earlier for obvious reasons. That said, I don't want to get too far behind in my other couses because we all know how that ends. I don't really have the time or energy to be up until all hours trying to cram 14 weeks of information into my brain before a final. Once these two are finished, I can start catching up, start writing and not running around like a crazy person. I almost wish I had kept my ridiculously overpriced apartment. The commute it really not helping things any. Today I spent just under 2 hours getting to campus. If my commute works the way it should, I can get to campus in about hour and it's free. If it doesn't it will take at least 2 hours and cost me $3. It isn't the worst thing in the world, but what screwed my commute up really sucked. My first bus was 7 minutes late. I missed my connecting bus by 3 minutes. Holy frustration batman! This meant a 7 block walk to another bus and arriving 5 minutes late for class.

Mild Pregnancy-Related Rant:
Ahh walking...so far I've been pretty good with being able to walk, run (hobble) and quick walk. Now things are starting to get more and more difficult. I find myself swaying from side to side and kind of walking like an old lady. Trying to be super vigilant about my posture has been something I've credited with keeping me from adopting the pregnancy waddle. I think I've reached the end of my normal ability to walk. The pregnancy walk is here to stay, well at least for another couple of months. In other pregnancy related news, I can't say that I have actually popped yet. This is great in many respects, no one trying to touch my stomach, no unsolicited advice from strangers (only family and friends), but is also means no perks. I don't get a seat on the bus, no one offers to help when it comes to getting my luggage off the rack of the train, I'm lucky if I get a door flick. I don't mind too much about the door and the luggage, but the seat thing actually makes me want to just start asking people. My center of gravity is completely off and slamming into people is pretty awkward. Or perhaps I'll just start pawing my stomach a bit more conspicuously and push it out. What's a pregnant gal need to do to get a seat on public transportation?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well Talk About a Start

I feel like I'm already halfway through the semester. Everything is happening at a breakneck speed. I get that this happens when you cram everything into a semester that you can, but jeez. I'm prepping for some serious work coming up. I'm trapping myself in various study spaces around campus and making myself write the number of pages needed per day to not get slammed at the end. It has been working so far. 1-3 pages per day has been my goal. My large research paper has taken a backseat for right now because I haven't actually determined my topic yet, but it's coming up. 1 page per day gets me to my 30 pages easily. This way I can add more, delete and edit it over the month following and actually make it readable. I'm a terrible stream of consciousness kind of writer. Sentences will end midway through as I jump from idea to idea. Not so great when you need to turn something in.

In my other non-writing intensive classes, I kind of feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. It's a tax class and everyone else seems to know wtf is going on. There wasn't another tax requirement to take it, but I get the feeling I'm way behind. I plan on asking the prof. about it, so we'll see if I can catch up or maybe I'm just paranoid. Once the next couple of weeks are over I can also really focus on wtf I'm going to be doing for the next 2 years. I'm still just making plans that I'm sure will completely be thrown out the window. Once the baby is here all of my preconceptions, plans and other ideas will be out the window, but the plans are my security blanket so I'm planing away!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loving the Gym

I find it hilarious that I'm better at working out while pregnant than not pregnant. I've been leaving the house at 7am everyday to workout. Getting in anywhere between 30 min to and hour 4/5 days a week. I'm not doing anything particularly strenuous. It's a lot of elliptical, arms work, and stretching on my own and with the trainer more strength exercise. Part of it is fear of gaining too much weight, wanting to be fit enough to bounce back after the birth and also just wanting to stay healthy during the pregnancy. It's amazing how quickly being in law school can take a back seat to real life.

My classes are going well. I have one that ends early this semester and I'm actually really sad it will end early. The hours fly by and the discussions are so fun and exciting. I guess I'll just have to soak up as much of it as I can before it ends. There are 2 big papers due this semester and I'm starting to get a little nervous about that. It will be a total of anywhere between 55 and 70 pages of research papers. I'm not nervous yet, but I'm thinking I'll get there. It helps to not have any outside extracurricular distractions. I selected the main journal for write on. I didn't think I would make it on and I didn't and I'm glad. I would be ready to shoot myself right about now. It sucks that I can't put it on my resume, but that's about the only thing that sucks about it for me. Bluebooking while sitting in the OB/GYN waiting room for an ultrasound does not sound fun. I'll just have to make due with classes, visiting my family, writing these papers, finding things we need for the baby and fighting with the insurance company about paying for my delivery in a foreign country. More than enough on my plate!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I want cake

Cake has been on my mind. A particular type of cake comes to mind and it's probably because I can't have it. I worked at a bakery for a summer and my family went there for about 30 years. They closed down 10 years ago and I really really want some of their cake! I haven't had a good cake in a good long while. I don't like the fancy stuff, vanilla or chocolate with vanilla butter cream frosting. My birthday is coming up, so I'll be sure to relay the message to my family for my cake buying. CAKE!!! That is all for today...CAKE!

P.S. This baby is eating all of my food/muscle mass/bone density. Measuring large for his/her age. I'm still at pre-pregnancy weight and a little worried. This kid might actually grow strong enough to punch its way out of my stomach!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Week of Classes

My first week of 2L is complete. So far, so good. I'm going to enjoy most of my classes a lot more than last year, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. After getting all my classes I just have to cope with 16 credits. One large research paper is calling my name. My focus is generally international law, transactional work and other things I've worked on in the past. All of the 1Ls are all so cute wandering around unsure of where to go. They have no idea what's in store for them. The good news, you'll block out the most traumatic things by the end of the summer when the craziness of OCI will hit them. I just keep repeating the mantra, only 2 more years, only 2 more years...

On the baby front, my sleep schedule is being seriously f*cked with. Last night I woke up 4 times to go to the bathroom. One of those was to brush my teeth after some serious heartburn lead to a nice retaste of my previous meal. This meant 5 pillows piled high and me pretty much sleeping sitting up for the rest of the night. I don't know what the hell Z was doing, but the movement at about 3am was ridiculous. I don't know if it was break dancing, line dancing or ballet, but I wish Z wouldn't do it at 3am. There is also some weird movement going on where I swear the baby is like crawling on the bottom of my belly. It feels super weird, but I swear it's so much movement all at once. A poke here, a bump there is the usual, but lately it's been a lot more. I guess getting in all this stretch time before things get tight is the thing to do. No news from my doctor's office about the glucose test and it's been over a week, so I'm guessing no gestational diabetes. Awesome!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My schedule is finally complete. I got all of the classes I wanted/needed, now I just have to do well in these classes. I'm a bit concerned about my large research paper that will be due this semester. It's pretty much any topic of my choosing as long as it's provocative, but it's also 40-50 pages. I want to bang this out before I leave. I know it's not going to happen, but I need as much of that done before I leave.

Other than that, my days are much fuller than they were before. I have places to be, reading to do and before I know it it's 3pm. I'm still crazy tired and haven't yet found a good nap spot on campus. There is certainly a need for a nap room. I'm going to lobby the SBA. I can certainly see this semester going quickly and October being here before I know it. It's a blessing and a curse. I keep looking at the light at the end of this tunnel. BABY! So far this kid has been cooperating, knock on wood. I think Z likes my lectures as the kicking is most furious then. The fact that I have another human being inside of me still hasn't hit me for real. I know it's true, but the thought is still so up in the clouds. The fact that I'm still not really showing has meant that I'm not getting the pregnant woman attention, which is fine by me. I don't need anyone pawing my belly. So far I'm +2lbs. I don't know how much longer that's going to keep up, but working with my trainer will help keep it in track. The general recommendation would be for me to gain between 10-15lbs, so I'm pretty much on track. Only 12 more weeks so go until we get to see Z, 14 until the end of the semester and 8 more until I get to see Liam!

Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm trying every single thing I can to get into the classes I need this semester. This means I'm doing nothing. I've gone to the classes in which I'm waitlisted and that's about it. I'm also sweating like freaking crazy. Now that I'm displaced I'm living in locations that aren't quite as easy to get to. This means a lot of walking, buses and other forms of public transportation. I was so spoiled, but not anymore! I can't wait for the fall with it's glorious crisp weather, changing leaves and getting dark earlier. Since I'm no longer in classes in the evening, early sunsets just means cooler temperatures. I'm willing myself through this semester and looking to the amazing finale of a new baby!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glucose Tolerance Test

It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I chugged it in two goes. The nurse warned me to take it slow, yeah like that's going to happen. The orange flavor made me want to yack, but I knew if I did I would just have to drink it again. Mind over matter! I had to get out of there for interviews. After repeatedly asking how long the process would take and being told 30 min, they inform me that I need to wait an hour for my blood to be drawn. I had read about the test before hand and everyone said that, but I asked them more than once and they kept saying I would be out in 30 min. So I chug it down and then they let me know in an hour I could have my blood drawn. WTF?! You all suck, is what I wanted to say. Even with the extra hour or wait time, I made it to my interviews with no problems. I used my hour to do some firm research, change into my suit and buy a breakfast sandwich to devour after my blood draw. I didn't fast before, so I hope that wasn't what I was supposed to do. My double digit countdown day passed by without my even noticing. Less than 100 days to go until the little one is here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Early Interview Week

It's kicking my a**! I am so incredibly tired. Walking around in real shoes that are not sneakers or flip flips is taking it's toll. I'm hoping this doesn't show through in my interviews. I am also finally dealing with some pregnancy pain, other than heartburn. Walking/jogging/running has become increasingly difficult. This was brought to my attention yesterday when speed walking for a bus. I'm going to need to do more pelvic floor exercises, ewwwww I know, with my trainer. I'm literally shuffling down the street. Not good. I certainly won't be lugging around books. Yay for locker ladies taking pity on a pregnant lady and giving me a bigger one to store all of my books, clothes and shoes.

On a non-school related note, I'm going into the doctor's for my glucose tolerance test this morning. It's 4:30 am right now, can you say jet lag? The appointment is at 8:30 and I need to get to an interview at 11. I sure hope it will be enough time. Other than trying not to pass out/fall over at interviews, I'm going to maximize my time with potential employers and try to not be too disappointed if I don't get any callbacks. Prepare for disappointment and celebrate surprises will be my motto for the week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't want to go

I just checked in online. After 5 weeks together I really don't want to leave. We're back in our groove, feeling like this is real life again. Now it all comes to a screeching halt and I have to leave. Over 10 weeks apart. I honestly have no idea how military families do it and with the added anxiety over being in mortal danger. Knowing Z is coming soon, knocking out this new semester and being halfway through law school is helping, but not enough. I had one of those awkward crying in the car moments yesterday. Liam kept saying people were going to think he was beating me! I mean this was ugly crying. We had just gone to the grocery store, he ran in to get potatoes for the steak we had at home. It all just felt so real and normal and then I realized that the day after tomorrow it wouldn't. I'll get over it and once I'm back in the swing of things everything will be fine, but right now it blows!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You learn something new every day

like my husband will run strain his rice under the tap if it's too sticky! Too sticky! Is rice good any other way? This is the rice we made for a thai curry. Sticky rice is the best in my opinion.

(Not our curry and in no way mild)

We made a nice thai curry, well we thought we did. It turned out a bit too spicy causing Liam all kinds of GI issues, Z freaking out in my stomach after the 3 bites I managed, and 90% of our thai curry dinner turning into food for the neighbors. Can't say we didn't try. Once we could feel our lips dinner became Johnny Rockets leftovers, apple pie, and rice. Yummmm.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beginning of classes, ending of summer, holy crap!

Classes are beginning in a couple of weeks. I'm leaving to go back to the US on Sunday. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'll be away from Liam for about 10 weeks, which is the longest we've ever had to be apart. We were thinking about seeing each other over one of the long weekend, but they are either 2 weeks after I leave or 2 weeks before I'm supposed to come back here. It doesn't really make sense and there is no reason to spend extra money. We'll just have to suck it up and make it through. It's so easy to forget about how much last year sucked! I'm hoping it will be just as easy this time around. I'll also have doctor's visits, friends, family and oh yeah, law school to keep me busy.

That said, I'm looking forward to this semester and hope I can get all of the classes I need. Coming in after a year feels truly different. I know the buildings, some professors, different offices and who gives out the best free food. I'm a bit more confident in my ability to succeed and not so scared about failing out. I'll be better at taking notes, staying organized and keeping myself from freaking out around finals. Let's hope!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family visit?

Just got some news from my mom that she's thinking about coming here for a week and a half when baby's due. She's going to try and get here the weekend before Z is due and stay the following week. I told my mom to work on getting my grandmother to come over and she said my grandmom told her she was thinking about coming over for a month! Score. My mom was a NICU nurse for about 15 years and my grandmother was a maternity nurse for over 40. Talk about having the experts around. I know having family around can be stressful and having my grandmom over for that long might cause friction, but I'm just thinking about having someone I completely and totally trust showing me what I need to do.

When my uncle had his first, about 7 years ago, my aunt tells me about one night that they were at their wits end. It was 2am. Their son wouldn't stop crying. They tried everything, changed him, tried to give him a bottle, let him cry for a bit, tried to entertain him everything. The finally broke down after about 3 hours of non-stop crying and called my grandmother. They said she came over immediately, gave him a bath, swaddled him, gave him a bottle and he was sound asleep in about 20 min. To have that kind of skill in the house while I'm thousands of miles away from my family is worth the minor friction it might cause. We're also taking built in babysitter for naptime, mine and the baby's. It's also the first grandchild for my mom and great grandchild for my grandmom. I'm sure they both want to be here for that. It will sure be a bustling delivery room! Mom, grandmom, husband, me...they might have to work in shifts.

It will also be a nice vacation for my grandmother. She retired this year at 68 after over 40 years at the same hospital and 2 knee replacements. Since the unexpected death of my aunt 5 years ago, she's been taking care of my, now, 16 year old cousin and his not so responsible 22 yr old brother. There is also my grandfather to think about. It sucks how unappreciated she is at times and I'm always sure to spend as much time with her when I'm back with the family. My mom doesn't cook, so I need to learn all of her recipes or they will be lost! I look at this as a nice time away from all that. Here, even in November, it's at 85 degrees, so they can go swimming everyday or just hang out by the pool. Reading a book, doing some silk painting, having a couple of drinks with the other ladies who lunch in the compound will keep them busy. There isn't much to do and very little to do within walking distance, but I'm looking forward to having some chill time with the family before Z arrives. And if Z comes early, then there is even more time they get to spend with the baby. Win-win. I hope it works out and they can come. It would certainly make this possibly anxiety-ridden time a bit more relaxed.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Our friend is having a going away party. It's a BBQ and it's bring your own food. It isn't bring a menu item pot luck kind of thing. No food is being supplied other than potato chips and soda. We're supposed to bring our own drinks (alcoholic), meat, and anything else we might want to eat. WTF! If there had been some notice, we could have made it into a pot luck, but we were just told today. I mean I understand not wanting to spend a huge amount of money on a party, but if you don't want to spend anything or expend any effort other than getting rid of random food that might be in your cupboards then don't throw a party!

UPDATE: We went to the party. Vodka was provided and 3 bags of chips. After 3 hours they still hadn't started up the grill, so we went home and made the food here. Liam went back to the party, while I stayed at home to watch PROJECT RUNWAY!! Glad we got to say goodbye, glad I was able to eat some yummy shish kebobs in the comfort of my own home and glad that I heard Tim Gunn say "make it work."

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The realization that this whole getting a job thing is getting closer and closer is scary. OCI is coming up, internship is coming to an end, starting to tap resources and people that might be able to help with the job search. Sometimes I would much rather stay at home, paint, bake, and prepare for Ziggy. Then I stay home for a week or so and go crazy. I would prefer a happy medium. I don't know if that's achievable, but we'll see. But whenever I get down, I just look at the profile sonogram picture we have and I can't help but smile!

Monday, August 9, 2010

2L Summer

So the firm I'm at this summer will not have an actual summer program next year. At least it's looking highly unlikely. This means that I actually have to participate in and try my best to impress at OCI. I've already sent out a bunch of resumes and cover letters to other firms not participating, but I might send a few more. I'm not that stressed about this the whole thing. My choices are limited and that is taking the pressure off. I'm going to have an 8 month old child in toe while participating in a summer program. I need to be in places with family or good friends. This puts me in about 5 places and focusing there will help this not feel overwhelming. I'm still hoping that the firm might pull something together, but having other options isn't a bad thing.

Other than that, we are no going to be going to IKEA this weekend! After our big baby store deal find, we were able to find dressers and wardrobes for all of the bedrooms, so there isn't really a need. We can find a sofa bed/daybed for the den at some point over the next 4 months. This means that we can just hang at home, go to a fancy dinner (had our first date there), get in some painting time and maybe visit some of our neighbors.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

24 Weeks

I've given up on identifying my pregnancy and non-pregnancy posts because they always seems to be a mention in there somewhere. Other heartburn, I'm pretty much symptom free. My bump is a noticeable depending on whether or not I'm standing up straight. Another incentive to keep up the good posture. Movement everyday, sometimes it's just rolls and other times I get a bunch of kicks or punches. We went for an ultrasound today and we finally got to see Z's face!! Every time I've gone for a scan the baby's head has been tucked and turned away. This time we got a great profile.

Liam was overjoyed and kept squeezing my legs during the entire scan. We got the hear the heartbeat again and made sure to say about 10 times that we didn't know the sex. We were also able to see all chambers of the heart and arteries. In other ultrasounds the spine was casting a shadow, so we didn't get the whole picture. The baby's measuring pretty long, but that's to be expected with two parents of above average height. Such a little cutie!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dresser WIN!!

The rooms are painted and we found a dresser at a baby store here, Mothercare. Usually everything in the place is very expensive and we were just checking things out. And we found this little gem.

The normal retail price is $400. The store is trying to get rid of it to bring in new items. It's more of a boutique than an actual shop, so space is at a premium. It's on sale for $67. It's super plain for the type of stuff usually around here. The actual ones we're getting are a bit darker. But get this, they were selling the furniture, buy two get one free. We bought 3 of these and 3 wardrobes.

We don't know what we will do with all of them, but none of the rooms have built in closets, so these are good for guests. I can't wait for them to be delivered and assembled. I've also started doing silk paintings for the nursery. They are super easy and fun and look adorable. Once I'm finished with a couple I'll be sure to post the pictures.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Scheduling Issues

I'm still trying to finalize my schedule and it's not looking good. It's looking ok, but not my ideal. Almost 6 classes and the biggest credit load I'll ever take while in school. I'm certainly trying to cram it all in, but it will help free up tons of time in later semesters. Free up time, like only have 2-3 days of class for the rest of my law school career. The classes I'm taking are ones that I'm at least peripherally interested. A lot with an international focus and a couple foundational ones, like Corps. I would like to get this zipped up, so I can start buying my books. I've checked out the prices and I definitely managed to block that out from last semester. Through my searches on Amazon, I've found my $500+ bill can be reduced to about $250. I'm all about saving money. Especially in a semester where I'm taking out loans and not working. If I weren't preggers I'd revert to Ramen, water and a run on happy hours around the city to save money. My undergrad budgeting self was a whole hell of a lot better than I appear to be in the real world. Maybe this will get me back on track.

Monday, August 2, 2010


We have come to the conclusion that we need to make this place at least a little bit less sandy colored. All of the walls are the color of the walls below. We live in the desert with sand storms, little to no vegetation and sand dunes. Yeah, haven't done much to fix that and need to before we all go insane. So this weekend we bought a sh*t ton of paint. I mean a lot, I mean 54 gallons of paint. 3 different colors and we'll make it work around the house. I sure hope we like the colors avocado, cozy retreat, and anenome on our walls.

Of course the colors look a little off in the pictures, but they look awesome in person. We wanted to go bright because everything is just so dull. We're going to go with the middle color in Z's room, the far left color in our bedroom and the blue in the guest room upstairs.

From L to R: Our bedroom color, Z's nursery, guest room

The closet room will stay blah, at Liam's urging, but I might have the painters do it when they get here. Now we just have to decide where else we want to use the colors. I really do love them! I like the coolness of the colors. Reminds me of the outdoors and being outside in general. We have a lot of black and white pictures, so it helps them pop and the room will look at lot less drab. I'm very excited to see how this will turn out.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Shower Etiquette?

Some of my friends want to throw one for me. My family will probably also want to have one, which is fine; they're pros at this stuff. Most of my friend's are in grad school/just out of grad school. There is also a limited amount of stuff I can bring with me when I leave. Do I actually register or let people buy me whatever? Baby stuff is expensive and I feel bad asking people to buy things for me. All of this was avoided because I wasn't in the US. A card with some cash or something small like a cutting board was all we asked for. I didn't have a bridal shower. What should I let them do? I don't want anyone to go overboard, spend too much or feel obligated to do much. A potluck at a friend's house is fine by me. Since no one else in my group of friends is anywhere near getting married let alone having a baby, we're all kind of feeling around in the dark with this one. How much am I expected to do to help plan it? What's the standard program? If I think people might start butting heads over planning should I just ask for gifts? Or just tell the friends no thanks and go with the family one?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That's how many cover letters I have to write before the end of the week. I have no motivation what so ever. Do they all need to be different? I don't have any real legal experience other than this summer. I really feel like I have nothing interesting to say. Watching House and doing laundry is about as much as I want to be doing right now.

That said, I'm a little nervous about my classes for next semester. Well, about 2 classes in general. I didn't get into one seminar that I really need to get into so that I'm on track for finishing requirements. The other is a section that would make my life a whole lot easier. All of my other classes have fallen into place. The waitlist lottery will be run at some point this summer and then I'll find out if I need to do some last minute wheeling and dealing or just suck it up. I'm taking 7 classes this semester for a total of 16 credits, whether I get the classes I want or not. If I get the one I need it'll make my other semesters a hell of a lot easier. Only 4 more of those to go. And all other semesters would only require I take 12 credits and no more requirements. I just love checking items off my list.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoy the Void

My time off has been completely and totally devoid of anything even remotely productive. Well other than learning to make pie crust. Score!! I made quiche last night and Liam has requested I put it on my awesome-foods-I-can-make list. I wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Keeping everything super cold is a challenge here, even with an AC unit blasting right next to me and taking everything directly out of the fridge, but I managed. It was a delicious onion, turkey bacon, and tomato one with a bit of parsley. Other than meal planning and doing laundry, I've been napping. As everyone keeps telling me, enjoy this time. There will never be free time like this again without any responsibility or worry about Z/other kids once they arrive. I'm taking that advice to heart and plan on doing nothing! Although I might bake come chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Yeah, definitely going to have to make some of these. Bakearella has an awesome recipe and I'm sure mine won't look as good as her's, but I'll sure try. The great bug massacre went well, so I can now fully take advantage of the kitchen. We cleaned out the cupboards, threw out things that were not salvageable, wiped down the shelves, add a little Raid. Then hubby caulked the hell out of the inside, closing it off and then we recleaned the inside. After all of that everything has been transferred into sealable plastic containers. These damn bugs will not get the best of ME! Everything will be orderly and not walk out of the kitchen via bug power.

I'm also wrestling with the A/C here. I had central air back in my apartment. We only have wall units here. The one in our bedroom is right across from the bed. Liam is always boiling when we go to bed. I'm always freezing and completely cocooned in the comforter. This mean crazy dry air and a bloody nose. For a few min I was freaked out that it was a symptom of DVT from my long flight, but apparently then I would only be coughing up blood, not when I blow my nose. We're thinking of borrowing our friend's humidifier from their kid's room. The family (sans Husband) is gone for 2 months to the UK. If that doesn't work, I may have to move to one of the other bedrooms, which would suck.

Monday, July 26, 2010

F*cking Gulf!

The thing about living in the Middle East is it's hot. I don't mean East Coast heat wave hot, I mean, everyday you feel like your skin may melt off hot. Glasses fog up when people walk outside, you are immediately saturated with humidity when you leave the house and nothing really stays fresh. Case in point. I'm off of work this week and decided to write out a menu of yummy things I would like to cook this week. An amazingly huge box of Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix that makes 54 was on sale at the grocery store for $3. It always seems like it's one extreme or the other. You find something amazing that you've been craving for $1 or it's $20. I'm glad it was on the low end. I really want to work on my pie making skills. I have only made one pie in my entire life. Liam and I made an apple pie for Thanksgiving with store bought dough. It was yummy, but I want to learn how to make it on my own. So I buy the shortening for $10, unsalted butter, and all of the other ingredients. Muffins were made this morning. I go to reach for the flour to start my pie crust and BUGS!

Oh did I not mention that this is another problem with this place...ants and little bugs are all over. We have been investing in plastic sealed containers. I love these containers. We have them in all different sizes for many different types of items from cereal, cookies, sugar, etc. Looks like we need to invest in more for pretty much everything. The only items saved from the cupboard was the rice and the sugar. Both were in sealed snappy plastic containers. The flour was not so lucky. Unfortunately, Liam thought that plastic bags would be enough to protect the flour.
It wasn't. So now we're going to have a quicheless dinner, sadness. I'll try again tomorrow with new flour and armed with plastic containers. The tiny mini super small ants have pretty much been banished during my last visit, but now there is a new foe. I hate to use Raid, especially in the kitchen, but sometimes it must be done. I would pretty much prefer that these things showed up anywhere other than the kitchen, but it's just wishful thinking. It could be worse. A couple we know had roaches pouring out of their AC unit above the TV. These weren't like little suckers either. They were about the size of half a dollar bill. Talk about panic attack. I'll take tiny ants over roaches any day. If the kitchen starts to look like something out of Sleeping with the Enemy it's only because we would like to protect our sometimes incredibly expensive food investments, not because Liam is a psycho control freak. If anything I am for making him go to the store day after day when I realize I've forgotten something for dinner. But this is the price to pay for delicious food! ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

{PP} On the Move

This kid is on the move all the time now. It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be and not freaky at all. I'm glad my Alien analogy isn't turning out to be correct. I still can't believe this kid is nearly a foot long and just at a pound. After the halfway point I have finally started gaining with this pregnancy. I'm back at my starting weight after losing 7lbs throughout the first half. It was quite a shock to see a +7 on my chart. Yikes, definitely need to keep an eye on that!