Monday, January 11, 2010

The dreaded flight.

I get to the airport yesterday very grumpy and not happy about leaving. I am made even grumpier by the fact that they appear to not have any bulk head/exit row/aisle seats. 14 hours asking someone to move out of the way so I can pee or worse yet, smushed between two people who may or may not smell, no fun at all!

Liam and I are at the counter, asking the guy if there is anything he can do and he keeps checking. We jokingly state that I will fly tomorrow, if they fly me business class. He looks at me and states,"Would you really?" I look at Liam and he looks at me, "Hell yeah." I would get another day with Liam, get to fly business class and still make it back to the apartment in time to shower and read before my first class. HELL YEAH. For some reason this guy behind the desk also thought it was cool to make eyes with me while Liam is standing right there next to me. I wouldn't say he went as far as eye f***ing me, but it was pretty close. The fact that I have sat through eye f***ing for a whole hell of a lot less than an upgrade on a 14 hour flight, I was totally willing to throw him a half smile every so often. Liam totally approved.

After about 20 minutes and a whole hell of a lot of people being told that there are not seats for them, he head nods me over to the desk asks for my passport. He then slyly hands it back around the side of the desk and whispers that I will be flying business class. I'm over the moon! "Tomorrow?" " No, today." He then asks that I slowly back away from the counter and don't make it known that I actually have a ticket, lest I be attacked by the growing mob. I was a little disappointed by not being able to stay another day, but I would definitely take the upgrade. So, it seems that I'm not really that sad to leave Liam, I'm just sad to be leaving Liam when flying in economy. :P Just kidding, but the rush of the surprise upgrade had my adrenaline pumping. We said our quick goodbyes before immigration (the flight left in 30 min and I had to get through immigration, security check and the second US security check) and that was it. I was on my way back here. On the plane I enjoyed a boatload of drinks and about 5 meals. I was going to make the most of this whole situation!

I think the key in these kinds of situations is to always go to the man behind the desk. I hate to say it, but time and time again it seems to work. A little over your weight limit for luggage, when given the choice, go with the male desk attendant. I once had a guy help me repack my bags at the desk, while his female counterpart unceremoniously told her overweight baggage person they could come back with their repacked bags after going through the check in line again! I don't know why that is, I don't know why the women generally seem to be less helpful than the men in these kinds of situations. I don't flirt, I do smile and try to be really really nice, not matter who I'm dealing with, but those results don't generally happen when there is a woman behind the desk. I'll also try the whole, I'll fly tomorrow if you fly me business class thing, if I have a more flexible schedule in the future.

Class today, I have 141 pages to read and a spinning class to go to. Yay!

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