Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh and there is law school

This is the end of Week 2, technically Week 3, but that first week wasn't an actual class. So far:

1)Civ Pro: still ongoing and soul crushingly boring for the most part. Almost everyone does absolutely nothing in class. And I mean nothing. A lot of people leave at the break, we get a 10 min break during our 2 hour classes. I've kept up with the reading, actually I've been reading ahead, so I'm done a bit early and then I can really work on my outline.

2) Property: So far we don't seem to be learning much BLL. Everyone just talks about their life and their experience for about 1 hour 20 minutes of the class and then we're done. This is going to require a lot of self study. Bonus bummer: only one practice exam exists. I'm tempted to look to get a feel for what she wants from us, but then my one practice test is gone gone gone. I'll have to think a bit more about that one.

3) Torts: Love it! The prof is really great. Entertaining, keeps things going, uses PP, but not just reading off the slides. Plus I think it's so funny to think of all of the messed up ways people get themselves into trouble. I am much more aware of what other people are doing around me now. I'll walk by something and just think it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

4) LRW: the continuation. I finally got my mid-year grade. It took 7 days to reach me. I literally live 1 block from campus. There are people who live in other states that got it 3 days after mailing. I did better than I expected, or other people in the class did worse than I expected. This semester is about oral arguments and briefs. If I could take all of my classes with Prof LRW I would. He doesn't teach any other classes. I need to find a way to work with him in the future!

That's the rundown of the semester. I'm a little afraid of all of the exams this semester. There will be 4 finals, I think a couple of them are take homes, 8 hour take homes. I don't even know how that's possible and I don't even want to think about it until I must.

Only 13 more class weeks...

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