Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Summer is locked down, well halfway...

I have my internship taken care of for the back end of the summer. I'm choosing between 4 pretty big firms that have offices over here and a little taken aback at how open they all seem to be about having me on board for the summer. That's a huge relief to have something set up for the summer and to put on my resume. Now I just have to hope that the economy doesn't crash over here and all the connections I made become obsolete.

Now onto the good stuff...classes begin in 5 days! We not real classes, but our one week mini course, which pretty much requires that we show up and breathe. I think I can handle that. In addition to those thing, I have a butt ton of applications to fill out for summer programs. I doubt my chances are good, but I'll give it a shot.

Classes for next semester will be:
  1. Property
  2. Torts
  3. Civ Pro
  4. LRW
It's 13 credits, so much for part time! For the new year, bring it. I'm looking forward to it, to transferring to full time, getting to see Liam more (almost once a month), summer classes, great internships, meeting new people from my section, and finishing up 1L. I'll have to look back to this post later in the semester when I'm feeling down and like I just want to pack it all in.

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