Friday, February 26, 2010


I still haven't figured out the best time to tackle this monster. Last semester I definitely started way too late. I'm not quite sure I'm seeing the larger picture in my classes yet, but I guess I'll find out. I'll start outlining today and over the weekend. I also have a bit of French homework to do.

A lot of people have said that after first semester you can generally tell how a lot of people did. The people you never knew existed pipe up a bit more. Gunners tends to stfu and so on. Some people may appear a bit more frantic and so on and so forth. I haven't seen any of that in my section. Maybe it's because it's a part time section, I can't really be sure. Everyone still seems very happy, chill, disillusioned, pretty much whatever they were before. People aren't mean or less willing to help. A few more people have quit work or are seriously thinking about it, but I think that's just because they realized what I realized last semester. It's crazy freaking hard to do both! Especially when your "part time" course load is 13 credits! I'm looking forward to focusing more this semester and thoroughly looking forward to working over the summer. I'm going to be able to do 7 weeks instead of 5. The thing is it's going to go from late May into very early June and then mid-July into August. How do I write that on my resume? I guess I could technically say I worked there from May-August, but I don't want it seem like I worked there for 3 months solid. What's the best way to put that? Do I put the number of weeks or just Summer 2010 and wait for them to ask me?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not so easy to meet new people

Now that I'm not working I have a lot more time on my hands. I have also realized something that other friends have mentioned since graduating. It's hard to make friends once you grow up. I know about 10 people in my section by name. Some people appear to be social butterflies that know everyone in the section and never have an awkward what-do-I-do-while-hanging-outside-of-the-classroom-moment. Everyone keeps saying that all of these people are going to be our colleagues for the rest of our professional careers, but how does that help if you don't know any! Outside of class, it's a more impossible task. I go to cooking class, but most of those people are 60, there with a friend they don't stop talking to, couples, or other awkward people in their 20s-40s who don't speak. Other than my husband, I spend most of my time talking to my trainer. It's sad! Most of my friends and I have the complete opposite schedule. They are all at work during the day and free at nights, while I have time open in the daytime and try to stay awake in class at night. So how do you make friends as an adult? Should I even care about making friends?

On the school front, last week I was really down about school. I was on the brink and I don't even know why. This week I am ready, eager and back enjoying classes. I don't know what's causing these swings in law school love, but I don't like them and wish they would stop! Everyone is getting a bit antsy about finals and so I am. There are only about 10 weeks left until finals. This whole law school thing seems to be flying by and stuck on the edge of a black hole all at the same time. I don't get how that one works. 6 weeks down, 11 to go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is this the wave of the future?

I sure hope not. I was reading this article today and I have to say I'm a little shocked. Long story short, a school was spying on it's students through the webcam on their school-issued laptops. They could see and hear what the students were doing and saying as long as the computer was on. I would like to know who the hell thought that it was a good idea!

Why would anyone imagine that spying on students in their own homes and punishing them for this would be something they could get away with. The whole things seems to have come to light after a student was disciplined for "inappropriate behavior" while at home. I don't even want to know what that could be. I find it interesting that there are teenagers who are being threatened with the label of sex offender for the rest of their lives because they send a naked picture of themselves to a friend, but the school can spy on them in their most vulnerable moments. I have heard about remote activating webcams, but I didn't think that school administrators would think it was within their power to do it to all of their students.

I have to admit the thought of all of this is at least a bit scary. It looks like I'll be turning my computer around or closing it whenever I'm not actively using it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I made my flight!

I'm here in Dublin and I made my flight!! Score. The airport wasn't crazy busy, but more people were there than are usually there. The biggest hassle was getting there. The taxi firm that is at the airport wasn't taking people there, neither was the shuttle service. Regular taxis weren't even going, I kept calling, but they had so few taxis out that they didn't want to waste them on the long trip out to the airport. I had to call a car service, which was a little pricey, but it got me there. I also brought all of my reading for the next 2 weeks and got a good chunk done on the plane. Yay for being trapped in a tin can for 7 hours!

I landed at 10. Liam's flight got in at 9, so he was ready and waiting with the rental car. We are here at Liam's parent's house. We have cleaned and polished everything in the house in preparation for everyone coming over here after mass. We're having a 2 month mass for Liam's mother tonight. There will be another one a year from when she passed. A caterer was called in for supply the food, which takes the pressure off a bit.

After tonight we don't really have much planned, just being together. Dinner tomorrow night, walks in Phoenix Park.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting to the airport!

My flight is a go, my bags are packed. Now I need to get to the airport! There isn't any public bus transportation and the Washington Flyer isn't going there. I don't really know what to do. I'm guessing there will be regular taxis out there, but I don't think very many will want to take me to Dulles. I may have to start walking now...

Monday, February 8, 2010


I managed to escape for a little over an hour and get to the grocery store. Walking on the street in most places is a must, the store looked like it hadn't been stocked all week. There weren't any eggs, barely any milk. The lines weren't super crazy long, but they were longer than usual. I got there before the after work rush, so that's something.

As far as classes go, I'm really wondering how this week is going to go. There is supposed to be a blizzard coming in tomorrow and snow into Wednesday. Classes were canceled today and I'm wondering about tomorrow, especially since my classes are in the evening. The snow is supposed to begin to fall at about 9am. It is completely possible that classes will be canceled for tomorrow and Wednesday and possibly Thursday. Getting in one class would be great and all, except I'm leaving THURSDAY NIGHT to go see Liam in Dublin! If my flight gets canceled I will be so pissed!

I don't even want to think about how they are going to reschedule all of these classes. Thankfully as of today it's only 2 classes, but it could end up being a whole hell of a lot more than that come the end of the week. At least we have 3 days off next week, but I wish I would have known about this snow storm and I would have just gone home for a week and a half and lounged in the sun at the new house. Hindsight is 20/20.

It looks like I'll be doing a lot more baking and cooking over the next 4 days, in order to keep my sanity. Oh wait I forgot, I can't because there aren't any EGGS IN THE CITY!

UPDATE: Classes are cancelled for tomorrow. This should be interesting...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trapped in the apartment

I have been in my apartment for the past 48 hours. I stepped outside to flag down a friend, who was coming over to visit. That's about it. Apparently, there is about 2 feet of snow out there. I'm starting to go stir crazy, but I'm also trying to stay focused and do my reading and case comment! I have had one distraction to keep me going...PASTA making!

This is all you need, I also added in a little water because the dough wasn't sticky enough.

Love the KitchenAid mixer. It only took about 1 minute to make the dough. Once it was in a big ball I took it out of the bowl, floured it a bit and then cut it into 4 pieces. I only made half of it and half of that was thrown out when I tried to do spaghetti. I don't think I was holding the dough correctly because it all got caught. But back to the 4 pieces, after I wrapped half in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer, I started to flatten out the dough.

This was the most fun. The pasta got crazy long and it made a whole lot more than I expected. It wasn't until after I started rolling it out that I realized I didn't have a drying rack for the fettuccine. I had to use the backs of my dining room chairs. It worked! I also made my own pasta sauce, using only a can of peeled whole tomatoes, some minced garlic and half of a large onion. All in all the whole thing took about 1 hour, that's including the 30 min rest time for the pasta dough. My stove looked like I just dumped pasta sauce all over it, but everything tasted so good I didn't care. I was so proud of myself and I hope to do it again for a dinner party with all of my friends on a weekend I'm actually back in town. Cooking this for Liam will also be a special treat. Now it's back to my cabin of fever and slow insanity. I sure hope that the projected snow on Tuesday and Wednesday doesn't f' up my trip on Thursday or I will lose my sh*t!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Worst Decision EVER!!!!!

(This was my view of the line from the very end of the aisle, minute 10 of line waiting)

Going to the grocery store right before a predicted blizzard. I went there at 11:40, I just got back now at 1:15. I had 12 items in my bag, I had to use my backpack for shopping because there were no carts or baskets. I was in line for over an hour. People have lost their MINDS!!! I think they may start looting. Tempers flared. A man in front of my freaked out on some college students b/c one stood in line while the others shopped. There were 3 of them and combined they all had less than the guy. I just wanted to tell him to shut up. If he had someone shopping with him, of course he would have done the same! People need to CHILL OUT.

No class tonight, it's been canceled. Yay!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something's up this semester

I'm feeling really weird about school. I don't know what it is. Last week I was so pumped about my summer job and all of the other things I am doing and now I've just hit a big block. I loved Contract, sucks that it was the class I got my lowest grade in last semester. I enjoy Torts, hate Property, bored by Civ Pro and hope LRW won't steal my soul. The main reason for this downturn in fun and frivolity is my fear that all of my less philosophical more BLL classes will all end up like Contracts and then I'm screwed.

I started charting out my path until graduation. Soonest graduation date is Spring 2012 and that's it I don't take any time off to work on French and Arabic, complete a joint degree LLM or study abroad, which I really want to do. If I do everything I want to do, I won't graduate until Spring 2014. Talk about a whole lot longer than only 3 years. I think the thought of 4 more years of this, well 3 with a year off in between, really freaked me out. Three more years would be the projected time line, if I stayed in the part time program, but it just seems like a really really really long time. The worries of taking to long to finish and having certain job opportunities pass me by or just burning out scare me. Somewhere in there Liam and I do want to have a family, so I don't know if taking longer to finish makes it better or worse.

I'm sure in a few days this feeling will go away and I'll be just fine. I only wish I could flash forward to that point in time. Or maybe to Spring 2014 when I'm walking across the stage with my JD, LLMs, a kick ass job and two kids in tow, while waving to Liam in the crowd. Or maybe I'm just trying to do too much all at once!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Moley, she's hot!

P!nk! I watched the Grammys last night and I was pretty pleased. I'm glad they put the biggest performances first. I thought Lady Gaga was really good. Beyonce did an ok job. I wasn't really a big fan of the Alanis cover and that weird knee hop she was doing. I tend to not be into her, but do think he songs are very catchy. Then came P!nk! I think I watched the performance 4 times last night and got Liam to watch it via Slingbox as he was getting ready for work. He was equally amazed.

I saw her perform live at the VMAs in September and thought that the trapeze was amazing, but the silk work was stunning. And she was singing live. Talk about controlled breathing. After that performance I fast forwarded through the rest of the awards, pretty much anything Taylor Swift won. All in all I thought it was a really great show. I'm looking forward to seeing the Green Day musical once it's on Broadway.

On the Law School front, I meet with my LRW prof to go over my memo. I'll only have about 3 hours of reading time today, so I'll have to make it work with getting ahead this week. Civ Pro is eating my soul though! And I can't wait until it's over...

Also, I didn't get the Fulbright, :'( very sad, but not unexpected. So now it's onto Plans B-Z. I'm applying to an intensive year long language program, I'll be applying to be a RA (in the dorm sense) for next year to get free housing, and just looking into whether or not taking a year off is feasible. It may also be possible for me to only have a 7 week semester in the fall and teach English while heading back out to the desert of doom. So many things to think about and decide.

Should I stay or should I go now...