Friday, February 26, 2010


I still haven't figured out the best time to tackle this monster. Last semester I definitely started way too late. I'm not quite sure I'm seeing the larger picture in my classes yet, but I guess I'll find out. I'll start outlining today and over the weekend. I also have a bit of French homework to do.

A lot of people have said that after first semester you can generally tell how a lot of people did. The people you never knew existed pipe up a bit more. Gunners tends to stfu and so on. Some people may appear a bit more frantic and so on and so forth. I haven't seen any of that in my section. Maybe it's because it's a part time section, I can't really be sure. Everyone still seems very happy, chill, disillusioned, pretty much whatever they were before. People aren't mean or less willing to help. A few more people have quit work or are seriously thinking about it, but I think that's just because they realized what I realized last semester. It's crazy freaking hard to do both! Especially when your "part time" course load is 13 credits! I'm looking forward to focusing more this semester and thoroughly looking forward to working over the summer. I'm going to be able to do 7 weeks instead of 5. The thing is it's going to go from late May into very early June and then mid-July into August. How do I write that on my resume? I guess I could technically say I worked there from May-August, but I don't want it seem like I worked there for 3 months solid. What's the best way to put that? Do I put the number of weeks or just Summer 2010 and wait for them to ask me?


  1. I would just put 'Summer 2010' and discuss the specific dates if they ask. And part-time is 13 credits? Crazy!

  2. Everyone in my class seems relaxed, but when I get home, all I feel is pressure.

    13 part-time credits is intense.