Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something's up this semester

I'm feeling really weird about school. I don't know what it is. Last week I was so pumped about my summer job and all of the other things I am doing and now I've just hit a big block. I loved Contract, sucks that it was the class I got my lowest grade in last semester. I enjoy Torts, hate Property, bored by Civ Pro and hope LRW won't steal my soul. The main reason for this downturn in fun and frivolity is my fear that all of my less philosophical more BLL classes will all end up like Contracts and then I'm screwed.

I started charting out my path until graduation. Soonest graduation date is Spring 2012 and that's it I don't take any time off to work on French and Arabic, complete a joint degree LLM or study abroad, which I really want to do. If I do everything I want to do, I won't graduate until Spring 2014. Talk about a whole lot longer than only 3 years. I think the thought of 4 more years of this, well 3 with a year off in between, really freaked me out. Three more years would be the projected time line, if I stayed in the part time program, but it just seems like a really really really long time. The worries of taking to long to finish and having certain job opportunities pass me by or just burning out scare me. Somewhere in there Liam and I do want to have a family, so I don't know if taking longer to finish makes it better or worse.

I'm sure in a few days this feeling will go away and I'll be just fine. I only wish I could flash forward to that point in time. Or maybe to Spring 2014 when I'm walking across the stage with my JD, LLMs, a kick ass job and two kids in tow, while waving to Liam in the crowd. Or maybe I'm just trying to do too much all at once!

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