Thursday, March 25, 2010

{PP} Irrational Fears

I told my mom today that I'm pregnant out of desperation. I was talking to Liam via skype and we were trying not to say the B word, but it kept coming up. Then I started telling him how I was afraid and nervous and wanted everything to work out. I started talking about all of my lady parts feeling funny and after going back and forth I decided I wanted to talk to my mom. She's a nurse and mother of 5 children, so I figured, if anyone would know or be able to help me calm the F*** down it would be her.

So I called and I told her. She seemed surprised and happy for me. I wanted to tell her in person, but my irrational fear overtook my whole surprise plans. After telling her and letting her know how far along I am, she tried to snap me out of my crazies! She just let me know that a lots going on and funny feelings are ok. As long as there isn't any cramping or bleeding, don't freak out and just go with the flow of having a baby. Mother dear said there is nothing wrong with looking forward to have a baby in 9 months and sort of work with that assumption in mind. I'm cool with that. I never thought I would embrace the idea of having morning sickness and other "real" pregnancy symptoms just so I would know for sure that I'm not just imagining things!

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