Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Property is evil

This is what property has become. At first, we were cool. Things were looking good. First in time and all that. And then I get bitch slapped by fee simple, fee tail and future interest. WTF Property? I thought we were getting along. I thought stuff was going fine and then I must have done something you didn't like and I get an elbow to the face. I'm sorry I made you mad and since I can't leave you until May, I'm going to have a figure out a way to make this work. I've got E&Es, Emanuel's as well as my regular casebook. Here's to hoping that over the break we'll both have some time to chill out and when we meet up in a week or so. By then I hope you have stopped acting like a raging lunatic!

Spring break starts very soon...which means I'm flying somewhere. Cancun? Jamaica? Vancouver? I hear they have some awesome brownies up there. Nope. This time I'm flying to the ME. Not sexy I know, but I'll be taking every St. Paddy's Day decoration known to man for our Party. It should be pretty fun and I promise to keep my drinking to a minimum as I need to do some serious studying. I'm not going to participate in the moot court competition because there isn't any freaking time. If I did make it, I wouldn't be able to participate.

I'll also use the break to stop by my summer employer and say a how do you do. I'll be around for a bit longer this summer and I need to make sure they are cool with it. Other than that, I'm packing, cleaning my apartment (nothing worse than the mystery smell when you return from a trip), reading and writing my second draft of my brief.


  1. Future interests are a bitch. Most of the other sections down here didn't even do them, but we did. Rule against perpetuities makes me wanna cry.

  2. Future interests are best learned with practice problems. E&E or Makdisi's book are good choices

  3. Future interests is the bane of many a 1Ls existence. I agree with Butterflyfish. Practice problems are key. Enjoy your break!

  4. I'll be sure to work with the E&Es. Rules against perpetuities and future interests are just ridiculous!

  5. Well property sounds downright delightful!

    I'm glad I'm taking...conlaw instead.

    Wait, that doesn't sound right.

  6. My Property class was awful. I spent class dreaming up dessert recipes instead. That semester, I baked Blackacre, Greenacre, and Whiteacre cake.