Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{PP} Student Health Clinic

I went in today to the student health clinic at school. The Dr. was very nice and gave me all the info I needed for the ob/gyn. I made my first appointment for April, when Liam will be here. Did I mention before he's coming? He wanted it to be a surprise for our anniversary, but he's terrible at keeping secrets! We're going to NYC and then back here for a week.

Back to the visit to the Dr. I sat in one of those paper gowns for about 20 min sweating like a mofo until he came in asked me a bunch of questions, namely was this pregnancy um...wanted? I'm sure it's not something they get very often, a married law student happy about having a baby. As of right now we're getting way ahead of ourselves when it comes to happiness about this whole pregnancy thing. We don't want to get too excited, but how can we not. We've been trying, although not successfully due to timing issues, since July of last year. As of right now I'm 4 weeks pregnant. It's very early, super duper early in fact, which is why we're excited for time to speed up and get out of the 1st trimester. I never thought I would be looking forward to finals and the write-on so much!

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